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Are you a creative writer? Then send me your contortion story. It could be:
- Made up
- Real experiences
- Fantasy
- Unreal or abnormal
- Erotic
- Fetish
IMPORTANT! The story must have a flexibility and contortion theme. Your story can be written in German, English or French. It should contain more than 1000 words. Each new story will be rewarded with a free (month’s) membership to Zlata.de
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Dave and Anna: The confession

It was springbreak when Dave was at home when he received a phone call from his good friend Anna. Anna had nothing to do that afternoon so she invited him to come over to her house and to watch a movie together. Dave would be at her place at 8 P.M.. The friendship between Dave and Anna goes back to High School. They were in the same year and they took some classes together. Dave was a normal guy with a normal posture he was tall yet not the tallest. Dave played Soccer at the local football club and he trained a few hours a week. Anna was a freshman in college and started Rhythmic Gymnastics at a really young age. She is currently training for 16 hours a week and is doing some competitions now and then. Next to 16 hours of Rhythmic Gymnastics training Anna also trained in a contortion class once a week. Because it was spring break there was less training this week. She was really flexible and really determined to her training schedule, she was never late for training and never missed training. Dave actually never saw Anna doing a routine or attend training of her, he always wanted it but unfortunately, the training was private and the competitions were far away. When the movie was almost halfway Anna totally forgot that she had to do her daily stretching routine to maintain her flexibility. ‘Shoot, Dave, I have to do my stretching routine this evening, do you mind if I do it right here?’ Anna asked Dave. ‘No not a problem’ Dave responded. ‘What exactly do you need to do ‘Just some stretches and splits on a yoga mat to maintain my flexibility for this week’ Anna walked out of the room to change into more comfortable training clothes. Dave was sort of dreaming of this moment, he always had a thing for flexible girls. he thought that they were really elegant and just so bendable. You could say that Dave was sort of obsessed with the flexibility skills some girls are having. In some way, he would like to tell Anna about his obsession with her passion but he always thought that it was weird and that it could ruin their friendship. For now, when she was going to stretch in the same room as him he had to keep it cool and not let her know that he was so obsessed with it. Off course he was able to look at it but he did not want it to look weird or something. A few minutes later Anna returned in a sports outfit. She wore black tights and above that she wore a neon pink crop top. When she walked into the room Dave noticed her immediately. He thought that she was beautiful and on top of that, he never saw her doing any stretches whatsoever so this was a moment he looked forward to. He did not know what to expect only that he would be so distracted that he needs to keep his composure. ‘I am ready to start the workout, do you want to pause the movie for me?’ She asked. Dave paused the movie and could not help is but watched how one of his best friend was stretching herself. First, she pulled out the black thick yoga mat and after that she began. First of she started with the hips. Anna did a set of twelve lunges. After that, she went into the frog pose and hold it for 10 seconds. Dave was already noticing that he could not get his face of her. After another frog pose it was time for the splits. She started with the right leg forward and laid her torso next to it on the ground. She did the same with the left leg forward. Anna did a middle split with her stomach laying on the floor and looked at Dave. Dave was busy with his phone she thought. Truth was that he was really hard trying to pretend that he was busy on the phone, but in fact he had already lost it. When Anna did a scorpion she noticed something was off about Dave. She noticed that he was acting weird towards her. His eyes where all over her but when she made the slightest of eye contact all of a sudden the eyes of Dave were gone. It was like Dave did not want Anna to see that he was looking. Halfway the stretching routine Anna noticed that dave was acting really weird and he asked what was going on with Dave. ‘Dave, what is going on?’ ‘I don’t know, is there something wrong?’ he replied. Well, you seemed a bit off like you are distracted by me and the stretches that I am doing’. Dave knew that if he told her the truth he could jeopardize their friendship, and over what. Over one single obsession of Dave? Dave would not give in. ‘No it was something I read on my phone, something a friend send me. Dave could not keep this up and Anna stopped the routine and sat next to him ‘Dave what is the matter, what’s up?’ Dave was nervous and he collected all the courage he had and he came clean to his best friend about the obsession he had and about how beautiful she was while she was doing the stretches. ‘Promise me you won’t laugh at this and you won’t judge. okay?’ Dave said to Anna. I have an obsession with flexibility, I am not flexible myself, far from it, but I just really like the skill that some people have. Actually, I would love to learn it but I never had the courage or the real motivation to start learning it in the long haul. You are really flexible and every time I look at girls who are flexible I don’t know it's just so mysterious. Can I ask you something, Anna? Can you learn me some things or learn me some stretches that I can improve my flexibility? To be continued…