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Contortion Stories


Are you a creative writer? Then send me your contortion story. It could be:
- Made up
- Real experiences
- Fantasy
- Unreal or abnormal
- Erotic
- Fetish
IMPORTANT! The story must have a flexibility and contortion theme. Your story can be written in German, English or French. It should contain more than 1000 words. Each new story will be rewarded with a free (month’s) membership to Zlata.de
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Lana Part 2

Lana got up and led Jack by the hand to a nearby corridor with private booths along the side. "I can tell you loved my performance and I want to show you some new moves I've been working on. You're not like the normal men I get in here so I want to treat you" she told him as she led him to the end of a long hallway. At the end was a booth with a lower ceiling than the others. It had padded walls, a low padded workout style bench in the middle and a large heat lamp hung from the ceiling. "This is my special room" Lana explained. "I like the room warm as possible as it makes my body more supple. You sit down and I'm am going to change". Jack sat down and watched the beautiful red head walk into a changing room next door. After a few minutes Lana returned looking somehow even more beautiful than before. Her gorgeous red hair was now wavy and bounced as she moved. She was wearing a tiny white lace thong and matching bra and she had put on some red lipstick to match her hair and red heels. "What do you think" she asked Jack in her sexiest voice. He could barely speak as the heat lamp made her body look even more amazing, her flawless skin glistened in the orange glow. Lana had long legs that seemed to go on forever and curves in all the right places that Jack liked. "St-st-stunning" is all he could say. As the next song started in the club Lana stood in the entrance to the private booth and began to raise her left leg off the ground. She stared at Jack locking eyes and kept eye contact as, without using her hands , her leg raised up to vertical. Her heel pressed against the ceiling and she stretched into a straddle oversplit pushing against the floor and ceiling to stretch her flexible legs even more. She then leant her body to the left in front of her leg then way over to the right smoothly, holding her balance with her legs. She moved fluidly and erotically even in this stretched pose. She lowered her leg slowly and took up position just in front of Jack on the floor sitting upright. Lana raised both of her legs in front of her until she was able to hug them and bring them closer to her so both her body and legs were pointing straight up. Jack could not believe the view he was getting. He could just see a little bit of the white thong between her legs. Then, very slowly Lana moved her legs apart, inch by inch they moved towards the floor either side of her until they touched the floor. She was in a perfect split but her body was sat upright! Slowly and seductively she moved one foot then the other from this extreme split position to behind her head, her red heels tussled her wavy red hair. This woman was truly amazing, Jack thought. Lana then moved her body through the gap in her legs and grabbed tightly around her perfect butt. She wiggled around and pulled the knot in tighter until her legs were completely behind her head. "I love doing this" she whispered just loud enough that Jack could here. She was in an amazing knot position on the floor right in front of him and it did not stop there. She began to pull her arms tighter around her butt and bend her legs at the knee so the knot was brought even tighter. All this time she had kept eye contact with Jack and he could not look away. By now her face was just 40cm from the small price of thong material covering her private area, then 30cm, then 20cm. Without too much effort Lana kept tightening the knot until she was completely curled up in a ball, a mass of long legs and red hair shining under the heat lamp. She held this unbelievable knot for about 30 seconds then slowly uncurled herself. As she did so Jack noticed a red lip print on the front of her thong the same colour as that striking red lipstick she was wearing. She had managed to kiss her own crotch! "I hope you enjoyed seeing that" she said as she slowly stood up to her full height. By now the heat lamp had started to make Lana sweat a little and her skin sparkled from head to toe. Jack said "I didn't want it to end, you are the most amazing and most beautiful woman I have ever seen". She leant into him laying her full body on his seducing him with her every curve "I have more to show you" she whispered in his ear, "lay back". Jack didn't need to be asked twice and he quickly lay back on the bench. Lana danced around him rolling her body like a snake and spinning around so he could get a good look at every part of her. She moved so elegantly and was incredibly supple in her movements. She stopped at the point where Jack had been sitting where his knees now were. She leant over him and began to writhe up and down his whole body making him tingle like he'd never felt before. She stopped when they were face to face and rested her head on his shoulder. Jack noticed how amazing she smelt and had a wonderful view of her back and butt glistening with sweat in the light. She shifted her weight onto her chest, pressing her ample breasts into Jack and swung her legs up in the air, folding her back at the same time. Those amazing red heels came to rest either side of Jack's head and he admired the view. Slowly and purposefully she moved each foot from beside his head and until they were dangling below the height of the bench, her back was bending more and more as she did it and soon she was sitting on her own head. Lana was folded in half while lay on top of his chest! Jack could feel her breath on his neck, it was an incredibly sensual experience. Lana lifted her head up until they were face to face, noses nearly touching as she stared into his eyes. She parted her legs a little until her thighs were either side of her head. The bend got even deeper as her butt slid down the back of her head and she was now sitting on her upper back! Lana moved her arms into position where she could grab the front of her own thighs and began to push them back even more until her shoulders and upper body were completely through her legs, her spine was rolled up and contorted so tightly and she could now touch the floor with her heels. She seemed able to achieve this fantastic bend with very little effort. Still nose to nose with Jack, she smiled and let out a sexy little gasp as she lifted her feet off the floor slightly and began to push her legs back even more. Her body contorted as Jack got an amazing view of the kiss shaped mark on the front of her white thong and he could see sweat dripping down her overstretched stomach. She stopped when her legs had moved another 45 degrees and held this pose for over a minute. Jack was so amazed he couldn't speak, he had this stunning girl on top of him curled up the most unbelievable way, staring into his eyes in a sultry way that made him think she was enjoying this greatly. Lana began to untangle her body and her butt slid back up her back and over her head. Her legs parted into a perfect split and her back unfolded as she came to rest back lying on top of him. She stood up and span around slowly with a big smile on her face. Jack could still see the marks on her back where it was folded up so tightly and she sparkled with beads of sweat. He sat up and Lana came and sat on his lap. Her demeanour had changed from sexy, sultry and mysterious now she was smiling and laughing. "That was amazing" she said to him "other men I've done that show for have tried to take advantage, touch me or more." "I enjoyed it a lot. I've never seen a woman move like that, I'll definitely be coming back for more" Jack told her. "I look forward to it" Lana told him "I'll have to practice some new moves for next time, you will be my favourite customer". She gave him a kiss on the cheek and walked off into the dressing room not before giving Jack one last look and wink as she disappeared into the door. Jack knew he will be coming back for more shows like that and started thinking about the possibilities of this incredible woman. To be continued.....