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Are you a creative writer? Then send me your contortion story. It could be:
- Made up
- Real experiences
- Fantasy
- Unreal or abnormal
- Erotic
- Fetish
IMPORTANT! The story must have a flexibility and contortion theme. Your story can be written in German, English or French. It should contain more than 1000 words. Each new story will be rewarded with a free (month’s) membership to Zlata.de
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A Girl from Omsk

It was a dark cold winter afternoon in a Siberian city of Omsk; Olga was going home in tears. She caught her husband, a local school coach, cheating on her with one of his students. Olga taught Russian and Literature at the same school. For sure, it was the worst day of her life, as that evening she was planning to tell her unfaithful husband that he is going to become dad. Olga was a twenty eight years old woman with strait blond hair dropping beautifully on her shoulders. She had big grey blue eyes. She was 170cm. tall. She had never been involved in any kind of sports or ballet, so her body was absolutely untrained. But it was perfect in any sense. Her waist was so thin and her legs were long and beautiful. She liked to wear black skirt from silk and black stockings up to the middle of her hips. She was anybody’s dream woman, only that she didn’t know that as she was very modest and down to earth girl. Igor was the only man she had been with and she loved him and couldn’t imagine the life without him. As she was going home, she heard somebody calling her, “Olga! Olga! Wait! It was Tanya, her best friend since they were kids. Tanya was the same age as Olga, she was rhythmic gymnastics coach. She was a tall girl 177cm. a blond haired gorgeous looking girl. Tanya was in the national rhythmic gymnastics team for years. Nowadays, although she works only as a coach, she keeps training, so she doesn’t lose her flexibility. In fact, she managed to improve her flexibility over the years, and she keeps training to see, if she does the impossible. In the city of Omsk, there is the biggest center of rhythmic gymnastics in Russia, so almost every girl in this city was involved in this sport. “Olga, wait! You ran of like crazy from the school today. I know what happened. Let’s go to my place to have some drinks and talk. Don’t argue you’re coming with me! Olga didn’t have any power left to argue, she wasn’t thinking clearly. They entered Tanya’s flat, took of their coats and boots. Tanya said “Go to the living room, I’m coming. The lights in the room were dark and the place looked relaxing and romantic. While waiting, Olga found a remote for the stereo, she turned it on. The music was slow and relaxing, it was the kind of music to invite your lady for a slow dance. Few moments later Tanya entered the room holding a bottle of red wine and two wine glasses. Only that Tanya changed her clothes. She wore the pink rhythmic gymnastics suit. She had special grey warmers on her long legs, the ones that ballerinas use when warming up. “I hope you don’t mind if I do some stretches while we talk�� Tanya said. She spread her long legs and went down slowly until she was sitting in a straddle split. Then she put her elbows to a small table in front of a sofa, where Olga was sitting. “It’s Irina, my student from rhythmic gymnastics. I knew about everything, but how could I have told you about it. You’re my best friend. “I still don’t understand. Why would he go with another girl Is it because she is younger then me Olga replied and dropped few tears once again. “Olga, your husband goes crazy when sees girls bending. Men like it when women are limber. And Ira is probably the most talented one in my class. She can sit on her own head without any warm up, it’s really amazing. Olga stopped crying for a moment and asked curiously, “Is it possible to sit on your own head Tanya smiled back. “Look. Tanya pull her endless legs together, stood on her knees. Then she said “I’m going to need your help. Then she bended backwards, making her way between her legs from behind. Tanya pushed her head and arms through her legs. Then she said to Olga “Grab my hands, put your feet on my hips. “Very good, now start pulling! Olga was amazed “Are you sure! “I said pull! Olga pulled her arms, but there was no limit. It seemed like Tanya is made of rubber. When Tanya’s head and shoulders were already beyond her knees, Olga simply left her, jumped back to sofa and said “You’re nuts! Tanya put her elbows around her hips, while sitting in an extremely tight triple fold, and smiled. “Believe it or not I‘m enjoying being folded like that. I sleep like this. And she smiled again. For a moment Olga forgot the reason they gathered. She suddenly stood up, went to the other side of the room, where there was more space, pulled her silk skirt up and started to slide to a straddle split. Tanya couldn’t see her very well, as she was folded, and it wasn’t that easy to unfold so quickly. “Wait! What are you doing! Tanya knows that it can be extremely dangerous to do a split without any training. But Olga continued to spread her leg sideways very quickly. Olga had a strange smile on her face, it seem like she wasn’t thinking clearly. When Tanya unfolded herself as quickly as she could, she found her friend Olga sitting in a perfect straddle split. Olga couldn’t speak; you could see the dizziness from pain in her eyes. It was clear that