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Three of a kind

Libby (Ten Years ago) “Get up those stairs to bed!” That was Libby my baby sitter, the teenage daughter Of The couple next-door. A couple of years older than me and hired to look after me as my parents were out at one of my dads works does. To sum Libby up she is a royal pain in the arse. “I said get up to bed” she bellowed “No” I replied “Go before I turn” This puzzled me so I just stared at her. “You were warned you” she said as she got up off the sofa. She walked towards me as if she was going to hit me but instead she bent backwards until her hands touched the floor behind her, next thing I knew she was looking at me, her head sticking out between her legs, she seemed to have transformed into some kind of four legged creature. “Get to bed” she said with quite a deep gruff voice. I ran out Of The living room but stopped short Of The stairs to see if the Libby creature was follow. She came out Of The living room walking on all fours. I stood there in shock. Libby came at me balanced just on her hands and made to grab me with her legs but missed. I ran screaming up the stairs and straight into my bed. The next morning I told my mum what had happened and how Libby had transformed. My mum laughed and explained to my that Libby was a bit different in the fact she could bend her body due to her doing Yoga. The weekend came and I was in my room daydreaming while staring blankley into next-doors garden. Movement in the garden caught my eye. It was Libby barefoot dress in black yoga pants and a black yoga top exposing her midriff, her Raven hair was scraped back into a tight bun. Under her arm she carried a rolled mat. She unravelled the mat and started to stretch and then after a while into strange positions bending backwards and forwards to do so. At one point she had her legs locked behind her head. I watch her for the best part of half an hour before she went in again. The way her body bents had me fascinated. For the next couple of years I'd watch Libby doing her yoga and when she baby sat me I'd refuse to go to be just to have her ‘Turn’. But the day came that I found out that Libby was off to college in an other town, that put pay to see her flex. Jess (Six years ago.) Since Libby moving away and me starting secondary I'd had to find other sources of flexible such as the internet or tele but this was not quite the same. Sometimes there would be talent shows at school but the girls just didn't have Libby's flexibility. Things were about to change. A new girl started in my class. Her name was Jess. She was skinny plain girl with brunet hair. It took her a while to come out of her shell but when she did it came as a pleasant surprise. She started to show off in the playground with tumbling and gymnastics. She turn out to be quite flexible, but to my surprise people would call her a freak and started to turn their backs on her. She started to get bullied. I hadn't really interacted with her but watch her do her bendy stuff from a distance but now due to the bullies she no longer showed off. I had to see more. I sat next to her one lunch break. “What do you want?” she asked me harshly. “Nothing, Just somewhere to eat lunch” I replied. We are our lunches in quiet until I broke the silence. “Why don't you bend anymore?” “Are you going to start taking the Mickey because if you are….” “No I just love seeing you doing it” I interrupted. She smiled “Really?” “Really” I replied. We sent the rest Of The day in school together. The bell rang signaling the end of the school day. As we left the classroom Jess took my hand. We walked to my locker to get my bag. “Not much much room in these lockers” I said as I pulled my bag free. “There's plenty of room” said Jess “Just see” Slipping off her shoes she sat in the small locker legs hanging out and body hunched over. “I said not enough room” I exclaimed “Wait” she said She lifted one leg in then the other until most of her was in the locker, with little more work she was in. “Shut it” she asked I closed the locker and stepped back, the locker could be more than 15” high by 12” wide and about 12” deep. I pulled the locker open only for Jess to shut it again. 5 minute later Jess opened the door and proceeded to exit, one leg then the other and she slid out. As soon as she was out she started to backflip down the corridor and finally finished in a straddle split. “That's better” she said still sitting in the splits. I helped her up. “Since it's Saturday tomorrow are you doing anything?” Jess asked. “Nothing why?” “I could do with some help stretching” she said. Not wanting to seem too desperate I answered a simple “Ok”. She gave me her address and we parted ways. Saturday came and I arrived at Jess’ house. She answered the door wearing a purple lycra body suit. She lead me up to her room to were I bent and stretched her for two hours solid. I really didn't see why Jess needed help as she was really supple but I'd hardly pass up the chance to vend a girl like her. After the couple of hours Jess switched her TV on and knelt in front of it, bent back and rested into a triplefold. “Sit on me” she asked. I looked at her. Again “Sit on me while I watch “TV” I sat on her, she wriggled a bit to get comfortable. I sat on her for a full half hour when the programme had ended I realise Jess was asleep. With a bit of effort I lifted her still fold onto her bed were she shifted into not as tight bend but seemed to still be asleep. I left the house. Monday morning Jess greeted me just outside the