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Contortion Stories


Are you a creative writer? Then send me your contortion story. It could be:
- Made up
- Real experiences
- Fantasy
- Unreal or abnormal
- Erotic
- Fetish
IMPORTANT! The story must have a flexibility and contortion theme. Your story can be written in German, English or French. It should contain more than 1000 words. Each new story will be rewarded with a free (month’s) membership to Zlata.de
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Irina Part 3

"Meanwhile it was already November. We had for some time been playing with my invention, but the sequence of events was quite similar every time Irina said one evening, if we don’t do something different. She was always bent in the same position. We had not tried bending her in an oversplit to see what she could do. I said that was something for us to think about but that I didn’t have any ideas at the moment how we could again combine both her hobbies. In the tub, if she did an oversplit then her head would be out of the water. She first changed her clothes and said that we could think about it while she warmed up. She was wearing a sports bra again, somewhat skimpier than the other one, and very short, skintight h otpants. Like the sports bra, these were made of the same material as swimming costumes and bikinis. I lover her super outfit, and that was before she started stretching! She warmed herself up and I watched. After half an hour, longer than she normally warmed up for, she asked me if I had had an idea yet. She said she felt really good today and wanted a really extreme stretch. I said that we could start with an oversplit with her freely suspended between two rings in the air, and then continue by hanging on extra weight. She agreed and we went back to my workout room. I first of all helped her to get into an oversplit between the rings. The feel of the fabric against her skin was very erotic. As I let go, she sank into a gentle oversplit of 190 degrees. I fetched some weights and began by hanging only 1Kg from a sports bag strap, not a rope as it would have cut into her leg. Since that made only a minor increase to the range of her oversplit, I immediately stepped up to 5Kg. Now you could see easily that she had sunk a little deeper and the oversplit had increased to 200 degrees. I asked if it hurt at all, but she said she had no feeling of it at all. I wondered to myself that if she could manage 200 degree oversplit without any pain, how much further she would be able to go! I hung another 5Kg weight on. She slipped a little lower but said: “Keep increasing the weight in 5Kg intervals.” I answered: “I don’t have any more 5Kg weights.” I could of course have taken two of the 5Kg weights out and swapped them for a 10Kg weight, but I wanted to see if she would agree to 10Kg intervals. She probably hadn’t thought about the exchange of weights and said: “Okay, let’s go up in 10Kg intervals, but please hang them carefully.” So I fetched a 10Kg weight and hung this on as well. I let the extra weig ht down slowly as her legs stretched further until eventually I had let go completely. She was now swinging in an amazing stretched oversplit with her legs almost perpendicular to each other in an oversplit of almost 270 degrees. I could tell by looking at her that she was slowly beginning to feel it now, but she didn’t ask me to help her – rather she wanted to free herself from this position. She just had to undo the strap, and the weights would fall down. To get out of the rings she only had to loosen the knot, which with two hands would be fairly easy. But she made no attempt to free herself. I observed her in silence. In such an extreme split the hotpants were pushed in further up, exposing more of her long legs. She looked really sexy. As the split was so deep, the hotpants were stretched taut; if they had been made of any other material they would have split. After a quarter of an hour she began to sweat a little, but still made no attempt to free herself. 5 minutes later, her face was covered in perspiration. After another 5, her face was absolutely dripping, making her look even sexier. She told me that I shouldn’t help her as she wanted to get out of this position herself; even if she was desperate I was to leave her struggling a bit. But I was not allowed to try any nasty tricks like the last time. I promised her but was secretly thinking : “ He he … you won’t manage to untie the knots on your own nor will you manage the belt.” A couple of minutes later, now completely soaked with perspiration, she began to try to free herself. I found it incredible that she did not want to give up because it was clearly very painful as you could tell from the perspiration. First she wanted to undo the strap but this was fastened behind her. I had intentionally placed this on her rear leg so she wouldn’t see me fastening it with a lock. But she didn’t despair yet as she still thought she could easily free her legs and then get the strap off. She leant forward on her leg to free her leg from the ring. Then she noticed that I had made a loop at each end of the rope and fastened it with a lock. Now I could see she was beginning to get a little desperate but she still didn’t say anything. She still had once chance. She raised her arms over her head and then bent backwards – no problem for a contortionist – and didn’t have to bend too far because her leg was already bent upwards. She reached the ring with her hands and soon realised that this also