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Are you a creative writer? Then send me your contortion story. It could be:
- Made up
- Real experiences
- Fantasy
- Unreal or abnormal
- Erotic
- Fetish
IMPORTANT! The story must have a flexibility and contortion theme. Your story can be written in German, English or French. It should contain more than 1000 words. Each new story will be rewarded with a free (month’s) membership to Zlata.de
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Open Invoice

I have been a bailiff (someone who collects money when a bill is not paid) for many years now, and most of the time it is a good job, I have had several close calls with people being violent, but on the whole the people I call on understand it's my job. A few weeks ago I had to call on a woman who had not paid for a car she brought, so I had to go and either get the payment or reclaim the car. In the grand scheme of things it wasn't a lot of money, about £600 but she said she could not pay it. We sat and had a cup of tea to try and work something out, she said she was desperate to keep the car and needed it to take her kid to school. She was a single mum and her daughter was only 5, but her school was quite a long way away and she said she couldn't get there by bus and her daughter also went to gymnastics which again she couldn't get to either. She got out a photo album of her daughter, hoping I would give in and leave but I couldn't do that as it was my job. I was looking around the room and saw several certificates for gymnastics, "Your daughter is good?" i asked, "no, there mine" she replied. It turns out she was a rhythmic gymnast and had won several competitions. She went and got another album with pictures of her and her team in, it was several years ago but she didnt look any different, still a hot looking girl. I was amazed how flexible she was, there were pictures of her doing standing splits, leaping in the air, her back bent and a foot touching her head, even in a triplefold with the biggest smile I have seen. "wow" is all i could say. "That's what I would like my daughter to do, so dont take my car!" she pleaded. "Look it's my job, but I'll be honest with you, it's not a lot of money - would you be willing to do something and i'll pay your bill so you can keep your car?" i said, i was taking a chance but it seemed to me that she might. "I don't sleep with guys I just met!" she said sharply, "no no no, you misunderstand me...... would you do some gymnastics?" I was starting to think this wasnt such a good idea. "OMG! sorry", she said, turning red. "what your saying is if i just do a routine, you wont take the car?" "routine? not really, I would just like to see you do some gymnastic stuff, thats all, I've always been fascinated by gymnastics and contortion, i've never met a really flexible woman before and i've always wanted to see it done close up" I said. "If thats all, i'll do it. where do you want me to do it? here? now?" she asked, seeming quite desperate incase I changed my mind. "why not?" i replied, hoping she would agree. "stay here and I'll be back in a minute" she said as she went off into another room. A few minutes later she came back in, she had changed into a leotard, the one she had used and kept from 5 years ago but it still fitted perfectly on her figure, I couldn't help noticing that she had no hair under her arms and hoped that she had carried on shaving or waxing her body as the leotard was cut quite high on the legs. "I need to stretch first" she said. She slid down into the splits position with great ease, then into a straddle, rolling her hips forward and bending her back, she got her head very close to her bottom,she then moved into the splits again, she laid her body down flat onto her leg, she was amazingly flexible still. "how good were you?" i asked. "i was fairly good, i was the most flexible in the group, for rhythmic gymnasts have to be really bendy, it's just about trying to get your body into impossible positions quickly and jumping about" she said with a laugh. As she spoke she laid backwards, her head almost touching her leg, "would you help, push on my shoulders please" she asked, I went over and gently pushed, "more" she said, so I pushed harder till her head passed her leg and touched the floor and her shoulder rested on her leg, her back was now folded in half and as i looked closely, i could see that there was no space between her upper and lower back. "That's amazing!" is all I could say, "I just try and relax the muscles, then i just seem to be able to bend in ways i shouldn't!" she said. I just stared as she swung her other leg back and then bent her knees, all the time keeping in the backbend, she ended up in almost a triple folded position with her head pressed hard against her bottom and her legs folded over and pulled tightly against her chest. She then sat up and with her bottom on the floor, she lifted up a leg and put it behind her head, "this is harder than a backbend.... to do properly anyway!" she said as she hooked her arm over her ankle, and forced her leg further down her back. She got her leg halfway down her back and then somehow managed to put the other leg over her head and slid that leg down her back, both legs were now wrapped tightly behind her, not just behind her head as most flexible people do. Both her arms were soon pulling on her bum and slowly she moved her head forwards and down, rolling into a ball, she pulled as much as i think was possible till her head was a couple of inches from her crotch, "now thats a party trick!" was all i could say, I didn't have to wonder anymore if she had shaved all the best bits as the crotch on her leotard was ruffling up, giving a great view. "ha ha, a few more inches and i wouldn't need a man!" she laughed. "that would be a waste." I knew I shouldn't be saying these things but the moment over took me. "Do you think I'm any good?" she said panting slightly from the exertion, "Oh hell yes, really good....... in probably every way, I think we should practice every day doing that, people would pay money to watch you in a ball, it's the most erotic position i've ever seen." I replied. "Like all things i suppose, doing the extreme poses it really hard, takes your breath away and needs lots of practice too, better if you have someone to help, but I don't have anyone now so the extreme positions will have to wait." "I'd always help you if you want, it's a shame if you really want to do it" I said, "I would like that, I'd love to get into the really hard core stuff again, it's a great feeling having your body forced father than you thought possible, a back bend is cool but getting it to fold is, well crazy! I used to be able to bend backwards and get so far I could kiss my back, I could even kiss my ......, oh thats another story" she said jokingly. At that point I had to excuse myself and ended up splashing cold water over my face. Since this first encounter, I have paid her bill, helped her with other money problems, been out clubbing too, where her she shows off her talents very well with high kicks, back leg catches and other crazy moves. we get on really well and I help her most weeks with contortion, which I have found out makes her (and me) very horny, the only thing she isn't trying much to improve on is the extreme frontbending - well she has me for that now. Ohhh and I might even be moving in with her soon too, you just never know where life leads you, or who you might meet tomorrow.