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When in Rhodes

Sipping on her welcome drink Caitlyn walked with her group through the hotel and did not really listen to what the junior manager explained. Her thoughts were with her friend Sue, who she had planned these holidays with for more than half a year and who now had to stay home for another week because her university access interview had been postponed due to the illness of a professor on the scholarship board. Sue had proposed the pink silk dress she was wearing now, which was buttoned down in the front and looked rather moderate. But the buttons were lavishly spaced intended to give easy access to Sue’s caressing hand during the flight and she had missed her company badly. Nevertheless she had decided to wear the dress on her sheer skin as a reminder of her friend. They had dieted and worked-out together nearly every day during their last year on college and without Sue’s endless motivation she would never have acquired the 21’’ waist and the well-defined abs she now sported. They had already passed the hall, the dining room and the bar, but Caitlyn had not even taken in the other new arrivals when they entered the fitness area. The words of her guide still got not through to her, but the guy she saw sweating at the butterfly machine through the glass wall made her thoughts return to the present. He wore nothing but a pair of Nike sport shorts with an elastic waistband and his rocking nipple piercings on the tips of his large pectorals made her unconsciously reach into her dress and play with her own 6ga. golden rings through the nipples of her firm round teacup breasts. After a few seconds she noticed the Greek junior manager staring at her but before she could start feeling embarrassed she had put down her glass on the parapet and was rushing down the stairs towards her room where she had left her suitcase half an hour ago. She had to reach the gym before he left – but what was she to wear? Her first idea was her modified red string bikini. Sue had proposed to cut off the string between the buttocks from the one around the waist, shorten it and fix it to a plastic cylinder of three inch in length and one in diameter, which was to be inserted anally. But would going to the gym in a micro bikini not be too obviously revealing her real intentions – even in a beach hotel? She decided to wear a white T-shirt for a top and that the bikini bottom was a must. Because the freed waist string now moved a little bit higher up, this outfit had the additional advantage of making her appear to wear nothing but the T-shirt if viewed from behind. Rushing back to the gym she was glad to see that the rest of her group had moved out of sight and that the Adonis was still doing his reps. Entering behind his back she slowed her gait, passed him as close as possible and walked straight along his line of view to the other end of the room hoping him to notice her seemingly bare backside. She sat down on the floor still not facing him and started some stretching routines. After bending forward with closed legs until her forehead touched her knees she increasingly spread her legs until she sat in a straddle split with her head touching the floor. When she moved her body sideways to change into a forward split she noticed him watching her while he continued to pump iron. Flashing him her brightest smile she proceeded to oversplit exercises and was glad to see him approaching her after some more minutes. She was just in a straddle split with both her feet on a box approximately 20’’ high and the first question that came into her mind was:” Would you assist me with my straddle oversplit please? Just press me down towards the floor.” “Sure”, he said, put his hands on her shoulders and started pushing gently. She felt her hip joints dislocating like she was used to but soon realised that the boxes were at least 5’’ higher than the ones she trained with at home. She was used to become aroused by the pain between her legs during extreme stretching and the sexy guy in front of her should have added to her excitement but she was getting much more than she had bargained for. Some of the strain must have shown on her face because he suddenly stopped pushing, but she said:” Don’t stop when things are getting interesting”. He resumed his pushing and she stared at his left nipple ring and concentrated very hard on keeping a smile on her face while the fire burning in her hips and legs became much hotter than she had expected and she was very relieved when she felt the floor under her buttocks and just managed to say:” Keep me there for a minute”. It became an extremely long minute for her and she was covered in sweat at the end of it. He pulled her up and all she could do for the next minutes was standing with her back braced against the wall . During the following conversation she learned that he was the windsurf instructor of the hotel and that his name was Stalis. Her damp T-shirt made her hard nipples and the rings that ran through them well discernable. When she had recovered enough to think of other parts of her body than her hips she lifted her arms high over her head and stretched herself as high as her 5’ 10’’ allowed, making sure that he got a good