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Contortion Stories


Are you a creative writer? Then send me your contortion story. It could be:
- Made up
- Real experiences
- Fantasy
- Unreal or abnormal
- Erotic
- Fetish
IMPORTANT! The story must have a flexibility and contortion theme. Your story can be written in German, English or French. It should contain more than 1000 words. Each new story will be rewarded with a free (month’s) membership to Zlata.de
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Addicted to contortion

Catherine lay on her back on the sun bed next to me reading a trashy novel. I looked her well tanned bikini clad body up from her long blond hair down to her beautiful slender feet. How on earth had I met such a girl. Well I'll tell you. Cat was a friend of a friend. We had meet at a party when I had been dating Katie, Jess and Libby. Yes I had been dating all three at the same time, they were part of a package deal (literally a package deal as all three were contortionists and would climb into small boxes together where they would stay for hours at a time). I had split with a the trio as they had started touring with a circus and in weeks I had started dating Cat. Yes this did seem stupid finish dating three girls for one but we still remained friends. Cat was yet another contortionist (I don't think I could not have anything but I flexible girlfriend). Cat caught me staring and smiled. "Anything you like the looks of" she said as she rolled onto her front. "Just daydreaming" I replied. "Let me guess" she said as she put the novel down and with no problem bent her self into a cheststand. There wasn't many people around the hotel pool but still Cat did draw looks in her contorted form, she loved the attention. "Anyone would think you are addicted to contortion" she said. "You wouldn't have to be a doctor to work that one out" I smiled back. I had noticed on the hotel activities board there was I yoga class plan for the morning. I did have my Cat but sometimes I did like to see other flexible girls. Cat had been right I was addicted. I found myself a discreet place to sit near the location of the class to watch but not to be seen. I was to be disappointed. To start the class was run by a man, secondly it was more like a keep fit than yoga and lastly there were no hot looking girls. Well that wasn't completely true as a cute blond girl did turn up, watched for a couple of minutes before walking off in disgust. I too was just about to leave when... "Thought I'd find you here" said Cat. Rumbled. "You know fair well I'd bend for you at any time" she said. "I know" I said. We sent the rest of the day by the pool. Next day we were by the pool. "Still moping after no flexy girls at the yoga" Cat asked. Knowing Cat wasn't mad at me for going I replied "Maybe". "You would have been lucky to have got anything like this " said Cat as she put both legs behind her head. As usually heads turned to notice Cat and as they did I notice the blond girl from yesterday who was one of many looking at the pretzeled Cat. She was over the other side of the pool sunbathing and seemed to be alone. Cat untied herself and the attention dissipated but the blond continued to watch but quite discreetly. I left Cat and went up to our room to get some sun cream. I got back to see the blond girl sitting on my sunbed talking to Cat. Before I got to them the girl had got up and had gone. "Who was that?" I asked. "That was Melissa" Cat said "she was just asking if I was interested in doing some yoga with her since the yoga class in the hotel was not quite for her". Cat wasn't too sure about doing yoga but still joined Mel after lunch. Both clad in bikinis they sat on a yoga mat under a tree a little away from the pool area. They talked for a while before getting down to some yoga. Like I normally did when Mel bent her body I watched. They started slowly before some serious bending. Before long I was looking at two pretzels. Mel turned out to be quite flexible. Cat raised the bar by rolling into a cheststand facing Mel. Mel followed, held her cheststand and moved into a triplefold. Not to be out done Cat copied. The girls held hands and started to giggle together. Unfolding the girls hugged and continued to chat and giggle excitedly together. Before Cat realised that I had been watching them I when back up to our room. Not long after Cat was in the room. "Did you have a good view?" asked Cat. I didn't answer, she just knew me too well. "We're meeting up with Mel tonight at the local nightclub" said Cat "she wants to talk about something". "About what?" I ask. "You'll find out" she said. Evening arrived. Cat and myself were at the bar having a couple of drinks in the nightclub where we had arranged to meet Mel. Cat was wearing a short red floral dress and high heels. We were on to our second round of drinks when the Melissa walked in wearing a short electric blue dress and came straight to us at the bar. "Hi" said Mel. "Hi" said Cat giving Mel a hug. Cat lead Mel to the dance floor were they started to flow to the music. Mel was now spooning Cat, their bodies that tight together they look like one as they move. Syncronised ripples passed through their bodies as moved to the dance music. After a while their left the dance floor hand in hand dropping onto the sofa together where I sat. Cat removing her shoes and rested her bare feet on my lap, out of habit I started to massage them. "That looks good" said Mel as she too removed her shoes and placed her feet along side Cat's. I work both girls feet. I interlocked their toes of their left feet. Putting the sandwich styled feet to my mouth I sucked on the girls big toes and as I did the girls mourner with pleasure working their right feet into my crotch teasingly. "Might be a good I idea to take this else where" said Cat disappointedly. I locked the door to mine and Cat's bedroom. Cat and Mel pushed passed me, lips locked together as they undressed. Shoes and dresses thrown into a pile in a corner. They stopped for a moment, both completely naked except for their thongs. "What are you waiting for?" asked Cat. I didn't answer for a moment but then. "I think I'll just watch" I said. "Suit yourself" giggled Mel as she removed her thong to reveal she was completely shaved. She help Cat out of her last piece of modestly dropping her thong to the ground. Both locked lips again as their hands explored each others bodies. As they seemingly sexually grappled they fell onto the bed still hands all over themselves. Mel pull of for a moment, taking Cat's ankles and wrapping her into a pretzel, she went to work on Cat with her tongue. Cat moaned with pleasure. Just as Cat was about to return the favor I stopped Cat from unfolding but instead contorted Mel into a pretzel, lifting her onto Cat into a 69 position. The girls locked together and started to pleasure each other. I sat on a chair near the bed and looked at my handy work. They carried on for quite a while till they climaxed together. They relaxed but stayed together. Cat smiled at me and said "Did you enjoy that?" "Maybe" I said sarcastically. "This is quite cosy" said Mel yawning "I think stay a while like this". Cat laughed and went to fall asleep as did Mel. I checked, both girls were actually a sleep, unbelievable.