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Contortion Stories


Are you a creative writer? Then send me your contortion story. It could be:
- Made up
- Real experiences
- Fantasy
- Unreal or abnormal
- Erotic
- Fetish
IMPORTANT! The story must have a flexibility and contortion theme. Your story can be written in German, English or French. It should contain more than 1000 words. Each new story will be rewarded with a free (month’s) membership to Zlata.de
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Woman without borders

It was just an ordinary day. I was sitting at my PC in a chat room and bored because no-one was chatting with me. Then I had and idea to lift the boredom. I went into another chat room and simply asked, “Hi, anyone want to write to me and possibly do webcam chat?” I was a little surprised when I immediately got a reply from “Flexigirl18”. I wondered what her web name might mean but invited her into cam chat. After we had introduced ourselves and chatted normally for a while, we both turned on our web cams. She looked terrific – blond, slim, sporty, and had obviously being doing some kind of exercise because she was still wearing her lycra gym shorts and exercise top. Although the quality of the webcam pictures was limited, I thought she had beautiful eyes – bright blue, just like the ocean on the best days. After a while, I plucked up the courage to ask her why she was sitting there in her gym kit. She replied that she had just been training so I had guessed correctly. I asked her what sort of exercise. She replied, “Wait a minute and I’ll show you” and picked her leg up, bent it and placed it behind her back. I was amazed and asked if she could do anything else. She took her other leg and did the same thing. Now she was sitting in a lotus position behind her back in front of me, or rather the webcam. She was still able type quite happily in this position. I think she could see me goggle-eyed looking at her through the webcam. I would never have thought I would get to know such a flexible girl. After a sort while it looked like she was going to slip off her chair, but she pulled herself up and tucked her legs behind the back of the chair so that she couldn’t slip down. I watched goggle-eyed. She sat back normally, which was a shame. We continued to chat and after a while she asked me where I lived and when my birthday was (which was only seven days away). It turned out she only lived about 60 km away so I invited her to visit me on my birthday. She said she would love to come and that she already had an idea what present to give me. We wrote to each other over the next few days and my birthday got closer. Two days before my birthday she said she would have to sign off. She assured me she would come to visit on my birthday and had to go and pack up the present. The day of my birthday arrived and I waited for her to show up. But she didn’t come. By the evening I had almost given up hope when the door bell rang. I rushed to open it, thrilled to see her but it was only a man from a courier company. I gave me a parcel which was roughly 50cm by 40cm by 45cm. It had a label showing the top and there was a small letter attached. I carried the parcel fairly easily although it was quite heavy (lighter than my ex-girlfriend!) up to my floor as I lived in the same house as my parents. When I got upstairs, I firstly read the letter. It said that the parcel was from flexigirl18, that it contained my present and that I should have fun with it. I tore off the wrapping paper and found a glass box inside. I wondered what this could be and found a bolt and two hinges. “Ah, that’s a door,” I noticed immediately and undid the bolt and opened the door. Slowly something started coming out which on closer inspection turned out to be an arm. Gradually my long awaited visitor came out. She had almost nothing on, only the tiniest of bikinis. When she had completely squeezed out of the box, she stretched herself out and stood upright. She looked absolutely gorgeous. She hugged me and told me that she was my present and that I could try anything out with her – well almost anything! She meant with her flexibility of course. To begin the stretching, she bent forward and then pulled herself further. She didn’t seem to have a limit. She took hold of her buttocks and continued to pull herself upwards. She only stopped when her face was nearly touching her body in a full circle. If she hadn’t stopped, she would have been sitting on her face. Then she straightened herself up and bent her back into an S shape. And then she bent her back further. As she moved through between her legs, she knelt down, stretched her arms towards me and indicated that I was to pull with my feet braced against her thighs. I got into position and pulled. I thought her back was going to break, but thank goodness this wasn’t the case, Then she grabbed hold of her legs and held tight. And we chatted like this. I wondered how long she would be able to stay in this position. After a few minutes she straightened up and then