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Contortion Stories


Are you a creative writer? Then send me your contortion story. It could be:
- Made up
- Real experiences
- Fantasy
- Unreal or abnormal
- Erotic
- Fetish
IMPORTANT! The story must have a flexibility and contortion theme. Your story can be written in German, English or French. It should contain more than 1000 words. Each new story will be rewarded with a free (month’s) membership to Zlata.de
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Fantasy 2

Two month’s later my wife left on another away trip and “while the cat’s away…”. I called Judy to ask her if she would like to pay me a visit. We agreed on a date and she said she would have another special surprise for me. Remembering the last surprises she offered me, I could not wait to see what she had planned for this visit. Shortly after the agreed time, the doorbell rang and I went to open it. Expecting to find Judy, I opened it with a flourish and was about to throw my arms around my surrogate daughter when I saw before me the most beautiful girl I had ever seen – tall, slim, laughing smile and blond hair flowing down to below her waist. I was dumb struck. “Hello Uncle Ben. I am Tanya, but everyone calls me Tan.” She said with a warm friendly smile on her magnificent face. She had an East European accent “Uh, hello Tan. Uh Hi. Where is Judy? “ I stammered “I’m right here, Uncle Ben” as she popped her head around the corner. “You have now met your surprise and I hope you will be happy with her?” “Wow, I wasn’t expecting two beautiful girls to keep me company. Come inside” At this point I must explain what these two young lasses were wearing as they slipped past me into the house. Judy was dressed in a seriously tight fitting mini dress made of t-shirt type material which was slightly transparent. It was powder blue and clung to every sexy curve on her body. The front was cut in a low scoop with thin shoulder straps. Her breasts were pushed up and looked full and tanned. Her long black hair had grown since I saw her last and it was now also below her waist. As she walked into the sitting room, her butt slid from side to side under this incredibly sexy dress. I was already getting hard. Her tiny waist was accentuated by the tightness of her dress. She was truly a sight to behold. Tanya, who had obviously been primed to tease, was even more sexily dressed. She had on a pair of tiny pink shorts – but really short shorts. They cut up across her butt cheeks which were beautifully round and firm. Her breasts were covered by a pale pink bikini top which just covered her nipples. She also had large firm breasts which formed a deep cleavage where they met in the middle. The rest of her long slim body was bare and I could already see that my fetish of tiny waists and ribs was going to be well catered for. Both girls were wearing strappy high heels on their long thin feet and their toes had been meticulously painted. They looked incredibly sexy. When we were all seated, Judy started to explain how Tan came to be with us. Tan was a dancer at one of the local strip clubs. She came from Ukraine and was a champion rhythmic gymnast in her country. She had made contortion her career. She met Tan at the gym and because of their flexibility, they became good friends. Judy told Tan about our previous get together and Tan said she would love to join the fun. “So what do you girls have in store for me today?” I asked expectantly. “Well Uncle Ben, Tan is very much more flexible than I am and she wants to show you what she can do.” Tan stood up and proceeded to remove her shorts. She had on a miniscule thong which just covered her. She then twisted her torso left and right, bent forwards with her head and shoulder through her parted legs, then stood up and joined her hands in front of her and moved her straight arms past her head down to her butt. I could see her shoulders dislocate as she did this. These extreme stretching moves were only a warm-up for what was about to come. Tan then slowly bent her long neck backwards until her head was behind her body. Her upper body then followed until her midrif was horizontal. She stayed like this for a moment and turned around so that I could see her rib cage parted and her ribs clearly defined. She had been told I loved seeing that. “How do you like that Uncle Ben?”, Judy asked “Wow!” was all I could say at that stage with a certain breathlessness. She then turned sideways to me and I could see she had slowly worked her hands up her long tanned legs until they were around her thighs. She pulled her body against her butt and her legs until there was not the slightest gap. It was an extremely tight back bend. She turned her head and gave me a gorgeous smile. She parted her feet and slowly worked her head and long neck between her legs. By this stage her entire body was behind her legs and I am sure her hip joints were dislocated. Her legs were still dead straight. She lifted her head and for the very first time I saw a contortionist look straight ahead while in an extreme backbend. It was incredible. She then asked me to stand in front of her and lift her chin some more. I could not see how she could bend any further. She juggled her body from side to side to pull herself tighter ahgaianst her legs as I gently lifted her chin to raise her head further. Meanwhile her long blond hair was curled up on the floor and I felt myself just about to burst at this magnificent erotic sight. She insisted that I lift her head further and I stopped when she was almost looking at the ceiling. Her entire body was now curled backwards in a tight full circle. This was unbelievable flexibility. Judy said I must give Tan a big lingering kiss for doing so well. I got on my knees and took that gorgeous face in my hands and kissed her hungrily with passion. She responded accordingly. Tan slowly unwound herself and stood up with a big smile. I kissed her again with a big hug. I was in heaven. Judy then jumped up. “OK, Uncle Ben. My turn to thrill you” She peeled off her dress to reveal an equally minute thong and a tiny bikini top. She looked amazing. “Uncle Ben, since we met last time I been working at getting a thinner waist. Today I want you to measure it.” She pulled out a tape and stood in front of me. Both girls had used some fragrance which was blended to excite beyond reason and this was having the desired effect. I was rock hard and they both saw it and loved it. Judy stood normally and asked me to feel her waist and tell her if it felt thinner. I ran my hands up her hips over the thin elastic of her thong. At the top of her pelvis, my hands sunk into her waist and I could feel them sinking deeper and deeper. I tried to touch my fingers, but could not. “Measure it please, Uncle Ben” I took the tape and wrapped it around her. It