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Contortion Stories


Are you a creative writer? Then send me your contortion story. It could be:
- Made up
- Real experiences
- Fantasy
- Unreal or abnormal
- Erotic
- Fetish
IMPORTANT! The story must have a flexibility and contortion theme. Your story can be written in German, English or French. It should contain more than 1000 words. Each new story will be rewarded with a free (month’s) membership to Zlata.de
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Zlata 'Bend In The Night'

‘That’s a wrap’ shouted the photographer Zlata smiled as she rolled up out of an extreme back bend with ease. It had been a long day of shooting splits, front bending and triple folds putting her body in all sorts of knots and she was glad to go home and relax. She had been shooting a sexy new set in her black latex lingerie and although she loved the feel of it on her skin she was relived to take it off and allow her body to cool down and breathe in some comfy cloths. It was getting dark outside the photographer offered Zlata a lift home but she declined; she wanted to feel the fresh air. She put her head phones in and started walking it was a cold, wet eerie night but she didn’t mind she liked it! As she walked further and further away from the lights over the main road she began to feel, Watched… She picked up the pace and looked over her shoulder every few seconds but there was nothing there. Maybe I’m going crazy she thought but was relieved when she had got to her home street. She still felt as though someone was following her so she stopped on a dark corner and put her back up against a nearby tree to put her out of the street light and sight. The night seemed to be dead quiet she couldn’t hear any cars, any talking or even any wind blowing in the trees. All of a sudden she heard a rustling in the bushes directly in front of her, she held her breath in fear of being heard and watched on in silence. She stood there for a moment but saw nothing just as she was about to continue her journey home she saw a shadow flash through the trees. It must just be a stray cat she said allowed feeling silly for being so terrified. She went to take another step forward and it happened again but this time coming closer to her. It was so fast and confusing she had no Idea of what it was, curious she walked towards the blur and it closer to her. She stopped under the last street light and heard a car screech around a corner behind her she turned to make sure it wouldn't hit her and when she turned back a man appeared, a tall dark haired hansom man. She jumped as he startled her he just smiled at her and immediately she felt safe like for some reason even though she did not know him he was not going to harm her. She stood there for a while staring at him she felt odd around this man, like she didn’t want to leave him suddenly a car raced around the corner behind her tooting as it almost hit her and splashed puddle water all of her pants. Startled she turned back to face the man who she had bumped into but he was gone! Soaked and cold she hurried home still looking over her shoulder every few seconds until she was safe inside. She couldn’t shake a strange feeling off that night, who was that man?, why was he in the bushes?, had he followed her home?. She put the extra bolt lock on the front door as her roommate was away for a few weeks and she felt a little scared. She continued her night as usual and lit the heater and ran herself a bath. She often treated herself to a bath after a long day shooting to relax her tired muscles. Cold, wet and home alone she started to strip off in the warmth of the heater her pants stuck to her and rolled up over her curves as she pulled them down exposing her bare bottom to the flames. She then pulled her jumper and singlet over her head in one motion as they stuck together. And walked towards the bathroom while unclipping her bra and taking it off. She stood there testing the water with a foot but it was still too hot, she had goose bumps all up her body and her nipples were getting hard from the cold. She just had to put up with the heat on her for a few minutes and then she could relax into it. The thought of that man kept running through her head and the more she thought about it the more she wished she had said something to him because he was really attractive! Any way opportunity lost she thought as she started to wash and shave herself. Being a contortionist had its benefits in everyday life too; she was easily able to lift her leg up and behind her shoulder as she shaved the back of her thigh. Contorting naked was a great feeling and being in nice warm water made her muscles super warm and relaxed and able to move freely. She then put her second leg behind her head to shave and the warm rush of water between her legs made her whole body quiver with pleasure. She loved the feeling of being able to bend with no clothing restricting her body it was an great feeling and something she often did when home alone. After she retired to bed and was trying to fall asleep she couldn’t get the face of that strange man out of her head and that night she even dreamt of him! A few days went by and nothing strange had happened at all. It was Friday evening and Zlata was at the gym with her friend Skye