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Contortion Stories


Are you a creative writer? Then send me your contortion story. It could be:
- Made up
- Real experiences
- Fantasy
- Unreal or abnormal
- Erotic
- Fetish
IMPORTANT! The story must have a flexibility and contortion theme. Your story can be written in German, English or French. It should contain more than 1000 words. Each new story will be rewarded with a free (month’s) membership to Zlata.de
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Contortionist life

In a reportage on tv is heard a female voice. "Emma, the contortionist who lives in a house exclusive for contortionists, her daily life is a mystery, so I'm gonna get in her house and acompany her all day to interview and learn more about her contortionist life." Appears in screen a pretty girl wearing a skirt and heels. -Hi, I'm Margot, I'm not the usually reporter, but in this case they need me for my… -she raised her leg doing the split -flexibility! As you should know, in Emma's house only contortionists can enter, we're going to discover why. She approached to the house, it wasn't a normal house, it was like less than one meter high, no one could enter there standing. And there was no door, or not a normal door, there was some kind of drawer, Margot opened it and put her feet inside, then she bent her back until her head was between her legs and then she knelt down. She was inside the drawer with her head between her knees and under her body, the skirt blocked his view, she removed it with one hand and saw a lever, she pulled it and the drawer began to move into the house. Margot hardly fitted in the drawer, especially for her heels, maybe she shouldn't have weared this clothes. The drawer entered the house and Margot tried to stand, but while she was doing it, her abdomen collided with the ceiling, so she got out the drawer in backbend and decided walk in this position, with her hands and feet in the floor. There was a hallway with several square doors, she had been told that Emma's room was the third, so she walk in backbend to that door and entered to the room. There she found Emma sleeping on a mattress with her legs crossed with each other in lotus pose, that is, with each foot on the opposite thigh. When Margot closed the door, Emma woke up, turned to Margot and saw her. -Hi! -she said with a smile -It must be Margot. -Yes, I am -she replied. -Welcome to my home! I'm glad that someone is able to enter in my house. -Yeah, thanks -said Margot. -And what are we going to do? -asked Emma. -Oh, I'm going to see your daily life, you just act normal. -Well, I usually check my cellphone when I wake up. -Yes, do your stuff. She grabbed the phone that was in the floor next to the mattress, she leaned forward against her knees and started to used it, Margot was seeing in backbend. After a while, Emma get up and went out the room, but still in lotus pose, walking on her knees and supporting her hands in the ceiling. -Come on! -she said. She walked in lotus pose through the hall and Margot followed her in backbend, they came to the end of the hallway, where there was the kitchen. There only was a table and a sink at ground level, some cupboards, and a fridge placed horizontally; not even one single chair. -Do you want something? -Asked Emma. -Mhhh… a fruit or something light. -Ok, I have apples and bananas. -Said Emma as she opened a cupboard. -An apple is fine. Emma took out an apple and a banana, gave the apple to Margot, who keeped in backbend. She waited a moment, it seemed strange to her to have nowhere to sit, she didn't know if sit in the floor or what, so she was going to bit the fruit when Emma said. -You can use the table -she had a cereal box, a bowl and a banana in her hands and took out a milk carton from the fridge. Then she approached to the table, put the food in it, and also put her chest there, bent her back, left the lotus pose and bent her knees, putting her feet next to her face; began to pour the cereal in the bowl at the same time she peeled the banana with her feet, then she pour the milk and started to eat the cereal, after each tablespoon, she got closer to her mouth the foot with the banana and took it a bite. She continued like this until she finished eating, then she grab with her other foot a napkin in the table and passed it through her mouth. After a while, when they had already left the kitchen, Emma was showing each part of her house. -This is my bathroom -said Emma while she opens a door. The bathroom was a small room about two meters long and a little higher than the rest of the house, only with a sink and a toilet attached to the floor, above the toilet was two hooks together on the ceiling. -Do you sit on the floor to do…? You know -asked Margot. -Haha no -answered Emma - thats what hooks are for. -I don't get it. -Look- said Emma -or better, try it yourself. -What? -Come on, sit down on the toilet and hang your feet on the hooks. Margot did what Emma said, she went to the toilet, sat down on it and raised her legs trying to hang her. With her hands she got up off the ground, put her left foot on the right hook and the right foot on the left hook, leaving her legs behind her head; then she separated her hands from the floor and she was hanging. Margot started laughing and Emma said. -In that position you can do whatever you have to do. -You're crazy -said margot laughing - but I have to admit that it is comfortable. And another doubt, where do you take a shower? -Well, right here -answered Emma pointing the sink. -I'm not surprised anymore. -Do you wanna see how? -Show me! Emma put the plug on the sink and stripped out her clothes. Then she went into the sink, doing a triplefold to fit in it. She turned on the water to wet her entire body, grabbed a bottle of shampoo and put it on. Then she raised her legs and started to wash her hair with her feet. Margot, still dangling with her feet behind her head, was watching what Emma was doing, and finally understood how a contortionist lives in a truly contortionist life.