school all smiles. “Sorry I fell asleep on Saturday I just get too comfy sometimes”. “Not a problem” I said “Thanks for coming over, I now know Ive got at least one friend at school”. Me and Jess stayed friends for the time we were at school. I'd go round to her house all my spare time To Help her training. But the time came when we finish our final year at school and I had to move away for college though we did stay in touch. Katie (One year ago.) Six months into college I met Katie at a friends party. She was a dance student. A blond girl, about 5”2 and a beauty slim figure. We hit it off right away and she moved in to my place a couple of weeks after the party. She wasn't over flexible to begin with but with my experience with Jess over the months Katie's flexibility increased dramatically. She wasn't one to bend herself but preferred to be bent into position, she often make like a ragdoll and I'd twist her anyway I felt front and back bends. One time we had gone to a party she had got that drunk she couldn't walk. I had borrowed a very small suitcase and crammed her into it and wheel her home. Unfortunately or not after getting home I had sat down and fallen asleep, it wasn't till morning I realised Katie was still in the suitcase. When I opened the case Katie was still asleep and not aware of her predicament, I unfolded her from the case and laid her on the bed as if nothing had happened. Three of a Kind (Present) I'd finish college for the year so me and Katie going back to my home town to stay with my parents. We got to town but before going home we decided to stop off in town for something to eat We sat in one of the window tables Of The cafe with a good view Of The world as it passed by. We were halfway through lunch when a face from the past walked by, it took me a moment before I realised the face was Jess. “I won't be a monent” I said to Katie as I shot out Of The cafe after Jess. “Jess wait” I called after her. It took a moment but Jess turned round to see who was there, realising it was me she ran back and gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek. “Your back“ she exclaimed. “Yes me and Katie are here to see my parents”. “Is Katie your girlfriend?” she asked I felt a bit arquid at this point “Yes” “I'd love to meet her” she said. A bit reluctantly I led Jess back to the cafe where I'd left Katie. Jess had only been a friend not a girlfriend so I didn't know how they would receive each other. I introduced them to each other. They have each other I peck on the cheek. “Pleased to meet you” said Katie “Likewise” said Jess. I looked around for seat for Jess to she could join us but there wasn't one spare. Strangely Katie sat down inviting Jess to sit on the same chair. My worry seemed to be unfounded. Katie was stunning but Jess over the years had become as beautiful. Katie wasn't too interested in finishing her lunch but instead wanted to talk with Jess. I went to the toilet leaving the girls chatting. When I came back back Jess had gone. “Jess is joining us tomorrow at your parents for lunch” said Katie. My mum had arranged a party for me coming home. We got to my parents and got settled for the night. Tomorrow came and it was a brilliantly sunny day. Katie had her hair down, she wore a pair of small shorts and a crop top. Her feet were bare. Most Of The people my mum had arrived and eventually Jess turned up. Due to the weather she too had optede for short shorts and tight T-shirt, she wore a pair of gladiator style sandals. Katie found Jess and they sat talking together while sharing a bottle rose wine between them. My parents next-door neighbours turns had come round and with them yet another surprise, I beautiful Raven haired girl. It was Libby. With time she too had changed, she looked amazing. She had opted for a maxi dress and high-heeled sandals. Not knowing how to greet her I joined Jess and Katie who had moved into a quieter part of the garden. “Katie has just been telling me how helped her with her bendiness” said Jess. “Yes it was a great help” said Katie “We came down here out of the way so I could show her”. “Go on then” Jess prompted Katie. Katie with no effort dropped into a chest stand “One of my favourite ones” said Jess as she did exactly the same position next to Katie. My heart started to race with these two sexy flexy goddesses. Katie stood again and as Jess started Katie halted her “Stay there, there's something I've seen but never had someone to do it with”. Walking behind Jess she rested her chest on Jess and kicked over into a chest stand on top of her to form a stack, stunning I thought. As I looked at the girls I felt a tap on the shoulder “Still into your bendy girls then”. It was Libby, “Hello girls” she said then walked off. Katie got off Jess then helped her to her feet. “Who was that?” asked Katie. “Next-doors daughter” I replied. “Quite rude” said Jess. I didn't answer but instead went after Libby. I caught up with her. “You OK?” I asked. “Fine, Just didn't know you had a girlfriend” she answer. “Why would that be a problem?” “All the times you use to watch me I thought we had something”. I was gobsmacked. “But we were only kids then” “But you were the only one that liked my contortion, everyone use to think I was a freak” she said. This sounded so much like Jess's bullying at school. “Come here” I said offering her a hug which she excepted. I held her “Why don't you come and meet Jess and Katie?”