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Are you a creative writer? Then send me your contortion story. It could be:
- Made up
- Real experiences
- Fantasy
- Unreal or abnormal
- Erotic
- Fetish
IMPORTANT! The story must have a flexibility and contortion theme. Your story can be written in German, English or French. It should contain more than 1000 words. Each new story will be rewarded with a free (month’s) membership to Zlata.de
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Bend in the night part 2

They left the club hand in hand it was a cold night and although Zlata wasn't wearing much clothing she didn't seem to notice in his presence. They walked down the main street under the brightness of the street lights and the full moon shinning down on them. They looked at one another from time to time and smiled making Zlata blush. Are you hungry? Zlata asked, The man smiled and said he was happy to eat if she was hungry. She felt complete trust with him but still thought it would be a safer bet to stay in the public eye after all she had just meet him! 'This place looks okay' she said as they walked into a restaurant. It was quiet as it was getting late in the night then were seated near the front window and were one of only two couples in the place, the waitress gave them a menu and left them to decide. 'I still don't know your name' said Zlata, 'it's Nick' he replied with a cute smile. Zlata picked up the menu and looked at the selection she was starving after tonight's performance, she hadn't eaten dinner because she didn't want to bend on a full stomach. 'I might have the pasta' she said as she looked down from her menu noticing he hadn't even picked his up yet, he was starring intensely at her. 'Not hungry Nick?' 'No i already ate but please don't mind me, order something' Usually Zlata didn't like to eat in front of people but she was so hungry she nodded and put in an order to the waitress. There was a silence as they both meet eyes Zlata wanted to ask so many things and talk to him but in the moment had forgotten everything 'do i make you nervous?' asked Nick 'A little' admitted Zlata 'I don't usually go out for meals with strange men I've only just meet!' 'Strange huh? you have nothing to fear with me i will not hurt you' Nick said there was a sincerity in his voice and somehow Zlata knew he was being truthful she felt safe around this stranger. They continued to talk and it flowed so easily he asked her questions about her contortion he was very impressed by her talent. She asked him many questions about his life and family but felt awkward when he replied he had no family but at least that ment he had no wife! He asked her if she had a boyfriend and when she said she didn't he was very surprised. 'How could someone as beautiful as yourself not have a boyfriend?' Before she could reply her phone started to ring she looked down it was Skye, she had been out with Nick for two hours and hadn't noticed the time! She answered the phone Skye sounded really drunk 'Where are you? i was worried you didn't answer my calls' Skye slurred 'Sorry i didn't mean to worry you i just down the road having food with a friend' 'Okay as long as you're okay, im calling a cab to go home where are you we'll pick you up on the way?' Zlata didn't want to leave yet she had already been here for two hours but it felt like five minutes. 'Don't worry about me i'll find my own way home' She said 'Okay txt me when you get home safe, love you bye' and then the phone hung up. 'Am i keeping you from somewhere Nick?' 'No not at all, besides even if you were i'd rather be here with you' He said smoothly. He was so well spoken and spoke as though he had been around for a long time. After talking for a few more hours Zlata realized how late it was and said she should probably get home. She called the taxi service but it was a busy time of night and she was on hold for ages, she gave up and hung up. 'I could walk you home, if it's not to far' Nick offered 'I'd like that' Zlata didn't want to end her time with Nick just yet and also didn't want to walk home alone these streets could be dangerous for a woman at night and Zlata knew her outfit even covered up was going to get her unwanted attention. They began walking home Zlata was wearing 7inch heels from her performance still as she hadn't planned on walking home even though her feet were starting to hurt she walked with confidence and ease. Even with her shoes on Nick was a few inches taller than she was he had a muscular build and dark eyes that matched his black hair. She was looking up at him when her heel got caught in a crack in the pavement her ankle twisted as she feel to the ground, it all happened so quick she knew she wouldn't be able to stop herself from falling and got prepared to fall by placing her hands out in front of her but before she hit the ground she felt the embrace of Nicks arms around her as he stopped her two inches from the hard ground. He lifted her up with ease as though she didn't weigh any more than a feather and they stood there in each others arms for what seemed like forever when suddenly Nick leaned in and placed his lips on Zlatas. His lips were cold and gentle on hers and they felt so good Zlata felt a shiver run down her spine as she moved in closer and kissed him back, the kiss became more passionate and as she opened her eyes she saw his were already open and looking right into hers. She smiled and broke the kiss blushing even more than before and realised they were already on her street opposite her house. 