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Every day I travelled on the under ground to work. During rush hour the train is always packed and you have to stand very close together. On the daily journey you get to know certain faces, even if you don`t know them personally. One day I was bored and looking along the train and saw a beautiful blonde at the other end. I fancied her at first sight and tried to move towards her. But this was not possible in the overcrowded train. Unfortunately she got out at the station before me so I didn`t get a chance to speak to her. The next day I saw her again on the train and managed to move a few metres nearer to her. I usually entered the train one door further back, but one day I had the luck to find the blond standing right beside me. I wanted to speak to her but my courage failed me. She smelt fantastic, but she didn`t take any notice of me. She was also engrossed in her magazine. I tried to see what it was about. I could only see the first four letters of the title CONT but I couldn`t decipher any more. There was also a person on the front cover. I memorised what the magazine looked like and went after work to a newsagent. After a while I found it. My eyes got wider and wider as I leafed through the pages and my jaw nearly hit the floor. I saw one flexible woman after another showing off their mobility. I was fascinated by their abilities and would have loved to get to know one of them in real life. Then it struck me that of the blond on the train read such magazines that she might be a contortionist herself. If not then she was obviously equally fascinated by such abilities and more flexible than normal. Another week later I woke up with a purpose in mind. I had a day off. Usually I slept late and then lazed about my room. But not this time I got up at the normal time and took my normal journey. And I saw my blond again. I got off at her station and followed her to see where she would go. After barely ten minutes she went into a multi-storey building. Unfortunately she disappeared into the lift so fast I could not follow. I had to make do with the floor index by the lift. There were about 20 white signs which gave information about the companies and businesses in the building. Among them there was also an agency called KAUTSCHUK. At the bottom of the sign there was an internet address. I went home and immediately got on my computer to find the agency`s site. After only a few clicks I could see that like the magazine it was all about extremely flexible women. Amongst the pictures I spotted my blond. She could bend her body in an incredible way. She could get into all kinds of strange poses and positions. There were several more galleries of her on the site. As I continued to view, I found out that her name was Heidi and that she was the owner of the agency. They had 15 girls on their books who were all as flexible as Heidi. They were also looking for new members that could come to the exercise studio four times a week. This was located in a large gym near my home. I couldn`t let this opportunity pass. I imagined that Heidi would look better in motion than in multiple pictures. I went along to the gym and started looking for the studio. I didn`t want to seem like a peeping Tom or rubbernecker, so I found a gym machine next to the room and started my exercises. Eventually my blond arrived with four other young women with stunning looks. All of them were wearing shiny, skin-tight costumes which emphasised their fantastic figures. First the ladies warmed up. They stretched their flexible bodies in unbelievable ways. If they were already this flexible during warm-up how much further would they be able to bend in full action? After a good half an hour, Heidi gave a signal and the warm-up came to an end. Now each of the five ladies concentrated on their own exercises and worked on their presentation. One lady, completely encased in black latex, lay on a mat on her back. Slowly she took her right leg and pulled it up towards her head. She stretched it past her head and then put it behind her left shoulder. She did the same thing with her other leg until she was lying in a human knot on the mat. Now a partner helped out and took hold of her legs. She pulled the knot tighter and tighter. First she stretched the left leg and then the right past the shoulders and on down behind the back, only stopping when they reached the hips. I had never seen anything like this before. Time seemed to slow down. I was completely entranced by what I had seen. Then, however, I switched my full attention to Heidi. She looked even better in her costume a yellow latex workout top and high-cut yellow latex briefs. Heidi stepped onto a pedestal. Unlike the lady in black, Heidi performed all her movements very quickly and jerkily. In a fraction of a second she had bent backwards and placed her hands on the floor immediately behind her feet. But she only stayed like that for a moment, because I a flowing movement she pulled her body through her legs. She slid her torso all the way up to her hips. But she didn`t stop; just as quickly as she had bent herself into the position, she untangled herself and straightened up. She was just as flexible bending forwards. She leant forward and pressed her torso flat against her legs and a moment later, pushed it through between her legs. Again Heidi immediately disentangled herself. These exercises seemed only to have been play, because two other ladies joined her on the podium. They carried a small Plexiglas cube which had small dimensions. I could not tell very clearly from my distance but it can`t have been more than 25cm in each direction. What would happen now? I had an idea, but found it hard to believe it would be possible. Heidi bent her body backwards until there was no gap between her body and the backs of her thighs. Then she bent her knees and knelt down. Then she pulled her body through between her kneeling legs into an extreme