. I guided her back to the others. We founded them drinking their second bottle of wine, Katie sitting with her legs behind her head. Both girls looked surprised that I'd come back with Libby but excepted to the point that Jess offer a glass of wine which she excepted with a little smile. This had the chance to be a little success.. The three girls had been drinking and chatting for while. I'd left them so I could mingle with family I hadn't seen for a while. People had started to leave as it was getting late. When I got back to them only Katie was left. Jess and Libby had gone their separate ways. “Libby's parents are away tomorrow so she invited us round for lunch” she said “ oh and Jess too”. Knowing I would have all three together tomorrow seemed to take an age to come. Finally Sunday came. Me and Katie went round to Libby's to be greeted by Jess at the door. “Libby is just getting lunch ready“ she said as she let us in. We all sat around the table. Libby had prepare simple finger food as we chatted about things in general. As we finish all three girls got up to clear table and left the room for the kitchen. They were gone a little while before I heard someone go up the stairs. Fifteen minute minutes had pass and non of them had come back so I went to the kitchen to find them. They weren't there either. “Where is everyone?” I called up the stairs. “Won't be long” called down Libby. I could hear giggling in the background. Half an hour passed before I heard them coming back down the stairs. Katie entered the room first. They had been up to something, all she was wearing was a small black bikini, her hair scrapped back into a bun and she was wearing a heavy amount of blue eye makeup and deep red lip gloss. She looked knockout. She was closely followed by Jess who was made up exactly as Katie. Libby followed last attired just as the others. They lined up. “Well what do you think?” asked Katie. With them like this they looked like triplets. It was uncanny how all three were the same height and shape. Fate seemed to be with me. “We thought we'd treat you” said Libby. “To a little show” added Jess. “It maybe a bit amataurish but we don't think you'll mind too much” continued Libby. They looked at each waiting for one of them to make the first move. Jess took the lead by dropping into a straddle split. Libby nodded to Katie and both girls lift Jess into the air by her legs. Jess proceeded to a 270 oversplit before the others put her down. Next up was Libby who triplefolded. Yet again she was lifted by her feet and hands into the air. The girls pulled to the point her shoulders pass through her legs, no light could been seen through her bend. They went through a catalogue of similar assisted bends. All three shoe incredible flexibility. They then started to work together. First aith a cheststand tower. Libby bottom, Jess middle and Katie top. They held for a while all smiling at me. Staying stacked Jess and Katie lowered their legs and tighter their backbend into headsit. Libby moved her feet forward into a hairpin bend. The others straighter their legs as Libby had, their feet seeming to form a fan in front of them. One by one they stood then formed a circle. They simutantiouly bent back, head between their legs finally forcing their arms then shoulders into what I think was called a Ruppel bend. It didn't end there, they all got into a group hug, this did take a bit of effort. I got up from my seat to take a closer look. Their faces pressed so close together their noses formed a centre point. They held for moment then made to break apart but they seemed to be stuck. “Help” said a panicked Katie. So I went to work freeing them which wasn't easy. The problem seemed that their arms were well intertwined which locked them together. Trying not to hurt them I forced them apart. They untangled after I had free their arms. All dropped into the sofa to catch their breath, each of their bodies glistening with beads of sweat from their exploits. After a while Libby got up and disappeared up stairs. She returned with a large suitcase. She placed it on the floor open and laid in it. Katie and Jess waited a moment until Katie climbed in too. They filled it but still this didn't stop Jess from making a move into the case. It didn't look possible as Jess pushed and twisted into Libby and Katie forming a human spagette mass with arms, legs and bodies entwined. I took in the view of the girls crammed together. “It's not going to close itself” hinted Libby. I throw the lid of the case closed and started to zip it shut occasionally tucking parts of the girls in. Finally the job was done. “What now?” I asked. “Maybe you could take us somewhere” said Jess. “Maybe back to your parents home” added Katie. “Maybe back to your bedroom” finished Libby. I took the hint but first a little journey. I put the case on its wheels and rolled it out of the front door and the street heading into town. I stopped of in a bar for a drink, went into a couple of shops with the case on tow. At no time did the girls make a sound. After an hour I head back home. I bumped the case up the stairs and into my room. Laying the case flat I made to open the case but on the the girls hands came out and slapped mine. “Not yet we're not ready” said Katie. There was movement in the case then the hand came back out holding something, it was one of the girls bikini tops. Not long after two more were passed out. “Nearly there” said Jess. A few more minutes passed with more movement in the case until the hand came back out. It took a moment for me to realise that it wasnt one but all three girls bikini bottoms. “We're ready now” said all three together. The End.