measured 22 inches. This is already a very tiny waist. “OK, now let me pull it in” With a couple of tummy flexes she pulled her stomach in deep right below her ribs. Her rib cage and her ribs were clearly defined and the view of this tall slim body was fantastic. I quickly measured her waist again and this time it was 19 inches. She then pulled out a wide fabric belt from her bag and asked me to tie it around her waist. “When I suck in my tummy, pull the belt as tight as you can”. She flexed, sucked and when her waist seemed to be as thin as humanly possible, I pulled the belt in and her measurement came down to 17 inches. “Just once more, Uncle Ben. I am sure I can get it smaller”. We went through the same process and this time I really pulled tight. I measured 16 inches and I could just touch my fingers around her waist. I never thought I would ever hold a 16 inch waist. I stood back and just stared at this amazing figure. She had a beautiful satisfied smile on her gorgeous face and it was all for my benefit. With the belt released we all landed up on the couch with both girls laughing and cuddling into me. It was wonderful. Tan wanted to show me how far she could do splits. She stood up and without any assistance she raised her left leg straight up in line with her shoulder. She then asked me stand behind her and watch. I couldn’t take my eyes off her beautiful long hair as it fell down her back. Again without assistance, she moved her straight leg behind her back till it was opposite her other shoulder. She was already in about a 220 deg split. She then asked me to pull her leg further down as far as it would go. She was still standing perfectly upright. Without any resistance I was able to pull her leg down beyond her shoulder until it was almost horizontal. She told me to hold it like that for a moment and then let go. When I did she was able to keep her leg in this position for another minute and then she slowly returned it through the vertical and down to the floor. Having stretched it so far, she immediately raised it again and without assistance from me, took it to the same position as before. This was the most remarkable oversplits I had ever seen. While Tan was doing her splits, Judy had put her dress back on and was posing in a provocative way just to tease me. She was lying on the couch and her one leg was right next to her shoulder with her arm holding it down. Her skirt was around her tummy and her tiny thong was fully exposed. She knew that this would turn me on big time. She was not wrong. She knew that a woman partly dressed is far more sexy that pure nudity. And with those tiny skirts and thongs, partly was the operative word. The girls laughed and giggled and talked to each other deciding how to thrill me some more. They seemed to have a plan. They faced each other with their thighs tight together. They slowly went into a back bend until both their bodies were tight up against their legs. They held each other’s arms and pulled themselves tighter together. Their tummies were level and at the same height. “Uncle Ben, please tie us together” Judy’s belt was too short to go round both of them, so I fetched one of my leather belts. I tied it around them just below their breasts on their chests, or in this case, above their breasts. I could feel the belt pulling them tighter together until they were like one person. It was a remarkable sight. “OK girls, I am afraid I have to leave you now. I’ll be back in a couple of hours” “UNCLE BEN!! You can’t leave us like this” called out Judy in despair. “Only kidding” I said after a minute or so and slowly undid the belt. They both unwound into a vertical position. Judy gave me a friendly punch on the chest for scaring her so. Tan wanted to show me something else. She stood next to me and asked me to pull her head down as she rolled it back. With her entire body dead straight she rolled her head onto her upper back. Her long thin neck was curved through almost 180 deg. She was now looking backwards. “Uncle ben, please pull my hair down” she asked. I took hold of her beautiful blond hair and pulled down towards her butt. Her head was now really tight against her back and her hair was at her knees. Without her asking I also put my hand on her chin and turned her head down until it could go no further. She was now virtually looking at the floor. I suddenly realised that this was like a Manelli bend, but standing up and only with head and neck. This girl was truly unbelievably flexible and a marvel to look at. I was a very lucky man. “Uncle Ben, Tan and I want to do to you what I did last time. OK?” How lucky can a man get? Judy first went into a tight backbend and pushed her head between her legs. “Feel my body, Uncle Ben” I pulled her dress up to expose her thong, her silky smooth expanse of flat tummy and the beautiful parting of her ribs. I ran my hands over her breasts and her tummy and onto her thong. I felt the firmness of her body and the softness of her skin as I traced every curve offered to me. She waited patiently in this extremely contorted pose until she felt I was ready for action. I was indeed ready to burst. She pulled my zip down and once again showed me what a talented girl she was. The release was magical. Tan, who had been standing next to me in her miniscule bikini, moved in front and facing me straddling Judy’s head. She then raised a leg onto my shoulder and pulled her body tight up against me. I felt this beautiful long straight limb as I traced my fingers along its length up to her toes and down to her crotch. She proceeded to kiss me with such passion that within a few seconds I was rock hard again. Her tongue probed deep into my mouth as she pulled my face closer to hers. Her breasts were tight up against my chest as she swayed her body from side to side working it into me. Judy had moved away and Tan now stood with her back to me with both legs back on the floor and started to go into another backbend. Once again her face was facing backwards and at the level of my raging erection. She took me into her mouth while I was looking down on this magnificent bent body with bronzed round breasts and a deep valley between her ribs. I caressed it all as Tan worked on me. At the same time, Judy behind her, pulled us both tight together but Tan still managed to move her head sufficiently to make me blast a second issue into her. I was completely done. With the patially clad beauties draped over me in all contorted ways on the couch and my hands caressing the parts I could reach, we all fell asleep after our exhausting session of the morning. I woke up about an hour later and to my great disappointment they had both left. Hanging on the front door were two thongs and a note saying “Dear Uncle Ben. Thank you for a lovely morning. Enjoy the aroma as you remember us” Wow, what an aroma; what a memory.