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Contortion Stories


Are you a creative writer? Then send me your contortion story. It could be:
- Made up
- Real experiences
- Fantasy
- Unreal or abnormal
- Erotic
- Fetish
IMPORTANT! The story must have a flexibility and contortion theme. Your story can be written in German, English or French. It should contain more than 1000 words. Each new story will be rewarded with a free (month’s) membership to Zlata.de
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The examiner

It was Thursday and I was sitting in my office in my lunch break. The morning had been quite stressful. As I am the office manager in a wholesale business, from time to time I have to grapple with computer viruses. And today there had been a particular persistent virus on the network. I had to spend several hours removing the virus and repairing the damage it had caused. So I was glad of the break. In one hand I had a cup of delicious smelling coffee. In my other hand I had a birthday card that I had received from my colleagues a couple of days earlier. On the card it said, Voucher for a special surprise. Wait up and enjoy yourself! Your colleagues. For days I had looked at the card again and again wondering what to expect. My break was only just over when the next call came in. The managing director has a problem, said his secretary. Aha, maybe this will be my surprise, I thought. I was quite excited inside as I went to his office. I had not seen him for 2 months. What could the surprise be? His secretary showed me into his office and went over to the printer. Can you change the toner cartridge as fast as possible? The printer must be working again in half an hour when the meeting with the examiner is over, she said. Sure, I murmured, disappointed. No surprises there! The next few hours flew by – everyone seemed to have a problem today. It quickly came to the end of the day. I went into my office, filled out my daily journal, and tidied up the desk. The phone rang again, just two minutes before I was due to leave. It was my manager. One of the examiner`s in examination room 3 has a problem with the chair. You`d better get on to it straight away! I asked whether it could wait until the morning. He answered, I wouldn`t risk it. The examiner can be a real bitch! Here we go again! I went down to the second floor to examination room 3 and knocked. Nothing. I knocked again. Then I heard, Come in! I opened the door. A young lady, perhaps in her late twenties, was sitting in front of her PC staring intently at her monitor and didn`t seem to notice me at all. She was extremely attractive; long blond hair, tanned face and dark red made-up lips. She was wearing a typical examiner grey suit with a white blouse and black shoes. She was typing intently at the keyboard with her long, bright red painted fingers. The black, square glasses made her look quite severe, but this was offset by her smiling mouth. After a while she stopped typing, bent her head down and little and pulled her glasses down a bit. She looked at me with her blue eyes over the top of her glasses and said, the chair is too uncomfortable for me. What seems to be the probem? I asked. I`ll show you, she said. She pushed her chair back a bit and looked at me. She pushed her shoes off with her feet. A golden ankle chain with many small figures jingled quietly. I saw her beautiful suntanned feet with her toenails painted the same bright red as her finger nails. She slowly lifted her right leg up. When her foot reached the height of her head, she put her head forward and placed her foot behind her head. Then she took her left leg, pulled her left foot up with her hands and pushed it gently behind her head as well. I was fascinated. She ran her hands slowly over her legs, looked at me and said, Don`t you agree that this chair is too uncomfortable? We both had to laugh. Then she turned her chair back to the desk and reached inside her briefcase. She took an envelope out of her bag and gave it to me. I opened it and read, Once again, best wishes for your birthday! We hope you like our surprise. No doubt about that! The surprise certainly pleased me. The ‘examiner` stood up and said, I`m Barbara and I have a little show for you which I hope you will like. She went over to the large meeting table and pushed a chair towards me. Sit down, she said. I sat down. Barbara took her suit and blouse off. Now she was dressed only in a black bikini. Glitter gel sparked on her flat, muscular belly. Her navel was decorated with a golden belly piercing in the form of a sun with long rays. Barbara took several candles out of her briefcase and lit them. After she had distributed the candles around the table, she went over and switched off the lights. The area was now lit by flickering candlelight. There were several puffs as Barbara sprayed herself with