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Contortion Stories


Are you a creative writer? Then send me your contortion story. It could be:
- Made up
- Real experiences
- Fantasy
- Unreal or abnormal
- Erotic
- Fetish
IMPORTANT! The story must have a flexibility and contortion theme. Your story can be written in German, English or French. It should contain more than 1000 words. Each new story will be rewarded with a free (month’s) membership to Zlata.de
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Irina Teil 4

this Story is only in German language. Google translated: A few years later .... meanwhile Irina had her talent shown to the public and she performed in the circus. They led before an ordinary Contortionnummer and shows all the possible characters that but everyone contortionist could have shown. They practiced for quite some time into the smallest possible vessels get inside and had perfected their technique. It fit now in a plexiglass ball that was relatively small, but still so big that they alone in and out came. One day they had the idea we could yet again play one of our games. You would have an idea this time. In the circus, there were a number with a 1mx1mx3m large water basin where a unleashing trick was performed. You said you could but first this pool to use their exact body volume to determine. She had 10 other Plexiglas spheres whose volume was always a little smaller even in relatively small increments. We could then try which of the balls we take. I said ok. She changed first. Today she wore a skin-tight leggings and a top that looked like a bathing suit, in which was missing the lower part, she was to just below the navel ... very sexy. I tied her feet first into the holder provided, because they should be placed headfirst into the water as in the trick, otherwise it would be boring. When I finished I pulled her up. I had a mark on the basin made to see how much the water rose and then to be able to calculate the volume. Then I let them into the water, it inject a little and I found that it was pretty cold, but anyway it's tough. I looked at how much the water had risen and realized that she has a body volume of about 55 liters. Since the pool of plexiglass we could see each other all the time. When she realized that I was done she showed up, but I just smiled .... they relaxed immediately because they knew very well what was coming and was annoyed already determined that she had agreed to head over to put into the basin. Meanwhile it was already a minute under water. I went to the various plexiglass balls and examined the fit out the. The volume was on it and I took the 57 liters, that should be enough. I went back to the pool, 1:50, I saw that they deliberately moving her abdomen caused, probably so I rausholte. I had but listened to her room and noticed that she had prepared longer to hold his breath. They probably thought I would have not let them so long in there because I did not know that she was Preparat and so they would endure without problems. But as I had learned from their preparations I just shook his head to show her that she did not make it so. She also heard immediately to intentionally make further, but the belly has moved noticeably. There were now more than 2 minutes and their situation was noticeably uncomfortable and she looked at me pleadingly. But I had the goal they set 2:40 authorize it. She had also told me about their preparations and wanted to trick me. After 2:40 I took it out then and she was naturally first completely at the end, but she felt I had really only just pushed to their limit quickly better. Secretly, I thought the worst for you is still the same. I left them but also first still hang and catch his breath. Then I took it down. They immediately looked to the ball and probably wanted to show any weakness. I just thought: oh well. The best fitted them with folded back, so the triple-fold in so they began to bend. It went quite well going but then I had to help her but. She said the whole time not a word. I pressed the last piece of himself in the ball, it was really hard, but it was also very exciting to force such a sexy body in such a small ball. Her back was now completely collapsed. Without years of training with our machine they could never reach such a position. When she came in there I shut the lid and shut him up. They now had no chance on their own to get out of the ball. I took a funnel to pass through a small hole in the ball was still fill water. Before I called in was concerned Stopping air, then I filled the last cavities of the ball with water. She was now literally squeezed in Triple-Fold in the ball, was surrounded by ice-cold water, had to hold the breath, and had no way to free himself. I imagined this feeling before pretty scary. Now I stopped up the hole and started the ball rolling mr turn a little. Then I had an idea, she was now already 30 sec. In the ball. I fastened the ball in a loop that hung on the design with which I had lifted up even earlier and lowered into the water. When I finished, I picked her up and swung it over the basin in about 1 meter higher than the water surface. 80 sec. To. Then I let it fall, she clapped on the water and sank slowly. When they arrived on the ground saw it already look very sexy. A good looking woman crammed into a tiny Plexiglas sphere that was completely filled with water and even lay in a pool of water. 1.40 min ago. Suddenly I realized with horror that I had made me do not worry about how I should get out of there again. I noticed spontaneously only one way. So I took off my shoes and got himself into the water. When I touched it with my feet I winced, because it was really cold. I took a deep breath and dove down and turned the ball first with the lid up. But then I went because of the cold water already the air out and I had to show up. I thought: Oh man in the cold so long the air and then also in such a position. Meanwhile it was more than 2 without air min. I dove back down and wanted to open the lock, but I could not. I had to come up first again. 2.20 and she was still down there. It had also intended to be extremely hard to bend at such temperatures, because if it's hot, it's more flexible and if it is colder it is determined the other way. I dove down again and this time I managed to solve the lock and open the door, but due to the fact that she was so pinched they did not come solely from the ball. I first had to again breathe. Meanwhile, the 2.40 grade were already exceeded min of. I dove back down and started out of the ball to pull. but I needed just before I had to get out so far that it would come itself further new air. Now, there were already about 3 min. I dove back down and managed to finally free them. She rowed frantically to the surface, gasping for breath. She relaxed first and remained only slightly too hard to come faster at the edge of his breath. It took almost 3 minutes until they again reasonably quiet breathing. Then we got out of the water. I immediately put on my not something dry, they. When I came back she said: "You coward". I was once again somewhat perplexed. They did not complain again. Then she said: "I have to be warm" so they did a handstand and then turned back by more and more until she came with her feet back under the armpits. So when folded they began, so to speak to make pushups. 30 pieces. I was totally amazed again. When she was finished she stood up and told her, although would not be cold, but we should stop for today. I asked with a smile: "Can you not?", And I knew that it would drop its hard to admit. She said that she could not go on well. I made her an offer. You should do the splits suspended between two chairs. And for every minute they can keep this I would massage them tonight. Since we had already tested this position and it might be thought a long time I said the additional difficulty is that they should not go more than 190 ° in the balancing act but has to keep up with their leg muscles above. Because of course she did not say no and looked immediately to the next opportunity. Relocate she wanted it again not what now but not too surprised. She made it for 14 minutes with plenty of effort. After that, it was really enough for one day and I carried her into the bedroom for their reward.