stretching and training together as they had a performance gig that night at a local night club. After they were finished they went back to Zlatas house to get ready. They were doing a doubles contortion act at a new fetish club, they both had on matching outfits transparent thigh high latex stockings with a black trim and line going down the backs of their legs and matching 8 inch platform shoes. Black latex panties, suspenders and bra with lace embellishments on also. They had matte blood red lip stick on and a dark Smokey eye and their hair was pulled back into a high pony tales. They loved to perform together Zlata was a much better contortionist than Skye but it was nice to bend with someone else because they could create lots of beautifully erotic shapes together that they couldn't do alone. Once they were ready to go they both put on long trench coats to hide their naughty outfits and to keep warm and hailed a taxi. The driver kept looking in the refection mirror at the two beauties they both giggled at him and when they got to the event he didn’t even make them pay for the ride. They were greeted at the back door by the club owner ‘thanks for coming girls’ he said as he showed them in to the VIP area where they could look down and see all the party goers below them dancing and drinking. ‘You’ll go on in 15 minutes, you can warm up down the hall’ he said as he busily walked away to deal with another matter. The girls were already quite warm but did a little bit of stretching to prepare, Skye needed to do something to settle her nerves she wasn't as used to performing as Zlata was but being on stage with her friend made me at ease. The club was filled with all sorts of fetish dreams latex, leather, people on leashes and even a spanking corner and even though Zlata had a long trench coat on all eyes were still on her beauty. It was time to go on and as they stripped backstage and got ready to be announced they felt a rush of excitement to be preforming in front of so many people. The music stated and they walked out onto a dark stage. The music built up louder and louder until the spotlight flashed on to the girls and the crowd went crazy with applause even though they were just standing there! They started their routine bending around each other effortlessly. It was a very sexy performance that seemed to go on for ever they helped one another into extreme positions lifting each other’s legs into over splits and helping each other get into sexy front bends running their hands along each other’s contorted bodies. Just as they were about to do their final tricks Zlata looked up to the balcony overlooking the stage and she saw a man looking at her not them, HER. She looked back for a split second thinking she may have known him then it clicked it was the man she had seen at night a few days ago! She looked up sharply and almost fell out of her position lucky Skye was there to stabilise her. They ended the routine in a doubles trick Skye effortlessly bent back into a bridge and Zlata grabbing the front of her knees placed her chin on Skyes tummy and kicked up into a chest stand, the crowd went crazy they had never seen contortion look so sexy! They left the stage and he friends asked her ‘what happened out there? I thought you were going to fall off the stage!?’ ‘Sorry I thought I saw something’ Zlata replied ‘Okay well I need a drink lets go’ ‘No I’m going to go freshen up, I’ll meet you later’ she said as she walked off. Zlata was walking around the large venue looking for the man but she couldn’t see and it was hard to move through the crowds. Skye yelled out to her she looked up to see her dancing in a cage above her and she smiled back and kept walking. People were grabbing at her and telling her how amazing her act was and asking her a million questions about it but she only had one thing on her mind, to find that man! She decided after looking everywhere downstairs she would go up to the VIP section again, she climbed the stairs in her monster heels and when she got to the top she saw the doorway had been blocked off by a rope and the lights on the VIP balcony were off. It must be closed she thought oh well ill look anyway I’ll be able to see everyone from up here. There was no one in the room as she entered but she walked over to the balcony to look and she couldn’t see him anywhere. ‘Maybe I’m going crazy’ she said to herself out loud, ‘you’re no crazy’ a voice said from behind her. She spun around to see the man standing behind her up against the wall half his face still in the shadow. ‘I know you, I mean I saw you the other day’ she said, he just smiled at her and it made her feel a bit shy. ‘You don’t talk much do you?’ said Zlata in a more clam flirtatious voice. ‘Sorry just admiring your beauty’ said the man confidently. His presence made Zlata feel strange she wanted to know more about him and be close to him even though she knew nothing about him it was almost as though she was hypnotised. ‘I’d like to know more about you’ Zlata blurted out feeling silly again, ‘Come with me then’ Said the man. Zlata looked over the balcony to see Skye drinking at the bar with some of their friends and thought she wouldn’t even notice if she was gone for a little while. ‘Okay, let me grab my coat’ said Zlata and they left the club hand in hand. TO BE CONTINUED