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Contortion Stories


Are you a creative writer? Then send me your contortion story. It could be:
- Made up
- Real experiences
- Fantasy
- Unreal or abnormal
- Erotic
- Fetish
IMPORTANT! The story must have a flexibility and contortion theme. Your story can be written in German, English or French. It should contain more than 1000 words. Each new story will be rewarded with a free (month’s) membership to Zlata.de
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Die Gaukler

TRANSLATE VIA GOOGLE It's the year in 1830. We are located in a small, beautiful town on a small square. There exists drift lively. Farmers and traders offer their goods for sale. On a small corner of the free marketplace is a tiny pedestal. On these important announcements and more important executions are carried out. Suddenly a fanfare drowned out the loud cries market. People rotate in the direction of the noise. An old covered wagon coming through a small alley. He stops behind the podium. The young king of the town is disturbed it. He goes to the balcony of his town hall to see what's going on. On this platform is a funny dressed man He interrupts his play on the Clarion and calls out: "Today is a good day The jugglers are in town We plan to stage a wooden chest are and if you like what you see.. , then throws quite a lot of gold coins in our chest. " The people applauded. The man disappeared and a clown jumped on the stage. People laughed a lot during his performance. The king picked up a chair and made himself comfortable on his balcony. Next came a minstrel and warbled his ways. A magician and a juggler were the next and then came a big strong man He lifted large stones, heavy weights and pushed as he was with his performance ended, he went to the side of the covered wagon, opened a tiny door and pulled out a small wooden chest heraus.Er they presented centrally on the stage. The chest was about 60 x 60 x 60 cm. From his waistband, he took a key and unlocked the chest on. Then he disappeared. The place was suddenly very quiet. You could hear a pin drop to the ground, it was so quiet. Suddenly the lid snapped up. A murmur was heard on the court. Then slowly showed a hand and an arm from the chest up. The hand waved to the astonished people. Then a head appeared. A young female face looking to the people and smiled. Then she slowly lifted her upper body from the chest. Great amazement. Inside the box was a beautiful young woman. Her name was Julia. Well-built 100, 60, 90, long blonde hair. To kneel a character. She had almost nothing. Only a strip of cloth covering her shapely breasts bounce. Not much more wrapped around her perfectly shaped hips. The young king jumped from his chair and looked at her with a friendly look. His heart began to beat very great. The young lady on stage got out of the box, turned his back to it and then tipped backwards. Her head looked headfirst towards spectators. She put her arms on the ground and made the backbend standing on the crate. Then she reached the edge of the chest, took a bit of momentum and made a handstand. Your butt fell, touching her shoulder blades. Your knees hung over his shoulders and wiggled her calves. Meanwhile, a small table was placed behind her. Julia turned forward tilting back on their feet, went to the floating table and swung with a handspring on this. She lay on her stomach, lifted her head and stretched her neck. Then she rolled her upper body backward. Always on. It was always at the back of her head. She rolled further back. The head then touched the beautiful buttocks. It was no gap between chest and back. Her head led further back on the thigh to the knee. No piece of paper fit between your back and thighs. With her hands she grabbed the edge of the table and pulled himself up to this further. As the head on the edge of the table was slid her hands slowly to the ground and with a handstand she ran away from the table. She put down again straight. Now they Spreitzer legs quite easily toppled slowly backwards over until her hands touched the ground. Slowly she trappelte only by his arms between his legs. Always on. Now she stood there like an upside-head gamma characters. The distance between the heels and the hands was determined 1 meter. A loud cry of the people was heard. The king was now in admiration, he got his mouth no longer in amazement. Meanwhile, two men came on stage. Julia was now back with long they did not do that, because they immediately slipped into the splits. The two men went to a knuckle of her long beautiful legs each. They grabbed them and raised them. Who thought now that Julia went up with was the disabused. On the contrary, her bottom was as though glued to lie on the ground. Meanwhile, the feet were already about 50 cm in height, her beautiful rump but still on the ground. The guys raised further. Dei legs were now at an angle of 270 degrees, only now her bottom raised in the air. Madness, people schriehen and applauded