she damaged completely her joints by doing this stupid thing. “How are you Tanya asked. “Can you get up Olga looked at Tanya and said, “It hurt me so much, I was going to faint, but I feel like I can go further. “You destroyed your joint you silly girl! How could I let you do that! “Wait! Please! Can you do something for me please I’m begging you! Can you pull my right leg further up I want to see how it feels Tanya looked at her crazy friend for a while. Then she approached Olga from behind. Olga’s beautiful legs were in a perfect straddle split, the black thin stockings were up to the middle of her hip. You could see her sensitive skin of her legs as the tiny thin silk skirt was on her gorgeous waist. Tanya came from behind, grabbed Olga’s left hand with her left hand, bended forward and grabbed Olga’s right leg. When she pulled carefully, she realized, there was no resistance whatsoever. Tanya pulled Olga’s beautiful right leg higher and higher. But there still was no resistance. When Olga’s leg was pointing to the sealing, it was a clear 270% straddle split; Tanya asked Olga with fear in her voice “Don’t you feel anything Olga looked up to Tanya. You could see no emotion, literally nothing on Olga’s face. Suddenly Olga said, “Thank you Tanya, I need to go now. “Olga, you’re not going anywhere! We are going to call the doctor right now, because I’m afraid, you did an inevitable damage to your self Tanya didn’t know that Olga was in a condition that she didn’t care about her health, she didn’t care about her life either. She had no point to live; she lost the only man she loved. Olga got up with much effort. She couldn’t hold herself strait, and then she headed to the door. She ignored Tanya completely. When Olga eventually left, Tanya called Igor and said that, Olga isn’t thinking clearly and she might do something stupid. Olga entered her flat, locked the door from inside, so no one can open it from outside, even if he has got the key, dropped her clothes off. She was already drunk, only from a single glass of wine. It is not that difficult to lose control when such thing happens to you. She took off her shirt also. Olga was wearing only her black stockings, her beautiful black silk skirt, and black underwear. She looked gorgeous as her long straight blond hair was dropping on her shoulders. She turned on the music, the same kind of a slow music, went in the middle of her living room. Olga looked around; there was no one to stop her from doing any stupid thing she might want to do to herself. Then she started to slide to a straddle spit again. She didn’t feel anything. Was it because her joints were completely cut off, or was it because she was drunk and broken. She sat like that for a while, than she suddenly thought something crazy. She got up, sit on her knees, like her friend did before going to a triple fold. But since there was no body to help her stretch she tided up her feet to a battery. She tided another piece of rope to another battery in front of her, to be able to pull. Then she started to go backwards, like her friend Tanya did. Only that she couldn’t even touch her feet with her head. Then she put the other rope between her legs and started to pull. It started to hurt Olga extremely, but she wasn’t thinking clearly. More it hurt her more she pulled. After a while she was touching her heels with her head. You could already consider that a nice backbend. But it wasn’t enough. She kept pulling the rope from between her legs. Her eyes were in tears, but these tears were not because of that pain, she caused to herself. She was in tears, because she didn’t know how to live after what happened. In this condition she could have easily kill herself, she was clearly suicidal. Suddenly she heard someone was trying to open the door, but it was locked from inside. It was Igor; he was shouting “Olga! Please open the door! I’m begging you! But Igor’s voice made Olga mad. She found more strength and started to pull really hard now. She started to scream, as it started to hurt her. Her head was already way beyond her heels. Then suddenly there was a loud sound of something cracking. It was Olga’s back. She went to an extreme triple fold, much further than her gymnast friend did earlier. She could put her shoulders to her knees. Her arms were holding that rope, while her legs were tied up to a battery. She was unconscious sitting in an extreme triple fold. Igor started to call Olga “Oh god! Please wake up! I love you! Olga started to wake up, she realized, she is in a bed in her bedroom, Igor is next to her saying to her “Wake up, honey! What’s wrong Are you alright Olga couldn’t understand anything. She was lying in her bed, absolutely healthy, and her husband next to her. “Igor, what happened�� “You were sleeping and you must have seen a bad dream. What happened there, in your dream Olga smiled back “Trust me, you don’t wont to know. Igor then took out a used pregnancy test “Honey! Is there anything you want to tell me about Olga was shocked, so not everything must have happened in her dream. She then got up the bed, stood in the middle of the room, wearing pajamas and spread her legs to a straddle split. She couldn’t do it of course; she had more then 20 centimeters to go. Igor looked at and said “Honey, you’re surprising everyday. Do you want me to fall in love with you even more I will teach you the right way to stretch. Don’t try it on your own. “I love you replied Olga.