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Contortion Stories


Are you a creative writer? Then send me your contortion story. It could be:
- Made up
- Real experiences
- Fantasy
- Unreal or abnormal
- Erotic
- Fetish
IMPORTANT! The story must have a flexibility and contortion theme. Your story can be written in German, English or French. It should contain more than 1000 words. Each new story will be rewarded with a free (month’s) membership to Zlata.de
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Having been unemployed for several months, without finding any work, I had run out of money - bills never stop coming and my savings didn't last long. I decided to spend my last few pounds going to a night club, drown my sorrows and generally have one last good night out. The club was local to me in Northampton, U.K and when I got there it was really busy already. After a few drinks and dancing by myself, I spotted a girl trying to get a drink at the bar, but being so busy she was struggling to get served. "Time to help" I thought, so over I went and said "Can I help you?" at the same time shouting at the barman "Ohhhht, over here!". "Thanks" she said as the barman came over and finally served her. "Not seen you here before" I said, "No, don't usually come here but sometimes you need a treat. right?" she replied. "With anyone?" I asked, "Some friends - wanna join us?" she smiled and I thought it was too good to turn an offer like that down. We walked back to her friends and we all introduced ourselves and sat chatting, her name was Tracy and she said she had recently broken up from her partner. "Wanna dance?" she asked, "Ok, but I'm not the best" I said. With that she pulled me up and we went to the dance floor, we danced for a while to some funky tunes till they started to play a song from "Dirty Dancing", before I knew what was happening her leg was resting on my shoulder and she was in a great splits position, "Wow, that's so cool" I said, "You'll love this then" she replied as she laid backwards till her head touched her leg. She then straightened up and took her leg off my shoulder, "Just like in the movie" she said with a laugh. "That's amazing, how do you do that?" I asked, "No idea, I just can, I can do alot of things" she said with a wink. Now I have quite a good imagination but my mind was doing overtime at that point, "I would love to see what you can do sometime." I blerted out. We had several more drinks and were both quite drunk by the end of the night, "share a cab?" I asked, "Yes, that's a great idea" she said. We both jumped in a cab and when we got to her house she got out, "see you again?" I asked, "Dont you wanna come up?" she replied with a grin. I was out of the cab like a shot and we made our way to her room, where she poured me another drink. After a while I couldn't contain myself any longer "So what about this bendy stuff?" I asked her. "I'm double jointed!" she said as she put her arms behind her back, clasped both hands together and slowly started to raise them up, she lifted them up and over her head, dislocating both shoulders, and then brought them down in front of her, "Ewwww, that's freaky" I said, as she stepped over her arms and did it again, I put my hands on her shoulders and felt a gentle pop as they came out of their sockets again. Her arms came down over my head this time as I was closer and she pulled me towards her, we kissed, a little kiss first followed by a passionate open mouthed kiss. I felt her moving about while we kissed, but what happened next I wasn't ready for, over her shoulder came a foot, she had bent her knee, grabbed hold of her foot and pulled it up behind her, finally she rested it on her shoulder, "What the hell?" I said in slight shock, "Sorry, thought you would like me to do something like that?" she said, "Oh I do, just wasn't expecting a foot!" I laughed. We started kissing again with her foot wiggling about next to her head, I reached behind her and felt her leg, I grabbed hold and pulling it towards me, I managed to pull it vertical and touching her back, she sighed and at first I thought she was in pain, but it seemed more pleasurable to her. The kiss became stronger and deeper and it seemed as if she was turned on by flexing her body as much as I was, "You're so hot, I want you!" I said, hoping she had had enought to drink and was turned on enough. "I want you too, I wanna make you never want anyone else again and you won't!" she replied with a smile to die for. She lowered her leg back and put her foot on the floor again, then she took hold of her t-shirt, pulled it over her head, revealing a small bra. I noticed her stomach was flat and perfect as she unbuttoned her low jeans, undid the little zip, and slowly slid them down her legs and off. She was wearing a tiny thong, and it did quickly run through my mind, "why bother with those, they are so small?" but it did just cover her and left a very tiny bit to the imagination. So dressed just in a bra and thong, she sat me down, put on some music and started to dance infront of me. She turned her back on me, showing her lovely bottom and as I looked on longinly, her head came into view. She was bending over backwards for me, her head lowered until it was almost touching her bottom, her hands grabbed her ankles and somehow she pulled until her back was folded in half and tight up against her bottom. She then did something I still don't think is possible, she slid her hands up her legs until they clasped her thighs, then bending her hip joints, and I think actually dislocating her joints, she repositioned the backbend and her head slid through her legs. I cold only stare at her thong, stretched so tightly and resting so low, I wanted to touch her but I really didn't want to stop her showing me the amazing flexibility. Her head was between her legs as she turned around so she was now looking at me again but now through her legs. I can only think that she again dislocated her arms as she slowly started to slide her arm between her legs infront of her head, followed by the other arm. Both arms were at 90 degrees to her back and somehow again pulling or pushing, she pulled her arms over her legs which forced her body through her legs, resting her arms on the front of her thighs. She was now in the tightest and furthest backbend I had ever thought possible. Her arms were bent at the elbows but she managed to move her hands towards me, even in such an amazing position she managed to undo the button on my jeans, she slowly lowered the zip and ran a finger over the biggest bulge I had ever had. The next second she unfolded herself and stood looking at me, she undid her bra and took off that smallest of thongs leaving her completely naked infront of me. I leaned forwards and put my hands on her hips, then I pulled her towards me. I leaned forwards and kissed her on her lips, they were moist and slightly salty, she sighed with delight but pushed me back into the chair. She kneeled down and then let her legs slide apart till her bottom was on the ground and her legs were at right angles to her body, she moved closer and ran her hands over my thighs, she slowly twisted her body 180 degrees at the waist till she was looking up at me although her bottom half hadn't moved. Again I lent over and kissed her. "I don't think I can cope with much more of this" I said, and with that she untwisted herself, reached into my boxers and pulled out my penis, she slid her mouth completely over it. This was too much to cope with and I lost control. After she seemed happy even if we had not got as far as the bedroom. I told her that next time, she cannot do those amazing tricks if she wants me to have "real" sex with her, but to my horror she said "next time? what makes you think there will be a next time?". I hadn't realised that what she had done to me was just her having a good time and that she didn't want a steady boyfriend again. Turns out she takes both guys and girls home, shows of her super flexible talents, but usually doesn't see them again, once bitten etc. She was right, I don't think I will ever forget her and anyone else I meet wont compare to her, I just hope that someday we will meet again and she will allow me back to here home again for another amazing night, till then I just hope there is someone else out there, extremely flexible and actually looking for a relationship.