perfume. Slowly a heavy, oriental scent drifted into my nostrils. Very seductive! In passing me, Barbara pressed a deflated balloon into my hand and sat down with and elegant spin on the meeting table. She slid a little way into the centre of the table, turned to face me and stretched her legs in my direction so that her toes reached right to the edge of the table. Then she bent slowly forward. Her hands and arms flowed in a large arc. In that position, she caressed my face and hair with her hands. She encircled her feet with her hands and lent so far forward that her chin and chest were completely flat against her legs, She stayed in this position for some time. Barbara was so close that I could hear her deep, even breathing. Her well-trained body looked in the candlelight looked like a landscape of light and shadow. Slowly she raised her torso up to sit normally. Then she raised her right leg up, bent her head forward and placed her right foot behind her head. She did the same thing with her left foot, Then she closed her eyes and stretch her had right back. After a few seconds, she put her head forward again, opened her eyes, and smiled at me. In that position, she wiggled her foot and toes so that the golden ankle chain jingled quietly. She did everything so easily and playfully. I applauded quietly. The next few minutes were indescribable and breathtaking. Barbara turned and bent herself into impossible positions. Wow! Her movements were unbelievably supple and elegant. Her body was incredibly flexible. She could bend her back so much that her head touched her bottom. And I witness this right in front of my eyes, as Barbara continued her show caressing my nose with her fingers and even the tips of her toes. Absolutely unbelievable. Barbara asked me to blow up the balloon. When it was about as large as a melon, I knotted it. After Barbara had taken a needle between her lips, she bent forward, supported herself on her forearms and stretched her legs upwards. Slowely she bent her back until her thighs nearly reached her shoulders. I held the balloon in front of her. She grasped it between her feet and moved it slowly towards her mouth. When the balloon reached the needle, it burst with a loud bang. I was speechless and clapped quietly. To finish, Barbara sat herself on the table with her back to me. She gyrated her hips and bottom seductively and slowly bent ever further forwards. When her head was almost between her legs, she clasped her ankles in her hands and pulled her head through between her legs. She looked over at me and asked if there were any other poses I wanted to see. I thought for a moment and remember something that I had seen many years before on the television. I`d lie to see you smoke a cigarette with your feet, I said. Barbara asked me to pass her handbag which I did. She took out a cigarette, a long filter handle and a packet of matches. She gave the matches to me. Deftly she placed the cigarette into the holder and placed it on the table. She put the cigarette and holder in her mouth and raised herself up into a handstand. Slowly she bent her back and bent her right leg down far enough to take the cigarette from her mouth with her toes. Can I have a light please? she asked. She made a wide circular movement with her foot and put the cigarette back in her mouth. I struck a match and lit the cigarette. She closed her eyes and took several pleasurable inhalations. Then she took the cigarette between her toes again, and parted her legs a little. Slowly she blew smoke along her right leg and over my head. I applauded and thanked her for it with a nod of the appreciation. Then she bent her legs and back so far that she was able to touch her feet together under her chin. Simply unbelievable! She lifted one eyebrow and winked at me with the other eye. I clapped again quietly. Then Barbara put the cigarette back in her mouth, made a few elegant movements with her legs, and knelt finally in front of me on the table. I was still deep in thought. She got up from the table and kissed me gently on the cheek. Happy birthday! she said. While she dressed and cleared up, we chatted. I had loads of questions. Barbara told me that she lived in Berlin and that tomorrow she would be going back to appearing in a variety show. Unfortunately she didn`t have long because her train was due to leave soon. I drove her to the station. Just before boarding her train she gave me her sedcard with some crazy photos of her on it. I laughed and gave her a kiss on the cheek. Thank you so much. That was simply wonderful, I said. She smiled and stepped onto the train. The train pulled slowly away from the platform and I waved her off. I couldn`t really quite believe what had just happened. To this very day, Barbara`s sedcard is still hanging in my office, and I have to smile every time my boss says that the examiners are on site!