triple fold. The two assistants opened the top of the cube. Then they took the folder Heidi and put her into the cube. Although she was already in an extreme bend, they still could not quite close the lid. This didn`t worry the female assistants because they simply pressed the human bundle into the box by brute force. After a while they managed to make her fit. Heidi filled every millimetre of the cube. I was completely gobsmacked. How could a human being fit in such a small container? But I couldn`t believe what the assistants did next. They closed the lid and left her! In the middle of the room was a small cube with Heidi in and everyone seemed to treat it as absolutely normal! The minutes ticked away 10, 20 30; and still Heidi was locked up. I sat riveted to my machine and stared at the cube. I couldn`t believe what I was seeing. Then someone winked at me from the fitness studio not the lady in black or her helper and not the two assistants. It was unbelievable that the whole time Heidi had been in her prison she had been watching me. I was a little puzzled and probably started to blush. After an hour the other ladies released Heidi and helped her out of the cube. She did a few more stretches afterwards and then headed in my direction. Was this unbelievable creature really coming over to me? What should I say to her? Why had she winked at me? I flushed hot and cold. My face felt like it had gone a deep red. She was just a few metres away now as she strode purposefully towards me. Did you like what you saw? she asked. It was a few moments before I could get a word out, but finally I managed to stammer a quiet yes. Have you got overheated from being on that machine so long? I wasn`t quite sure what Heidi meant by that. How had she deduced that? How did she know? How should I take that? I wanted to know. Well you`ve been watching me for weeks on the underground. Did you think I hadn`t noticed? There are loads of people on the train, but if you see the same face every day then I remember it. And I also noticed that you followed me. I was acutely embarrassed and probably went even redder. Is it a good thing or a bad thing that you noticed me? Heidi smiled at me, so the answer was no longer necessary. She invited me for a coffee in a bistro on the next floor. We both went upstairs and sat at a table by the window from which there was a great view of the city. But something else interested me more right now! You haven`t answered my question yet, said Heidi. Which question was that? Did you like what you saw? I told her that I was fascinated by such bendy and flexible people and they captured my imagination. Up until now, I had only been able to see this on the television or in magazines. I had never met a girl as flexible as Heidi before. She smiled proudly. We talked for a long time about her abilities. I found out that Heidi was born with these abilities. Whilst most contortionists had to work hard on their flexibility, she didn`t need to. She could contort at a moment`s notice. My body seems to be some kind of anatomical miracle. So far I have not met or heard of anyone as flexible as me. And how did you come to this agency? I learnt that Heidi had been under contract with an agent. But contortionists were not very popular which disappointed her a lot. Also these acrobats seemed to have a rough ride. So she had wanted to concentrate on contortionists and create an agency that would deal solely with them. Since then she had attracted 20 contortionists onto her books. They prepare their shows together, train together, and generally help each other out. If someone gets an idea for an act that they themselves aren`t able to do, they offer it to one of the other acrobats to whom it might be more suited. So they all benefit from each other`s ideas. And who looks after the boss? Who helps out? My best friends do that. You saw that they helped me earlier! We did not notice the time passing. Only when the waitress dropped a friendly reminder, did we emerge from our deep conversation. I walked with Heidi back to her fitness studio. As I went to say goodbye, she had a request for me. From our conversation, Heidi had found out where I lived. She asked me to take a package to the Post Office just around the corner. That was not a problem. She said I wouldn`t have to wait too long as she would get the package quickly. After scarcely 10 minutes, not Heidi, but one of her assistants came out. She was carrying a packed up ball which was bout 30 cm across. Where is Heidi? She`s in the shower but says she will touch base with you in the morning. Have fun. I was a little surprised but could live with that. The ball-like package was fairly heavy and after a while became quite difficult to carry. I was looking forward to getting home. Finally I made it back to my place with my arms feeling like lead. I wondered what was in the package. Should I open it? No, I couldn`t do that because the package belonged to Heidi and not me. So I left the package alone and sprawled in front of the TV. After an hour or two I was suddenly startled by something. What was that noise? Or perhaps I had imagined it? Then I heard the noise again. It was coming from the corner where I had put the package. Something was moving inside it. So I went over to it, picked it up and set it on the table. Throwing caution to the wind, I unwrapped the package. In it, there was a transparent plexiglas ball with a 20cm flap in it. The ball was completely filled by a silver mass. There was not a millimetre of space free every tiny gap was filled. On closer inspection, I could make out an arm and a leg. There was a small note attached to the flap with the words Open catch on it. I followed the instructions, deciding to give it a go. At first, nothing happened. After a while the flap opened. Then out of the tiny opening squeezed a snake-like silver creature. I fell backwards and landed in my armchair. More and more of the creature could be seen, covered