view of her six-pack and her tiny waist. Massaging the thin skin over her abs she could feel their ripples and made the small chains of her belly piercing swing. She was sure she saw some reaction to this in his shorts and though he made no attempt to hide it he quickly told her that there would be a party at the beach bar tonight and took his leave as soon as she had agreed to come. After he had left she went straight to her room, tore off her T-shirt, removed the cylinder, got into straddle position on her bed, because this always gave her an exiting erotic tingle, and, eager to reach the climax she had missed by misjudging the height of the boxes, started to play with her clit ring and to caress her soft and hairless labia. To undergo a laser hair removal treatment had also been an idea of Sue’s and remembering that she tried to imagine her fingers to be Sue’s tongue which had brought her to a series of shattering orgasms yesterday night and hadn’t allowed her more than an hour of sleep. Thinking better of it she reclined and used her strong abs to bring her legs, that were still in box split position, over her head. She went into oversplit and pulled her buttocks down till her tongue could reach her clit ring. Now she caressed herself into two successive orgasms, fell back onto the bed and into a deep slumber. When she awoke it was too late to go to the pool as she originally had intended and she decided to prepare herself for the evening. There would probably be a fair number of girls in tiny bikinis, so her red one was not really an option if she wanted to draw Stalis’s attention to her. Hoping to get some inspiration she stared to unpack her suitcase and soon she had in her hand another idea of Sue’s and just what she had been looking for. It was a triangular piece of raw silk which had two pairs of eyelets on a line parallel to one side and about one inch away from it. The distance between the two pairs was 7 inches which corresponded with the distance of her nipples. With the silk came a 6 ga rod of steel, 9’’ in length and with balls at the end which could be screwed on and off. By passing the rod alternatively through the holes in the silk and – after removing her piercings - through her nipples she could fix the piece of cloth on her breasts in a way that just covered her aureoles and had the third tip end slightly above her navel. The whole construction weighed more than three ounces, but her firm breasts didn’t show any strain or change in form. She smiled inwardly when she remembered the impressed faces of her friends at the pool party last summer when she had proved that she could carry a full one gallon water bottle with the piece of steel between her breasts. To complete her outfit she decided on her very low cut white silk jeans which ended on the convexity of her pubic mount and showed the tip of the crevice between her buttocks when she was standing. Dieting until her scales showed less than 8 stones had left her with a 33’’ hip and not a single grain of fat on her hip bones. Viewed from the front one could peek into the cavity between them and her pubic mount where some hair would have shown if she hadn’t plucked the few remaining stubbles regularly. Because the zipper was on the side and she had removed the lining from her jeans the remaining thin material didn’t really hide her ¾ inch 10 ga. clit ring. Shoes and underwear were considered unnecessary by her. She then started preparing herself with taking out her enema bag and applying a half gallon of warm water to herself. Being experienced in this she managed to keep it in for more than half an hour and to remain in a shoulder stand for the last ten minutes. When she emptied herself into the toilet afterwards not much came out besides the water, which wasn’t too surprising considering that, due to the stress caused by Sue’s postponed interview and the resulting change of their travelling plans, her diet in the last two days had, except from the welcome cocktail this morning, happened to consist of mineral water, a bottles of white wine and the occasional cracker during the flight. Nevertheless she proceeded to the shower, screwed off the head and the handle, adjusted the water temperature to lukewarm and fed nearly two feet of the shower hose into her bowels, rinsing them for at least five minutes. Then she screwed back the handle and head onto the hose, washed her naturally curly long dark brown hair and indulged in a cream shower. Afterwards she applied a good blob of body cream to her anal area and started on her make-up. Smiling into the mirror after she had finished she thought how beautifully her newly bleached teeth matched her tan acquired in her local tanning studio. Having dressed with some minor problems passing the rod through her nipples she went down to the beach bar. Reaching the bar she chose a stool in front of a Southern Comfort mirror and ordered that same drink. She pulled her long hair to the right side of her head and let it hang down in front of her, covering her right breast. This made the barman stare at her left one and made her appear from behind to wear nothing but her jeans which provided a good look into the cleft between her buttocks. Looking into the mirror she could overlook