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Dicipline of Indian Yoga Gurus

India has vast culture and the tradition to learn skils and get educated is through Gurus only. A student who wants to be the best in an art form or education has to go through hard training from the Gurus to be the best. All this training happens with least amount of equipment and infrastructure. This is a story of an Simple, Supple Indian girl who learned yoga from a Guru. She spent 15 years of her life training 8 hours a day. The day starts at 4 am in the morning when she has to be ready after doing her morning duties and having just a worm cup of herbal tea, nothing to eat. She then has to cook for the whole team, while they are eating she goes to a siclude area to pray and meditate so that her mind becomes strong and ready for the days training. After the team is done with the breakfast she has to do the dishes and make the kitchen and dining area sparking clean so that others can prepare lunch for the team. When this is done she dresses up for her long days training. The dress is two piece black yoga pant and shirt with her flat belly exposed. She goes to the training room and starts limbering up before her Guru comes in. Remember her stomach is still empty and she has had only a cup of tea. Slowly there is noise of the door lock, she new her Guru is coming in. She quitely sits down on the floor and starts to meditate. Her Guru enters the room and sits on his chair allowing her to meditate for 10 minutes. After ten minute he chants OM three times and stand up, marking the begining of her training. It is not 6:30 am. The girl dressed in a prety black yoga costume with her flat stomach showing she has not had eaten for almost 12 hours. The Guru starts reciting names of differnt asanas. In the first asasan she is sitting on the floor with folded legs, she breaths in and bend down until her fore head touches the floor. She stays there for 2 minutes and again comes back up. Now the Guru recite another asana and again she bend forward, but this time with the legs in middle splits. She bend down until her hands are stretched out above the head and her forehead touches the floor. This time the Guru calls two of his assistants and asks them to lift her leg up from the floor while she is still in middle split. The both legs are pulled 1 feet from the ground. They hold this position of her for 15 minutes. During this time here is complete silence. The girls is smiling but in pain breathing normally with her flat belly moving in and out with her ribs showing. Two minutes before the end of the 15 minutes, one of the assistant climp up her back with the legs still raised up in middle split, the other assistant with the command of the Guru raises her leg even further up this time the girl cannot breath, but the Guru shouted her and forced her to breath normally. Now the girl is in middle split, lying on the floor and both her legs are streatched so far they both the toes are facing the ceiling and 3 inhes away from touching each other. They held her in the position for one minute. The the girl is let free and the Guru asked her to lay down on the floor on her back and she is breathing heavily, you can see she is tried with her flat stomach breathing heavily and her ribs showing. After about 5 minutes of rest the girl is asked to lay down on her stomach, I could understand from the Gurus voice now to balance her streatch she will be doing some backbend. Its almost 45 minutes of training now. The girl lying down on her stomach, brings her legs and toes close to each other and puts her hands near her chest and raises up her head and start with the back bend. Breathing normally, she bends backward with ease until the back of her head touches her butts. She stays in this position for 10 minutes, at this time she is breathing normally. Now, the Guru signals his assistants, the assistant come to her and start raising her legs to give her even deeper back bend. With her head still touching her butt one assistant pushes her from the chest getting her backbend even deeper, now the back of her neck is touching the back, you can hardly see any gap between her back and her butt. From the other side, the other assistant raises her leg and bends them untill both the legs are on the other side. The hold her in this position for 15 minutes, the girls is in pain but still smilling and breating heavily. At the end of 15 minutes the Guru signals and the two assistant pull her with force, while she is still smiling. Now, her back is completely squized and her two legs are under her arm pits, the assistant lock her in this deep back bend, the girl is tired, but the Guru again signals the girl 15 more minutes. You can see the girl is not happy, but she is smiling, with all her ribs showing and her flat stomach breathing heavily. This marks the end of first session of the day. The girl and the Guru are now on the dining table awaiting there lunch. Usually, there is a two hour break after the lunch and the girl and the Guru go for strolling in the garden until the next session begins. The girl tells her Guru that she is very hungry. The Guru asks I understand but you have to make you mind strong. This time the Guru sends in a curved ball, and tell the girl that today there will be no break and you can only have a glass of Coconut water. The girls smiles and drinks th glass of water without saying a word. After that both the Guru and the girl go back to the traing area. The girl sits in front of the Guru in meditation for 30 minutes in camel pose so that she digests the drink she had during the lunch. The Guru signals her and the girl starts her streatching. She is so limber that while standing she can raise her one leg up and put it behind her head wihtout using any hands. She stays in this position position and starts jumping on one leg and takes three rounds around the training area and stands in front of the Guru. The Guru signals her assistants, they both come and pull her leg which was behind head, while she is standing further down, until the leg is beyond her butt. Then they both help her sit down and now pull her other leg behind the head, and even further until both her legs are totally twisted and streatched behind her back. Then both the assistant lay her on the floor with her face down. One of the assistant stands on her back bringing her into even deeper stretch. They let her in this position for 5 minutes. Then the Guru asks for a rope. One assistant brings the rope and the other bring the girl into sitting position while her two legs are still behind her back. The tie the rope near her panty line wth the knot of the rope just near her crouch. Then the Guru signals, the two assistant now lay her on her back, with the girl still in the deep human knot position. Then one assitant presses here legs from the knees on the floor and the other pulls her head up so that she is into a even more deeper front bend. The assistant who was pushing her leg down on the floor makes room for the other assistant so that he can fold her head even furhter such that her face is over the crouch. The girls is smiling all the time and breathing heavely. You can she the little layer of fat on her belly is now in small folds. Then the Guru give one more signal and the assistant pushed her further and deeper and asked her to bit into and hold the knot of the rope near her crouch with her mouth. Now, both the assistant let go her. Remember she is in deep pose. Both her legs are behind back and she is bend forward as she bits into rope knot which is very close ther pussy. She holds his position for 15 minutes. There was complete silience so that she can consentrate. In this pose she can barely breath. After 15 minutes she was helped out of her pose. The Guru asked her how was it pose. The girl full of sweat and breating heavyly, smilingly said it was great dear Guru. They gave her a sip of water. She lay down on the floor on her back with her hand and legs on the side. This marked the end of her days session. She requested her Guru for some food as she was very hungry, the Guru said yes she can have some fruits but only after an hour. She smiles covers herself with the warm wardrobe and goes to her room. At the end of the day both the Guru and the girl take hot shower and sit down to eat. At last she got food, but she new she cannot eat much as she again has to start her yoga routine in the morning and she has to remain in shape. After dinner she does all the dishes, cleans the dining area, bows down the her Guru. The Guru kisses her on the forehead and wishes her good nights sleep. -story by inspiremech