went to have a look around the room. She admired my small guitar collection and looked around a little more. Then she stood back in front of me and smiled at me, Meanwhile I was speechless and had to sit down. I sat down on a small drum stool and thought, “Wow… if I don’t talk to her she will think I am being rude.” After she had put on my bathrobe, she came over to me and asked if I had enjoyed the show. “Stupid question,” I thought and said, “yes”. “Now its your turn”, she said and laid down flat on her back after taking off the bathrobe again. I wondered what I should do with her. She meant that I could stretch her like a doll as much as I liked. She would tell me if I stretched her too far. I decided that a split would be a good way to start and pushed her foot up with my hands. I realised that there was more than one way to do a split. She told me that she could still stretch further. So I continued to push her leg towards her head. The tips of her toes now reached her but still she hadn’t said it was too much. “Tell me, don’t you have any limits?” I asked. She said she hadn’t found any yet. Sometimes a part of her body got in the way, but her joints didn’t seem to have any limits. She was a miracle of nature. I asked, cheekily, if I could keep her (meant only as a joke) but she said, “I can be yours at the drop of a hat. By the way, my name is Carina.” The whole conversation she had stayed in her extreme split… with only a few centimetres between the toes (and the ground?). I released her foot and wondered whether she would be able twist at the waist. I asked her so she stood up and then sat down on the drum stool. She gave me her hands and then with my feet I twisted the stool round. I turned the stool gently and was soon able to see her face, her beautiful breasts and her bottom all at the same time. I was a bit concerned and let the stool go back to its starting position. She repeated the stretch standing by herself in the door frame. A full 180 degrees! Her waist seemed to become thinner and looked weird. I sat down again but she continued with the stretch. Now I was seeing the side of her right leg and the front of her torso. And shortly after that she reached 360 degrees. She seemed even more abstract in this pose than the one before. She untwisted herelf, bent forwards and then twisted herself again so that she was looking at me again. She was doing a frontbend with a 180 degree twist. (I asked if what she was doing had a name,) I was still gobsmacked as she untwisted herself and came and sat down next to me. I could still not speak from astonishment. I said that she could stay with me, but next day we would have to go shopping because she only had with her what she was wearing – and that was hardly anything! I said that we should get to bed as it was late. She wanted me to take her there, carrying her like a belt around my tummy, with her bent backwards around me holding on to her feet. (I liked the sound of the belt.) When we got to the bed, she rolled forwards up to the top of the bed and lay normally. For the rest I have to keep silent on grounds of privacy, but I will say this: she is more flexible than she thought The next day was the day of my party. After we had been shopping, she showed me that she could also dislocate her joints which I found a bit unnerving. She wedged herself into a split and then pulled her shoulders out of their sockets. Her fingers were not normal either. She could bend them backwards until they were pressed against the backs of her hands. In the evening I wore a fur coat to the party and she played belts again. No-one could see her as I went to my guests. When I arrived I let the fur coat drop to the floor and she came into view. If the jaws of my guests had dropped any further, they would have been on the floor Carina was wearing more than for my private show. She was dressed in lycra gym shorts and a sport bra, like she had been wearing when we first met in chat. The bra was well filled out. After she had shown off all her “normal” feats, she demonstrated her 360 degree twist and crawled into her box which I had brought along. I carried her out and then she changed into normal clothes. For the remainder of the party she was more popular than me, but I understood why! Two weeks later, I proposed to her and we have now been married for two years. Fortunately that messed up my national service as I was only 19 when we met and still going to school. Carina is calling so I’m off to stretch her again. I still find it very arousing and she still amazes me with the new things she can do. Yesterday, she got into a lotus position with her legs behind her back and pushed her legs further down her back as she lent backwards. This dream woman really has no limits. THE END Note from the translator: I found this a very difficult story to understand and therefore to translate. In some places I have simply done the best translation I can do even though it may not make perfect sense. My apologies to the author if I have not conveyed his/her story quite as intended.