the whole seating area and watched several guys admiring her backside. She had just ordered her second drink when she saw him approach and pick up an ice cube from a glass on a deserted table. She quickly fixed her eyes on her drink and, being forewarned by what she had seen, just tilted her pelvis when the ice touched her neck to give him a good look down her back to make dead sure she was wearing no panties and said:” What a cool reception”. For an answer he dropped the ice cube, slipped his right hand into her jeans and said: “After what I saw this morning I was sure you could deal with a bit of ice”. He was still wearing nothing but the shorts he had worn earlier and in order not to lose the initiative she did what she had wanted to all morning, namely to slip her finger through his 1’’ 4ga nipple ring. She pulled him towards her and remarked in a tone as casual as possible: “If you already placed your hand on my ass without being given permission to do so you could at least oblige me by crooking a finger or two”. Her words were still in the air when she already felt two fingers entering her well lubricated anus. Knowing that his lodgings were far away near the hotel entrance gate she said. “My room is in the first block of bungalows over there”, and felt herself half gliding off the stool half being lifted off. They started walking beside each other with his hand still on and in her ass and she didn’t hesitate to push her left hand under the elastic waistband of his shorts to discover three things at once. First, that he seemed to be no fonder of underwear or pubic hair than she was; second, that there was a lot of metal on his dick and third, that she could not close her hand around his semi-hard-on. As ,what she took for an answer, two more fingers tried to push into her ass and succeeded after a few seconds of wiggling, it made her think that if he liked it rough he should get it that way. She rather pulled than steered him to her door by his dick, swiped her card which she had pulled out of her jeans with her right hand and, pushing the door open, dropped the card and turning round pulled his shorts down in one fluent movement. Stepping out of them he just managed to slam the door with one foot before she roughly pulled him by his dick into the space between the two beds, told him to keep standing there and placed herself a yard in front of and facing away from him. Going into a backbend she lowered her head until her mouth was level with his stiff member assuming this position to give him the easiest access to her throat and placed both her hands on his hips. Her display of flexibility together with his full view of her firm teacup breasts had the expected effect on him. Though he didn’t say any more than “wow” he started to pull at her nipple rod and his rod started throbbing. Viewing his dick with some serenity for the first time she discovered the metal on it to be a frenum ladder of 12 captive bead rings crowned by two 6ga apadydoes. Amazed she started to suck his glans with the two rings and took in more and more of his dick every time she pulled his hips closer. Though she tried very hard and had sucked many a guy to the hilt in the past, she had soon to realise that even when she was exhaling and pushing her tongue forward as much as she could she wouldn’t manage the last inch. Releasing his cock from her throat and grabbing it with both her hands she judged his now fully erect boner to be 10’’ long and at least 2’’ in diameter. Standing up she stripped out of her jeans, turned round and made him lie down between the two beds standing 1 ½ yards apart. She put one foot on each bed and lowered herself until she could impale herself on his mighty organ which now stood vertically into the air. She had just reached a normal straddle split position when the tip of his dick with the two apadydoes had already reached her g-spot and the first orgasm kicked in. It came so suddenly that she would have sacked right down to the bottom of his dick if the growing strain of the oversplit hadn’t helped her to go a little bit more slowly, but to feel every ring pass over her g-spot pushed her over the edge a second time when her bottom touched his pelvis. She felt her juices flow and didn’t move until she felt his hands touch her waist on both sides. “Yes, press them together until your fingers touch each other and then lift me up”, she said lifting her arms high into the air. When she could feel that all but his glans had left her she let her arms sink and just said: “Relax” and upon reaching his pelvic bone once more all she had to do was to stretch her arms into the air again to make him repeat the procedure and every time she had the fantastic stimulation of his frenum ladder scraping over her g-spot enhanced by the sweet pain of the oversplit strain. After some minutes she felt him to become more agitated and they both reached their shattering climaxes together. After a minute she had recovered sufficiently to be able to lift herself from his half flaccid dick and they both snuggled closely together on her bed. Resting her head on his chest she fell into a deep slumber musing that to wait another six days for Sue might not become such a dull experience as she had feared yesterday.