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Are you a creative writer? Then send me your contortion story. It could be:
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IMPORTANT! The story must have a flexibility and contortion theme. Your story can be written in German, English or French. It should contain more than 1000 words. Each new story will be rewarded with a free (month’s) membership to Zlata.de
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The Temple

One summer Yulia and her mother were walking to a local market and they happended to pass by a certain temple, when Yulia was suddenly transfixed by the sight of girl apparently in the nude in very tight backfold with her arms splayed out to the side in front of her thighs, with her legs stretched straight toward the ground supported only by her mouth on a timber pole over 2 m off the ground. She walked past open-mouthed as they continued on their way to the market. About 3 hours later returning home Yulia was amazed to see the contortionist still on the pole. "Look Mum, she has been in that position the whole time we have been shopping, how can she do that?" "Well", her mum replied "they are trained by the monks in extreme body control such as body temperature, breathing and disregarding pain." Excited, Yulia replied, "Mum I am really flexible, I could do that." "Don't be silly child,", her mum countered, "you are not that flexible and they need years of hard training, its not just fun you know, look how skinny she is, you are only 16 years old, you need to stay at school for a few more years and get married." On the way home, Yulia resented her mothers summation. She knew she was extremely flexible, and she determined that she would undergo the training no matter how difficult and become a contortionist at the temple. Every night after her mother went to bed, she contorted herself into a tight triple fold like she saw the contortionst doing and forced herself to hold it for longer and longer each night all the wile busily hatching a plan to run away to join the temple. A few months later everything was ready, and leaving her mother a note saying she had gone to live with her boyfriend in Romania, she arrived at the temple. She explained to the secretary at the gate that she was an orphan, and wanted with all her heart to join the temple and become a contortionist. She was invited in to see the head monk seated on a large stone throne. In front of the throne on small pedastal she saw a contortionist in a very tight triple fold with the back of her head and neck tight against her crux with her arms folded in front of her thighs and so though nude all her private parts were hidden and so appeared quite respectable. The contortist face was blank and expressionless and it appeared she had been in that position for quite some time. Her back was completely folded in half with her little waist imperceptibly moving in and out as she breathed and her ribs quite pronounced. She could see it was a very extreme fold because her head was actually pulled right through between her thighs and up above the level of her pelvis as she looked straight ahead. "Excuse me your holiness, this girl called Yulia has made a sincere request to be trained as a contortionist in the temple." stated the secretary, awaking Yulia from her analysis of the contortionist body. The monk opened his eyes to look at her, "my child, do you sincerely with all your heart desired to be trained in all the arts of contortion?" "Yes sir the Yulia" replied with certainty. "Are you willing to submit to all your arduous training without complaint?" "Yes sir," she replied, "the harder the better she replied enthusiastically." "What do you say, oh oracle of the divine", the monk incanted. For the first time, the contortionist spoke, "She is suitable my Lord, she will endure the hardest of training". Then I accept you for training, the monk stated finally, it will take five years, after which you will have the choice to leave if you wish, or to stay in service to the temple. Delighted, she exlaimed, "Thankyou sir!", with a big smile. Wow she had really made it here she happily thought to herself. She was shown to her room and was delighted to see a fairly large spartan room with a large table in the centre with various straps and devices which she suspected was for contortion training and was a narrow wooden bench beside it, a small bed beside the wall and a water fountain in corner. She joined the monks for one small meal of rice and vegetables each day at noon with the rest of the time spent in contortion training, and in learning how to control her body temperature and to slow her breathing to allow her to hold very difficult positions for much longer. She was delighted to see her body continue to increase in flexibility allowing her to form more and more extreme quad folds with her shoulder completely through between her thighs. It was very exhausting and at times painful, but she endured it all with a smile and without question as she was so happy she was finally achieving her goal. A few weeks later the head monk visited her. "We have been very happy with your progress Yulia, you can now progress to the next level.I give to you this gold chain to place around your waist and golden bands for your ankles and wrists." Yulia noticed the gold bands had little hooks on them which she suspected was to lock her in certain positions. After the head monk had left, other monks arrived and removed her bed and left a fairly small bambo box about 300 cm square lined with a white sheet. "I will take your clothes now Yulia, for the more rigorous training which will now be undertaken continuously in all your waking hours they will only be an interference," the secretary said matter of factly. Respectably Yulia complied until she was standing completely in the nude. "As I said," the secretary continued, "you are expected to train in all your waking hours on the bench, or you can sleep in the box provided it is in a quad fold as further training." "Thankyou secretary." she replied humbly. The next day, the monks arrived at 6am to continue her training in splits, front and backbending, stopping only 1hr for their meagre lunch before continuing the training until midnight, with sometimes up to 6 monks stretching and contorting every part of her body into more and more extreme positions, which they would then hold for quite extended periods, sometime even hours at a time. The narrow bench was probably the most rigorous training she had to endure. She would go into a triple fold supported by her chest on the narrow bench and then one monk would pull hard on her wrists and the other monk would full back on her ankles until her shoulders were pulled completely through between her thighs. Her thighs now pulled back past the vertical with a third monk pressing her pelvis down hard completely folding her back and forcing her bottom hard down onto her shoulder blades. Often they would then tie her in this position with straps turn the lights down and then leave the room and close the heavy wooden door. They often would also tie her pelvis hard down hard with a large strap around the bench, and clipped her gold bands which were around her wrists and ankles onto a metal track on the side of the bench, which was calibrated so they could monitor her progress. Her nude body strapped helplessly to the bench in these extreme positions with her ribs protruding but pressed down hard into the rough wooden bench and not knowing when the monks would return, whether in 2-3 minutes or 2-3 hours. But she had now learnt to put herself into a trance and even though the weather was now fairly cool and without covering, she felt complete peace and happiness while tied in this extreme position. After her training finished at midnight, she squeezed herself into the small bamboo box using a quad fold and sleep for a few hours using the breathing control she had been taught. This training continued 7 days a week, month after month but with each passing week Yulia felt that more and more she was becoming at one with her body, truly feeling her essence as a contortionst, with her body able to deform like rubber into any shape without pain or effort and to hold the position nearly indefinitely. She knew she was nearly ready for her final test to become worthy to reside beside the head monk for consulting during the day and so be absolutely devoted in service to the temple as one of its contortionsts. This position required her to be able to reach any bodily position the head monk dictated at the time, possibly with the assistance of the monks, and to remain in that position for as long as required. To be completed.