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Bent for Each Other 2: The Sri Lanka Position

Note: This is an original story inspired by “The Sri Lanka Position” by Robert Silverberg, which was published in the December 1993 issue of Playboy magazine. The main characters are original to me and are from my previous work, “Bent for Each Other.” Peter and Jun have been married for two years, but together in the U.S. for just nine months after Jun’s marriage visa and have moved in to Peter’s home in Iowa. While Peter has returned to his reporting at the newspaper, Jun found herself teaching at the yoga studio rather than at the local school district. It was due to the fact she came to America with the school year already underway. Instead of getting a full-time physical education position, the district put her in the rotation as a substitute. Meanwhile, Jun had persuaded the studio owner to include yogic contortion for those younger students, mainly those from 12 to 20, but a few older, who are advanced in their asana practice to learn how to take their bodies to the next level while still being mindful and spiritual in their practice. A new hobby Jun picked up in her short time in her new home has been attending garage sales. At first, it was curiosity while looking through a copy of Peter’s newspaper. She saw the classified section and saw all of the ads for rental properties, homes for sale, cars available, both new and used, and the different garage sales happening each weekend. Perplexed, Jun turned to Peter as they had their breakfast. “Pet-ah,” Jun said, utilizing her Chinese-Australian accent, “why do these ads say ‘garage sale’ when they’re selling clothing and other things and not a garage?” Peter let out a knowing chuckle. “Honey, those are called ‘garage sales’ because they are held in a garage. It’s how some people get rid of stuff they don’t want anymore while making a little extra cash.” “Oh. Maybe they’ll have some old books and stuff.” Jun then looks further. “Here, look at this one. ‘Children’s clothing to size 8, exercise equipment, vintage books, 80s and 90s videos, Friday noon to 6, Saturday 8 to 3.’ Maybe I’ll check this out after midday class and before the contortion kids come to the studio.” “Don’t go overboard. Remember, we’re trying to start a family.” “I’ll be careful, my Pet-ah.” On that Friday, the couple attends the early-morning boot camp-style class led by the studio owner, Linda Lewis-Lang. As they’re both certified teachers, Peter and Jun sometimes help Linda with the other students, and they’ll teach in her place a few times. Afterwards, Peter went home to prepare to go to work, while Jun remained to prepare for the next two classes, a 9 a.m. intermediate class that consists of stay-at-home moms and second-shifters and a noon class that caters to those wanting to get a good stretch or relaxation during the lunch hour. As they clean the studio for the 9 a.m. class, Jun turns to Linda: “Have you been to a garage sale?” “Often. I even hold one each year at my house whenever my kids outgrow their clothes. We also sell some of our overstocked merchandise here,” Linda replied. “I see. I saw there was a garage sale this afternoon that has a few things I might be interested in. Hopefully, there’d be some old yoga books or videos to get a few ideas. After the noon class, I’ll check it out.” After the noon class, Jun goes to the address in the newspaper for the garage sale and takes a look around. She sees a table with a stack of old books and VHS videos. One of the books has a title, “Yoga for the Overly Flexible.” “This will be a good reference for the contortion class,” Jun thinks to herself. She saw the price of the book was just $1.50, so she decided she’d buy this. Then she saw a very interesting video case nearby. It had the title, “The Sri Lanka Position.” She looked at the back and read a description of the video: “Journey to a new world where pleasure abounds. These techniques, combining yoga, tantra and other Eastern customs, will heighten your sexual energies and take you and your partner to placed you’ve never been before. WARNING: This video depicts images of a sexual nature. Extreme flexibility and strenuous activity is also involved. The producers of this video disclaim any injury that may be caused. Past practice of yoga or any flexible endeavor recommended.” Jun then inspects the box for a price. Two dollars said the tag. She then puts the video atop the book and continues to look around the sale. She hoped there would be some dancewear as well, but didn’t see any in her size, only those for young girls. She took the video and book to the table where the money box is and gave the owner a $5 bill. She took her change and returned to the studio. When she reached the parking lot, she dialed Peter to tell him what she bought. “A yoga book and what?” Peter said. “Some tantric video,” Jun replied. “We’ve done things like what’s in it since we’ve met. Maybe this can show us something more advanced, or at least give us more ideas. Do we have a VHS VCR?” “No. I got rid of my old VCR years ago when I got my Blu-Ray player. There’s a video conversion shop a couple blocks from you. See if they can copy it.” Jun went to the store as instructed. The clerk said they would be able to do it, and be private about it. It would take about a couple hours, and would do it for $15, which includes the disk and a reproduction of the old video tape cover on the DVD case. She then returned to the studio to get in a bit of a solo workout before the yoga contortion class comes after school lets out. She goes to the women’s room to change out of her street clothes, including taking off her bra and panties, and into a matte silver spandex catsuit with stirrup feet and finger loops and lined front, much like what she had worn during her performance days, except what she wore on stage were much more elaborate and had full feet. She then rolled out five mats side-by-side. She’s been considering taking up artistic yoga, maybe enter a few competitions, but wanted to get herself settled into her new, American life