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Are you a creative writer? Then send me your contortion story. It could be:
- Made up
- Real experiences
- Fantasy
- Unreal or abnormal
- Erotic
- Fetish
IMPORTANT! The story must have a flexibility and contortion theme. Your story can be written in German, English or French. It should contain more than 1000 words. Each new story will be rewarded with a free (month’s) membership to Zlata.de
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The Chinese communist party military branch had put out word that they were holding trials for suitable girls to be covert operatives. All gymnasts, acrobats and contortionists in china were encouraged to attend and due to it being such a great opportunity for young girls to escape poverty over 1000 candidates attended. The girls anxiously waited for their opportunity to show their skills and hopefully be accepted into the program. Suddenly, the head of Chinese military intelligence, Major Li, strode into the room. "We are very pleased to have so many candidates keen to serve their country and give China victory over its enemies." Li intoned. You will be expected undertake your training in order endure whatever hardship is necessary in order to fulfill your mission. Everyone ready to continue?", he asked casually. "Right," continued Major Li, "Firstly we need very petite girls as we specified in the briefing sent to you. So only those girls under 42kg can move into the next room after being weighed on this balance." Major Li, strides into the next room, but only 355 girls make it through the weighing. Xie knew this reqirement and had been fasting for the last three weeks to make sure that she was under the weight limit. She came in at 41 kg, so she was quite pleased with herself. After fasting for the first week she was able to forget about food and so kept fasting for the following two weeks leading up to the audition. In the next room, Major Li, next asked, "does everyone know the rupple bend?" "Right, does everyone see this bag?" and Major Li held it up to everyone to see. It looked liked the size of a small bag used for carry on airplane luggage. Major Li continued, "You will need to be able to fit into this bag in a triple fold and after closing the bag you may need to remain inside for some time." After the hush of disbelief had passed around the room, Li continued, "In order to fit into such a small bag you will only be able to wear a small bikini on missions and so everyone may as well strip down to this now." After the clothes had been collected at the back of the room Major Li continued. "Right, so in order to complete the next test, would everyone form the quad fold on the floor where you stand. We need your head and arms completely through in front of your thighs, ok please enter the bend now!", ordered Li. Xie had been practising hard for weeks to achieve this bend, she first pulled her head and then arms through between her thighs and and then splayed her arms out wide in front of her thighs. This, of course, was a very difficult fold and after inspecting all the girls, most were sent out of the room. "I am very impressed girls," said Major Li, "18 of you can achieve this." "Ok, we need to reduce the field a bit further, so lets make it a little harder, girls, while staying in the quad fold stretch your arms backwards, around in front of your thighs and back towards your tummy and my assistants will help you grab your hands together. This is a fold you will all need to master and so we might as well start now", Li stated flatly. Xie stretch her arms back as far as she could, and she felt the rough hands of the assistant pull her hands together behind her tummy and she held her hands as tight as she could. "Ok, 8 of you left that can achieve this fold, good.", stated Li, "My assistants and I will leave for a few minutes and we will be back shortly." With that, Major Li strode out of the room and Xie could hear him walking away down the hall. Xie was straining as hard as she could to hold the extreme Rupple fold. 5 minutes passed and she was struggling hard to breathe and hold her grip. The walls had mirrors all around the room and she could see her back tightly folded, and she started to study how her buttocks were pressed hard into her shoulder blades with the back of her head pressed back hard against her crotch with her arms wrapped around her body and held tightly around her little tummy. She could see her ribs protruding quite distinctly in the mirrors as well as her tiny waist and she felt a surge of pride that she could achieve such an extreme position for China. She took her mind off the torture her body was under by admiring all her ribs protruding after weeks of fasting and the extreme bend of her back and extreme and somewhat grotesque stretching of her arms and legs. She felt a surge of pleasure go through her as she saw just how tiny and shrunken her little waist had become. She knew her parents would be so proud of her serving her country like this. Five minutes had now passed, and some of the girls had given up, saying that Major Li had obviously forgotton about them, as they couldnt be expected to hold such an extreme fold for this long. Xie sensed though this was part of the test, and so desperately held her hands tightly together across her tummy. 10 minutes now passed, and forgetting the pain and discomfort she forced herself to hold on. 15 minutes...maybe the girls were right, Major Li had forgotten? No! Hold on, she told herself! She was a contortionist after all! This is who she was! The other girls had left now, just the three of them were left in the room, struggling along together in silence. In order to take her mind off the agony coursing through her body she starting admiring her body in the mirrors and enjoyed watching her protruding ribs desperately expand and contracting desperately trying to suck in a minimum of air. She also started to enjoy watching in the mirror as her little bony body spasmed and shook in agony. 20 minutes passed...Just as she was about to lose consciousness, still trying to distract herself by watching her little body squirming in agony, Major Li walked in. "Well done girls, and good 3 girls still left. We only want 2, so we will wait a bit longer until another one of you gives up!", he stated somewhat excitedly. Xie desperately kept focussing her mind remembering what her father, who was a respected bhuddhist monk, had told her about concentration. Her mind was a blurr on the edge of consciousness, seeing in the mirror her ribs protruding, her body desperately flexing to main enough oxygen, she felt a surge of pride that she could serve her country like this. Finally lathered in sweat due to the struggle the girls were in, Major Li finally said. "OK girls! well done! it looks we might be taking all three of you!" "Relax! You can stand up now.", we said with satisfaction. All three took several minutes to slowly unwind themselves and recover before finally being able to stand up. "Well done, all three of you will can now be trained as covert operatives." Li stated finally. "Now, you will be expected to fast before every mission in order to achieve a weight under 40kg, and you may need to remain undercover where you might not have food for weeks and be expected to hold extreme positions for as long as needed." "If any of you do not think you are up to it, please leave now.", Li stated finally. The three looked at each other, after what they had been through no-one was about to give up now! "Ok, then firstly, in order to remove all identifying marks, your clothes will be burnt and your uniform from now on will be just a bikini in order to expedite training." "You will now firstly need to reach your ideal weight under 40kg and be trained mentally to endure even more extreme contortions and possibly go without food for extended periods." "Starting from now you serve China only and report directly to me and your first mission will be in 5 weeks." OK, follow me to your training quarters!", Li ordered cheerfully. To be contd: The contortion angels of China.