was locked. She said, “This sucks, I have no means of escape.” But I said, “Look down.” Now she saw that 15 cm below the lowest weight there was a pair of scissors and between the blades was a ribbon. She saw that the tape went up to the ceiling, over a hook, and hanging from it was a key. “That is the key to the lock on the strap. If you can manage to lower yourself far enough to cut the ribbon with the scissors, the key will fall down and you will at least be able to release the weights.” “I and how am I supposed to get down that far? I don’t think I can get down that far, and certainly not on my own.” “Well I could help you if you like by pushing your down?” 47;Hmmm… okay, let’s try.” I placed my hands on her legs and pushed. After I had managed to push her down 5cm she winced and I let her go again. She came back up the 5cm, but I could see fresh beads of perspiration on her forehead. “You already made it one third of the way down.” I could see that if I pushed her down far enough to reach the scissors, that she would have to be in an overplit of over300 degrees. “I can’t achieve that”, she said. I just answered, “Then I’ll leave you to stew for a while as you asked me to.” “You haven’t said anything for a while?” “No!” she moaned, “just forget what I said and get me out of this.” But I just stood back and said firmly, “No! Should I try pushing again? Do you want to try?” She nodded weakly, so I placed my hands on her legs again and it was such a great feeling. I told her to put her hands on my shoulders and push against them to help her get even lower. Then I pushed down again, 3cm above the scissors she pushed against my shoulders but I couldn’t ignore her groans so I let her go. She came back to the original position and I told her that she had nearly made it. Her whole body was covered in perspiration. She said, “Get me something to drink and I’ll try again.” So I fetched her a glass of water, which she completely drained, and she began to sweat even more. Her bra and pants were completely soaked and the sweat was just dripping off her. But she said, “Hopefully I can do it this time”, and placed her hands on my shoulders. Then she said, “Can you find me a gag, otherwise I might scream so loudly that the whole neighbourhood will hear.” This time I fetched a piece of cloth, because toilet paper would only get soaked. I stuffed it in her mouth and then pushed. Deeper and deeper, I could hear her stifled scream through the gag, but she didn’t let go of my shoulders – she really wanted to make it this time. I felt the weights touch the scissors and gave her one last push downwards. She pushed hard against my shoulders but the ribbon was already cut and I said, “You’ve done it!” I took the gag out of her mouth; she was completely exhausted. She said that the pain had was unbearable and that the position was too extreme even for her. I open the locks and took the weights off. She thought it was all over and waited there for me to free her legs but I just said, “You haven’t finished yet; before I can completely free you, you still have more to do.” She groaned and asked what. I explained that I had come up with something else that was connected to her hobbies. First a box is placed over her head with a watertight seal around her neck. Then the box is half filled with water so that she can’t breathe, but is also given a snorkel. She then has a choice to make. She could stay in her current position which was a very slight oversplit and then have to hold her breath for 2.20 minutes after I removed the snorkel. I could load weights back on the belt and reduce her required breath hold time by 5 seconds for every 5Kg weight loa ded. “Hmm…” she said. But I just asked, “so what is your choice?” She thought for a moment and then said, something that completely surprised me, 30Kg and 1.50 minutes. I was surprised because with 30Kg weight she would be forced as deeply into the same oversplit as before, and that had caused her to groan and sweat. But I said OK and brought the weights and the box. I put the box on her head and attached the weights. She groaned loudly and said she wanted the gag in again, but I put the snorkel in her mouth and said she wouldn’t need the gag under water. Then I filled the box with water and went it came above the height of her nose, I took the snorkel away and started the stopwatch. It really looked quite incredible with her in an extr eme oversplit and with a box full of water hung on her head. I waited to see when her stomach would begin to spasm, which was after about 50 seconds. I showed her the time on the stopwatch but she turned away sharply. I was not sure whether this was because of the pain or because of how long she still had to endure this painful breath hold. After 1.30 minutes the spasms were becoming really strong, the pain and the exertions were taking their toll. After 1.40 minutes things seemed to be going really badly. When the time expired, I opened the box and the water ran down over her. She was panting hard and I freed her from her position. When she had finished doing her exercises to balance out the stretch, again in her wet clothes on the wet floor, she said that it had been an incredible feeling even though the pain was really indescribable. I was delighted for her, but I also enjoyed it immensely. She went for a show and returned wearing her black catsuit. She said it was so sof t that she wanted to wear it again. When we went to bed, she kept her catsuit on and I could only think again, “Wow – what a woman!”"