in admiration. As she hung there, the two men pulled them in opposite directions and put her ankles on her shoulders. On top of this, Julia is still in the Herrenspagat turned and waved. The boys as they sat in the splits on the floor, as it was just on the shoulders. Now only one leg pressed the direction of Julia's shoulder. When it was there, it kept Julia in this position. The legs looked like an L. Now the second man pushed her other leg towards the shoulder. As this was then the top, they also took this fixed yet. Now she sat there like a U. One of the two men now took both legs, which was straight up behind her and pushed her head back down. So far, the Julia could put their arms crossed at the back of the legs. So jammed they did not think to have the balance and much. Now reappeared on the muscle man. He walked over to her and grabbed her under her pretty butt. His large hands cupped her buttocks tight, he picked her up and carried her from the stage. The people went wild and cheered. Such a thing had never seen any before. The king was equally fascinated. He had never seen such a thing until now. He could not think. A man who could bend so he wanted to know more about it. He called his secretary to him. "Take four guards and return it to me," he said, "I want to get to know them." "Yes, Mr. King, I do. I'm going now," said the secretary. While still a fire-eater made his show, Julia was taken to the Town Hall. There the king was waiting for them. "I am King William. I was so stunned by your performance, I had to get to know you just. What's your name," he asked. "I'm Julia and was afraid that I will arrested for witchcraft," she replied. William sent away the guards and secretaries. "You are such a beautiful and fascinating woman, I had you simply know," he replied. "I want to know how that goes. Such contortions I have never seen, is painful," he said. "No, I was as a small child," came from her, "that's all very simple. My limits, I have not tried yet., But I think it's more than I've shown today," said Julia. "I think I can definitely help you to find out. Follow me, I got so my options," he said, taking her by the hand and led her to a small wooden door. He opened it and went down a small staircase. There was also a lamp. He lit it and both went down the steps. In the light of the lamp you saw a large room. William lit a few torches. Now it was realized that this was a kind of torture chamber. "Must I now fear that you kill me now," she asked? "No," he replied, "you do not. I want to find out with you where your limits are." "I'm reassured," she sobbed. He brought them to a round plate. "Please introduce yourself to it," he said. She stood centered on the plate. With a belt he strapped her ankles. "Take your hands, keep them there in front of you at the bar. I'll tie it to the bar," he said. Julia followed him, grabbed the rod. He lashed her. Then he took a long stick, put it in the round plate. "I will now turn the plate., If it is no longer, tell me and I'll stop," William said. "Yes I will," replied Julia. Slowly began to turn William the plate. 90, 110, 130 degrees. Julia was silent. Slowly, he turned further. The feet were now back, chest forward. "Go on," Julia said, "I see nothing." He turned on, 250, 260, 270 degrees. This happened very easily, without resistance. "Turn on," she moaned, "goes a bit '. The turn was harder 300 degrees and he went on. He managed to rotate the feet in front. Julia's body now looked like a screw or better like a wet towel that is being wrung out. She moaned: "Ahhhh, Is that nice, a great feeling." "That one there still can breathe," he marveled. William turned back to disk, unleashed Julia and said, "You looked great so twisted, insane.". He took Julia by the hand, "come with me, I have yet to have an idea," he looked at her. She followed silently, because they found fallen to his ideas. "There's my stretching rack. Since it also determines what. Lie to experiment with all the back to the bank," he said. Julia lay down. He took the right leg of her and turned it up. This always continue to lay beside her head. Then he bound the ankle tightly to the bench. "Is it so, or should I stop," he said. "Go on. This is all yet." He grabbed his left ankle and did the same. Turned him up until the leg was left of her head. It also captivated. "That's great," Julia said, "go ahead. A nice feeling." Your butt was flat on the bench. "Now give me your hands," William said. "I tie them to the rope that now lies before you, and will then determine the extent pull the wheel back there at the table you forward until it is no longer, or do you say that I should stop." Julia nodded. William turned slowly on the wheel Always nice careful. Julia's upper body slowly straightened up. Meanwhile, "Go on," the chest was now in a right angle to her legs., She moaned, "there is still more. Unless I've never been through my legs." Williams eyes shone and were always great. Slowly, he continued to turn at the wheel went