'I best get inside' she said 'i have another photo shoot in the morning'. 'When may i see you again?' he asked 'soon' Zlata smiled 'How about tomorrow night?, we can meet at my house and i will take you out from there' Nick suggested 'i'd love that, what time?' zlata asked 'As soon as the sun sets, i will text you my address' Nick took out his phone and they exchanged numbers he gave her a little kiss on the hand and thanked her for a wonderful evening then turned and walked away becomin gone with the shadows. Once Zlata had gone inside and taken off her shoes she sat into bed and couldn't wipe the smile from her face! He had made her feel like a love crazed school girl and as she fell asleep her mind ran with thoughts of him, what she would say to him tomorrow, what she would wear on her date. And slowly her mind relaxed and she drifted off to sleep. In the morning she awoke to the sun light beaming in at her through the window sill, she rolled over to see her alarm and realised she had forgot to set it and was late for her shoot! She jumped out of bed grabbed her things and hopped into her car calling the photographer on the way. Luckily for once he was also only just setting up as he had got to the studio late to, this would give her just enough time to do her makeup and warm up. The theme for today's photo shoot was a sexy vampire girl, she had big long curls and extensions that almost reached her bum dark smoky eyes and blood red lipstick, custom made fangs she wore on her canine teeth and matching black latex bra, stockings and panties with a transparent bat design on the bum. The first part of the shoot she did advanced back bends leaning back in a way only a vampire could, her head went between her legs with ease as she knelt down in to a triple fold. She did bridges, elbow stands and extreme over splits. The second half of the shoot they cover her in fake blood, they were shooting in a white studio and it became to slippery for her to do any standing tricks in her high boots so she tied herself in knots on the floor. At first she had a little bit of blood dripping down her lips and she open her mouth to show the photographer her teeth in a sexy way. Then they added more blood into her mouth and she let it spill out down her chest and onto her tummy giving the camera a sexy and evil look, licking her lips and rubbing the blood all over her body until she was basically covered. Then she lifted and placed both her legs behind her head and used her feet to push her head forward towards her exposed bottom she grabbed under her bum with her blood soaked hands to pull forward into an even deeper front bend and left two bloody hand prints on her skin. Zlata loved the feel of wearing latex and rolling around in the fake blood she was slippery and wet all over and sexy in her costume they shot for hours and hours although they had enough great photos and videos for her fans she was having fun. Acting sexy was easy for her today because she had Nick on her mind and was thinking about her date with him tonight. She realised she would have to start getting ready soon so they stopped the shoot and she jumped in the shower to wash off all the sticky fake blood. She sat in the studio doing her hair and makeup for the date while her friend packed up his photography equipment. It was winter so she wore a pair of light denim jeans that were tight and fitted her curves perfectly, a white bowse and a big warm fur jacket, she had taken her black vampire wig off and her natural blonde curls fell onto her shoulders. Zlata always had amazing style not only in her shoots but in her everyday fashion to and she hoped that Nick was still impressed seeing her in her normal clothing. Zlata was excited as she got into her car to go to visit Nick she put his address in her GPS and set out meet him. her GPS took her out of her home town and through the woods winding up a mountain, less and less cars went past her as she thought she may be lost. The sun was disappearing and it began to rain making it hard to see where she was going. All of a sudden the road turned from pavement to off road and her GPS lost signal, she began to panic she thought she would keep going down this road until she found a place to turn around and retrace her steps. Another few minutes driving down this road she saw no one nor any place to turn around and the rain was getting heavier and heavier making her more and more panicked. There was a loud bang as her front tire got punctured by a rock and swerved off the road, she hit a tree and the front of her car crumpled exposing the engine that began to steam and over heat. She sat there for a few seconds in shock thinking what was she to do she had no phone reception and it would take ages to walk up that road again to get help but she had no choice. She pulled her hood up covering her face and hair, grabbed her belongings and hopped out of her car to seek help. As she took a few steps forward she noticed through the rain Huge gates that were open and a driveway. As she walked closer she saw what the driveway lead to. A huge mansion awaited her and she could see the lights were on so she made her way to the house hoping they would have a phone she could use. When Zlata had finally reached the house she knocked on the large double doors and within seconds a handsome man opened it, shocked at the coincidence she looked up from under her hood and saw Nick! Relief ran through her and all of a sudden she was not so worried seeing the familiar face but she wasn't to know the danger that awaited her inside.......