from head to toe in silver latex. Finally the ball was empty and the creature lay on the table moving like a snake and stretching on its belly. In a swift movement, it bent backwards. It didn`t seem to have any limits because it kept on stretching backwards towards the feet. The back was not just bent at one point but curved continuously from the head down towards the pelvis. The whole time there absolutely no gap to be seen between the upper and lower halves of the body. The back of the torso was completely flat against the backs of the thighs. What I was seeing was simply unbelievable. Suddenly, the legs parted a little and the torso dropped down into the gap and lay on the table. Both legs now bent at the knees and the lower legs were no pushed in the opposite direction. The legs moved away from the head until they were eventually rotated through 180 degrees and lying flat on the table at the opposite side of the body to the head. The head and feet had changed sides! A perfectly rotated body was lying in front of me in a position I would not have thought possible even in my wildest dreams. Just as quickly as the position had been taken up, it was suddenly dissolved. After a quick stretch out, it was now lying on its back. Quickly it pulled both torso and legs up. The met in the middle so that the torso was pressed flat onto the legs in a vertical position. Whilst this position had been achieved very quickly, everything now happened in slow motion. The legs parted a little allowing the torso and legs to continue on in their opposite direction. Slowly the torso moved through the legs and the legs continued down past the head. Gradually each part of the body moved closer and closer to the table. A fascinating frontbend that became ever more extreme before my eyes. Finally the legs reached the table and the torso reached the table the other side. Then the position was quickly released. I was so fascinated that an important question popped into my head: Who is this creature? It was now sitting relaxed on the table, raised both arms to its head, and slowly began to take the mask off. My personal gumby girl Heidi was revealed. I was totally gobsmacked. She couldn`t keep herself from laughing and was pleased that the surprise had worked. Heidi got up from the table and joined me on the couch. We chatted about the amazing things she had shown me, and also about other things that she was able to do. There is still something else I want to show you. She jumped off the couch and fished around in the packaging that had contained the ball. Inside the packing there was a catalogue. I can see you had this all planned beforehand, I suggested, with a serious tone. What do you mean? Heidi replied, with a mischievous grin on her face. Don`t tell me that it is pure coincidence that that catalogue is in the packaging! Of course it was planned! At first I wondered if it might be a catalogue with rubber sex toys. But Heidi wanted to show me something completely different. In the middle of the booklet there were pictures of rubber dolls. They looked very life-like. I`ve always wanted to have one of these dolls, said Heidi. They must be a great piece of equipment for a contortionist like me to have. Shortly afterwards, she told me that she had ordered one of the dolls. The ‘Gloria` modal was about 1.7m tall, exactly like Heidi. She had shoulder-length bright red hair and was covered in a yellow latex costume. The doll should also be really flexible and leave no wishes unfulfilled. I would love to have checked her out! Do you think you could tear yourself away from that picture? my neighbour asked me. I would like to ask you to do something for me. The doll will be arriving in the next few days. I`d like to give it to you to check out and see how close to being real she is. Why can`t you do that yourself? I wanted to know. I would be too biased. I would miss certain things or be too critical. Take it home with you and try everything possible with it. Bend the doll into the most extreme positions that you can find. Don`t hold back. To check all her limits, don`t be too shy or timid. And don`t worry if you are so rough that you break the doll. According to the manufacturer`s data that should not be possible. I was up for it. In fact, I was so looking forward to it that I could hardly wait for Heidi to call. A couple of days later it was delivered to Heidi`s agency and I went round in the evening to pick it up. Heidi was away on a conference, so she couldn`t give me the doll in person. As a precaution, I had borrowed a car from a friend as I did not know how heavy or bulky the package would be. In reality the parcel was bigger than I could have managed on foot. It looked like a bit of cutdown pipe. It was about 50 cm in diameter and 30cm high. I lugged the package to the car and made my way home. After I had managed to get it into my home, I had to rest for a while to recover. But I didn`t rest for long because my curiosity got the better of me. I couldn`t wait to see the doll. After I had removed the packaging, I saw a transparent plastic cylinder. It was difficult to make out what was inside. It looked like the doll was rolled up like a carpet inside the tube. I undid the catches, removed one of the sides and pulled the doll out. In the catalogue, Gloria had looked great, but in reality she exceeded my expectations. Her figure was simply breathtaking. Slim, narrow waist und unbelievably firm, small breasts. The face, completely covered in yellow latex, was like an angel. Her glossy red hair hung down to her shoulders. The whole body was covered with yellow latex, like the head. When I took the doll out of the box I had noticed that the body was very soft. It felt like I was holding a lump of rubber or modelling clay in my hands. I immediately doubted that you would be able to destroy the doll but I hadn`t tired anything with it yet. Perhaps the doll did have limits to her flexibility. The doll lay stretched out on the