on and on Julia's chest forward. "Next," she puffed, "continue". He turned on. Julia's chest now slowly put on the table. Her head was already there. The arms extend to the front. Now listen to William to turn to Julia went to the table and was amazed. Lay before him smiling Julia, almost flat on the table. "Gigantic," he shouted. "Simply Beautiful". "I think so too," said the lying, twisted beauty. "I now turn the wheel back and free yourself only once," nor of William came. He broke the shackles, Julia lay down again on his back. Then he made the buckles off at the ankles and Juliet stretched her long slender legs and back into the correct position. She stood up and said: "., I found it fun This is such a wonderful feeling when I take positions that are not actually possible." "That reminds me of something an" replied William, "come with me". He took her back to her delicate hands and led them to a kind of seat. It was so nearly a meter high. "Lie down with your stomach on the bench and put your butt on the back." But that's nothing major, "Julia said," that's a little exercise. "After she lay down on her stomach and legs and the buttocks towards the shoulder raised , she said, "that's just what now?" "Give me the arms forward and hold onto the bench. Winkle your legs over his shoulders down. "That was not a problem for the Beautiful. Went William behind her and tied the left and right ankle each with a rope." Now I draw your legs to the back, and you should you can not hold me tight tie your wrists. "" I consider myself as hard as I can, "she promised," caught on. "The two ropes he put a winch and began to turn it. their thighs pressed themselves ever groaned down. Juliet. Williamsport slowly pulled on. Juliet talked to all of the Bank in force. "Take more," she cried., the thigh walked past his shoulders. As the legs about 10 inches below the armpit goods , nothing more. was William stopped. Juliet ran off the bench and grabbed her thighs with his arms. Juliet William off the ropes and stood on their feet. "Is that nice," she whispered, "if I was nich never bent. William was thrilled. He pulled the bench out from under her. From the front it looked as if there would be no more upper body, if not for the head and shoulders in front of the thighs would be complete. She pinched her thigh formally in the waist. "Wow, it looks great," said the king. I love that, I love you, how can you. "Julia smiled." I have no pain there. This is so great, I wish I could just stand around like that, "she breathed with a tender voice." An idea I have, do you again normal. "Julia read her grip loose and pulled back between the legs. Well like a normal person was the essence of its back. "Sit down in the splits on the rack." Julia jumped on the table and slid into the splits. "Put your upper body to the lying in front of you leg." Since the easiest exercise for Julia was, she made it without flinching. "now I will lift your back leg as far as it goes," he said. Juliet knew what was coming. "Do it, today I have such a wonderful feeling, it could work," she replied. William laughed and grabbed her leg. "I've never done it and you would fulfill a dream to me, if it works," she breathed. "I will give my best," he said this and lifted the leg. Again further up. 220 degrees, it was now "more, more," she breathed. He raised further. 260, 270, there was not yet resisted to feel. "That's good, it's something, go on," came from her. William let himself not to ask twice and pressed on. Meanwhile, he was at 310 degrees and he had to spend quite a bit more powerful. "When it can be pressed yet, go on," she moaned. had William with more and more resistance fight, but read it to press it. had now reached 330 degrees. "We soon made it no longer missing a lot," he said, "shall I continue?" "Yesssss, in any case, pressures, what is I think it is from. Do not be hurt, "she breathed. William climbed on the table, without releasing the ankle. He stood over her and pushed her leg down further. Now he had managed 350 degrees." Direct your ankles are together again, "cried he did. He pressed again after and managed. "When you have managed to tie together my two feet, please, do it." William held together both ankles with one hand and with the other he pulled his belt out of his pants. He wrapped the strap around the feet and tied it together. He rose from the table, looked into her face. Juliet smiled and looked very contented. "Please let me so tied together. This is so beautiful. A wonderful feeling's that I want to sleep tonight like that. Please solve the belt tomorrow. I will probably not live so fast, "she pleaded." Yes, I will. I'll take you high up in one of the guest room of my town hall. There I lie down on a soft bed and so you can sleep undisturbed throughout the night. I'll wake you tomorrow morning, "he answered quite decisively." And if you want you can stay forever with me and try me much impossible. "" Yes, I will, "she whispered, closing her eyes and fell asleep