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Contortion Stories


Are you a creative writer? Then send me your contortion story. It could be:
- Made up
- Real experiences
- Fantasy
- Unreal or abnormal
- Erotic
- Fetish
IMPORTANT! The story must have a flexibility and contortion theme. Your story can be written in German, English or French. It should contain more than 1000 words. Each new story will be rewarded with a free (month’s) membership to Zlata.de
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Susi meets an old friend

Susi drove into the city. She wanted to go shopping for some relaxation. She is in luck and finds a parking space close to the pedestrian precinct. She wanders past the shop windows and stops at a large sports shop. She looks at the gymnastics shoes in the display for a long time. Inside the shop she found the shoes exactly in her size. She browsed through the rack of leotards and then pulled one out. It was a high cut golden mesh bodysuit with sleeves. She loves it and wants to buy it. Suddenly a man was standing in front of her. She could not believe her eyes; it was Peter her friend from schooldays. They had lost touch because Peter had moved to another city to study for 6 years before graduating. Susi bought her things and then they went to a café. They talked about everything under the sun. After an hour Peter had to go to an appointment. They arrange to meet up that evening. Susi bought some stuff for the evening meal on her way home. Punctually at 7 clock there was a knock at the door. She opened it and there was Peter. After they had eaten dinner and reminisced about old times, Peter became a little nervous. Susi asked him what the matter was. Peter was still hesitant but Susi persisted. He took a deep breath and asked her is she was still as flexible as she used to be. Peter always loved watching girls do gymnastics. If she was still as flexible, then he was in luck. Susi said, You`ll have to find that out. She had remembered his likes from before. You must help me out with two things which I really want to try. Do you promise? Peter made his promise. Susi went into the bedroom to change. Peter cleared the table and then sat down on the sofa. After half an hour Susi returned and Peter couldn`t believe what he saw. As she stood before him, words failed him. Susi was wearing her new mesh leotard, shiny leggings and her new ballet shoes. Susi cleared the coffee table and then sat on it. She placed her right leg behind her head and then asked Peter to help. He stood behind her, took her left leg and pulled it up behind her head as well. Susi had to steady herself with her hands so she didn`t fall over. Peter leant against her back and nudged her. She swivelled round a few times and then stopped facing him. Then she untangled her legs from behind her head and put them back on the table. Lying on her stomach, she began to bend her torso backwards. Peter was amazed and couldn`t believe what he was seeing. Susi finished with her head all the way down between her legs. She held this position for several minutes and then straightened herself out. Then she got up from the table and stood on it directly in front of Peter. Peter had never seen such a backbend in real life, only in pictures. But Susi was not finished yet. She took hold of each foot and pulled them up and to the left and right of her body so that Peter could hardly see her head when she was finished. Well, are you pleased? Peter nodded and kissed her on the forehead. After a moment he asks if he could try something out with her. He had seen a picture of a girl who was able to push her foot so far down her back that her foot reached her buttocks. Susi agrees to the experiment but says that she isn`t sure she will be able to do it. Susi sits in the centre of the table, takes her right foot and places it behind her head. Peter stands behind her, takes hold of her foot and presses it carefully downwards. Susi begins to groan a little so Peter stops because he is worried. Susi says that the exercise is a little unfamiliar for her but wants to try again and will tell him if it gets too much. Peter began to push her foot down again very carefully. Susi is surprised how far she is able to go. Peter admires the result for a while. Susi tells Peter that she now wants to find out how far she can go with her left foot. Peter is really surprised but doesn`t wait to be asked twice! After 10 minutes, both feet are lying parallel with her back. Susi was showing the strain with beads of sweat on her forehead. Peter made sure she didn`t fall over. Peter, can you get my camera out of the second drawer. I want to see what my legs look like in this position. Peter circles around her taking one photo after another. Then her helps Susi to escape from her knot. Susi stretches herself and walks a few times back and forth. Then she sits on the sofa with Peter and takes a look at the photos. If I hadn`t just done that, I wouldn`t have believed it. After a while she puts the camera down and reminded Peter that he had promised to help