floor. I took the left leg and pulled it sideways and up the body. I accidentally twisted the leg and felt like it made a little crack. The doll seemed to have been equipped with joints. The leg seemed to have jumped out of the socket now so the range of movement continued to increase. I repeated the same thing with the left leg. Both legs now hung like floppy parts of the body of the doll. I did the same thing with the arms. All four limbs could be pulled in any direction. I turned the doll onto her side. I pulled the left leg up in front of the body and the right leg up behind it. Both legs lay completely against the body with no gap at all. I crossed the arms behind the body and use them as a chain for the feet. I had a rubber ball in front of me. I loved what I saw. And it awakened an unexpected urge in me. What as the doll still capable of? Before I carried on with the stretching, I decided to examine the object more closely. I made sure inspected every inch of the surface and the body openings. Everything looked incredibly lifelike. The manufacturer must have gone to great trouble. The eyes could not be seen because of the latex layer. The mouth looked very sensuous. There was even a button you could push to make the tongue move. The whole oral cavity and the tongue were also covered in latex. The vagina was accessible as well. This too I noted by careful examination was also covered in latex. After my examination, I wanted to get on with some more bending. I released the position and returned Gloria back to her starting position. She was lying stretched out on her back. I took her left leg and pushed it up to her head and then behind her back to the right shoulder. I did the same movement with the right leg so that a beautiful knot lay before me. But somehow that was not enough. I was sure the doll could go further. So I took her legs and pushed them further down behind her back. I managed to push them down to her buttocks with no problem. Now I bent the torso forward. By pulling with all my strength on her arms, I eventually managed to get them to reach her interlocked legs. I pulled the arms through the tangle of the legs and knotted them around the feet. It was unbelievable how supple this creature was. After a while a released the position. What else could I try? Purely by accident when practicing I had twisted the body a little. I realised I hadn`t tried this out yet so I twisted t he torso a bit like wringing out a towel. In no time the head was looking backwards. I continued to twist as I hadn`t felt any limits and very soon the head was twisted all the way round to the front again. Everything looked fine apart from a twist in the middle of the torso. The creature was bent by 360 degrees so that she was looking forward again. And still everything was fine. Did this doll have no limits at all? Still twisted, I bent the doll backwards in a really tight backbend. I lent her back so far that she knelt down and was then able to pull her torso through between her legs. The result was a sensational triple fold. But I didn`t stop there and continued to pull the torso even further through the legs. More and more of the torso came through the legs. Then I pulled on the feet so that the bend became even tighter still. I tied the arms to one end of the table. I went round and attached the rear part of the body likewise to the other end of the table. You could still make out the outline of the doll. But it needed a second look as the first impression was of a twisted yellow mass. I was really please with my work of art and didn`t want to release the position yet. So I left the doll stretched like this overnight and went to bed. Next day I was keen to see the creature and examine my handiwork. I counted myself very lucky and was pleased with what I had managed so I still left the doll in this position. As I was about to leave the room, I heard a woman`s voice say, Are you satisfied now? Never in my life had gotten such a fright. I spun round but couldn`t see anyone. Everything was just the same as a few seconds before. Had I really heard a voice or just imagined it? Probably the latter. But when I went to leave the room again, the voice returned. Are you satisfied now? Again was startled and wondered who was in the room to say that. There was only me and the bent doll. I went over to the table. Was that you? Well who else? was the curt reply. You don`t recognise me. I`m Heidi! Now I was absolutely gobsmacked. After I had recovered from the initial shock, I dropped down to the table and wanted to remove the restraints. What are you doing? I want to release you. But before I could begin the task, Heidi protested strongly. Are you daft? I have never been stretch to such an extreme and don`t want to be released yet from this position. Okay. I didn`t need telling twice. I took a couple of steps backwards and admired more closely this work of art. It had been great fun bending a doll to such extremes. But to have done such dislocating and knoting with a real live woman gave the whole thing an enormous turn-on. I went towards Heidi and slid my hands over her flexible body. It was an unbelievable experience to feel the bent and stretch parts of her body. Tenderly I caressed her everywhere and I noticed that my doll seemed to be enjoying it. Then I climbed on the table and knelt in front of her head. I had undressed in the meantime and was now able to be pleasured by Heidi`s mouth. The smooth latex covered tongue was an incredible feeling. More and more the gentle movements drew me towards a climax but I stopped in time. I didn`t want the pleasure to be all one-sided. So I now pleasured Heidi and we both climaxed a little while later. Shortly afterwards I removed the restraints and watched appreciatively as she slowly twisted her body back into a normal position. In the future we played out such scenes more and more frequently. She always seems to come up with new surprises for me and still does today.