her with something. Sure how can I help? Would you like me to get into a knot as well?!, Peter joked. Something like that! Susi stands up, goes to the curtain in the corner and disappears behind it. She returns with a plexiglass box and puts it on the table. I want to be able to get in it, but I cannot manage it on my own. And I haven`t found anyone I trust enough to help. If I manage to get in there with all the sides closed, I won`t be able to get out on my own. Peter is completely astonished. You won`t be able to fit in there! The box is far too small. You will see, said Susi as she opened a few catches, put the lid to one side and pulled the two halves apart. Then she stands in it and puts her feet into the two slots in the floor. She lifts the box just over her ankles, pushes the two halves together again and refastens the catches on the left and right. Then she unfolds the front and rear panels. In a moment you need to help me. Do you see the two holes here in the side panels? Shortly my hands will come through those holes, only on opposite sides the right hand through the left side and vice versa. You will have to pull the lid apart so I can get my head through. Susi crossed her arms behind her back so that the hands appeared on the opposite side. Then she curled her spine backwards all the way until her head appeared again between her calves. Peter pushed firmly down on her thighs. Close the rear panel now, pull my hands through the holes in each side and then lock everything. Peter closed the panel and pulled her hands through the holes as she had requested. He had to pull quite hard and Susi groaned a little. Now I want to go further, Susi says. Now for the front panel. That can`t be done. Your head is in the way, said Peter puzzled. Take hold of my pony-tail and pull my head back… Peter couldn`t bring himself to do this. Go on. I`m not made of china, She continued. Peter looked at the panel and shook his head. How do I fit the lid on? Easy. You take the lid, put your arm through the hole, take hold of my chin and pull it up high enough to put the lid on. Then you push the lid together with your other hand and lock it. Peter thought that what she was asking was impossible. I`ve already tried it without the box. I can get my head up high enough, said Susi to try to put Peter more at ease. Peter took the lid, stretched his arm through the hole and took her chin in his hand. He pulls and can in fact get her head up high enough to get the lid on. Then he locks the rear catch, pushes the two halves together and locks the front catch. He stands back and looks at Susi. He can`t believe what he sees. Is this a real person in front of him? How do you feel? I can`t believe that all of your bones are still whole. That must hurt? A bit, but it hurt more just now. I was not used to the stretch. But I feel wonderful. Peter grabs the camera and takes some photos. He is so fascinated that he takes photos from every imaginable angle. After a quarter of an hour Susi announced, That is long enough. I can`t stand it any more. Get me out of here. Wait a minute. I`ll lay you on the back panel so you can rest your feet. Susi seemed very puzzled. Peter turned her over and had to laugh. What`s so funny? Susi said to Peter. It looks so funny with you trying to wiggle your feet. How is it? Can you stay like that for a while? I can bear it for a little longer, Susi replied. He disappears into the hall suddenly. Where are you going? Susi calls after him. I`m still here. I just want to dress you up a little. Susi did not know what he meant. Peter came back in with something behind his back. He knelt in front of her feet and removed her ballet shoes. I`ll get cold feet, she protested. Peter reaches down to the floor and holds up a pair of high heels that he has taken from her shoe cabinet, and puts them on her. That looks better, he thought. He watched her feet as she wiggled them up and down and began to dream. Susi wrenches him back from his thoughts after a couple of minutes. Hey are you planning on leaving me here? Let me out now. Peter toyed with the idea of leaving her to stew for a little longer but he decides against it as he was hoping to see more of her. I`m going to stand you back on your feet and take a couple more photos and then I`ll let you out. After a quarter of an hour, Susi stands full-size in front of him stretching herself. She goes over to Peter, sits on his lap and hugs him. Thank you for not taking advantage of my situation. I knew I could trust you. She kisses him on the forehead. Peter is delighted, his dream girl sitting on his lap, but it was getting late and Peter unfortunately had to go. I`m afraid I have to go now although I would love to be able to watch you for longer. Perhaps we can meet again? At the door Susi asks him, What are you doing next weekend? I don`t have anything planned. Why? If you like you can meet me on Friday after work and then we can spend the whole weekend together. You can sleep here! Pete is completely gobsmacked. If you would like that, sure. Then until Friday, Peter.