first. After doing a few simple sun salutations to relimber herself, she gets into her workout. She starts by wrapping her left leg around her right, hooking the left foot behind the right calf, and combines it with her left arm wrapped under her right, hands meeting, making a classic garudasana, or eagle pose. She then bends herself backwards, keeping her legs wrapped, until she can touch the fingertips of her wrapped hands onto the mat behind her. She then unwraps her hands and sets them onto the floor into an urdhva dhanurasana variation. Then, she untangles her left leg and raises it into the air for eka pada urdhva dhanurasana, one-legged upward-facing bow pose. Afterwards, she kicks her right foot up and brings the leg alongside her left to create a handstand, and then bends her back to bring both legs straight overhead, letting her butt meet her head. She next bends her arms to set her chest to the floor to create a chest stand, or salabhasana, setting her feet on the floor ahead of her head. She follows this with folding her legs and bringing her feet to either side of her head. She then brings her arms between her knees and pulls her head and torso between her legs into a triple fold. She pauses in this pose for a while, feeling the sensations of this advanced contortion move. She closes her eyes, and a memory floods her mind of her last performance. It was as part of a trio, her and her two best friends from the Chinese State Circus, Yi Qin and Chan Ling. They were all wearing shiny silver footed catsuits bedazzled with white rhinestones in tiger-like stripes. They were doing a triple Marinelli bend, with Jun in the middle tier, Qin, the smallest of the trio, on the top and Ling below. Somehow, the support of the top mouthpiece snapped, and Qin fell right atop Jun and then tumbled onto the stage. Jun’s back became hyperextended. Ling was able to get out of her extreme unsupported backbend by putting her hands on the floor when she saw Qin hit the stage and felt Jun’s legs contact with her stomach. She was able to flip herself over and catch Jun before she could get further injured. Ling then went over to Qin, with Jun following, clenching her back. Unfortunately, the fall broke Qin’s neck, and she died instantly. The emotion of the night caused Jun to cry out. “Wèishéme, Qin! Nǐ wèishéme bìxū sǐ? (Why, Qin? Why did you have to die?)” It was just then that Linda entered the studio. She saw Jun in her triple fold crying. “Are you OK, Jun? Are you hurt?” she inquired. The question brought Jun back to reality. She looked at Linda’s puzzled expression, and then wipes away a tear. “Oh, sorry, Linda. I had a flashback of my last contortion performance, when I hurt my back and one of my partners died.” “How long have you been in that fold?” “I don’t know. Probably several minutes. I was just letting myself linger here for a bit before I do a Mongolian push-up.” “What’s that?” Rather than explaining, Jun moves her hands to under her shoulders and hooks both feet behind each shoulder and then pushes herself up to a backbending handstand, then lowers herself to touch her chest to the floor and repeats 10 times. “It’s a common contortion strength builder,” she said. After that, Jun unhooked her feet and whipped her body over and slid herself into a front split, right leg forward, and bent backwards to grasp her left leg and lie on it. She then came back upright and shifted herself into a straight side split facing Linda. “So you are OK then?” “Never better. Just getting a bit of a stretch going before the contortion kids get here.” The class went by smooth, with Jun helping the students with drop backs into urdhva dhanurasana as the peak of the class, along with some work on oversplits. During instruction on that element, she asked two of the students, Daphne, a 13-year-old who is also in gymnastics, and Lisa, her mother who was a professional dancer and wanted to retrain herself, thinking about getting a spot on “America’s Got Talent,” to assist her. Jun placed a bench in the center of the room and had Daphne and Lisa pull her legs to the sides. “Now remember, everyone, only go as far as you can feel a good stretch,” Jun warned. “You can linger in the stretch, and if it feels like the sensation is going away, you can go further, but don’t overdo it. Injuries happen that way.” She then opened her legs to just past parallel, hanging about two inches below the bench, which is a foot high. “OK, girls, push down gently.” Daphne gingerly pushed down on Jun’s left foot, while Lisa was more sure in pushing on her right. As the rest of the class — six more girls, a college coed, another middle-aged woman and a teenaged boy — looked on in awe, Jun’s legs continued to go wider until her feet hit the floor. As she had very open hips and groins, with her years of contortion training, Jun’s face was very placid. “You all know that you need to be able to do a full samakonasana, side split, in order to try this. Since you all can, we’ll go into groups of three and try this. There are four more benches over there. Find a space and rotate among each partner. Lisa, Daphne, you can stay with me.” Lisa volunteered to get on the bench first, seeing if her 44-year-old hips can open past 180 degrees. After lying down, she spread her legs wide, and without Jun or Daphne doing anything, she found she can get a few microns past horizontal. Jun, still in her catsuit, nealt where Lisa was for her, on Lisa’s right, who is wearing a blue tank-top biketard, while Daphne, wearing her gymnastics studio leotard, hot pink with blue trim, and black booty shorts, remained at the left. “OK, Daphne, push down slowly and easily,” Jun advised. “Let us know when to stop, Lisa.” As the instructor and the teen pushed on the woman’s legs about three inches, Lisa’s face scrunched. “OK, right there,” she said. She started to breathe deeply to let the sensations linger in the stretch, her legs in about a 185-degree angle. “A little further now.” The others move her feet down another inch. “Stop!” Lisa’s legs now are at 187 degrees. “OK, let me go.” As Jun and Daphne release Lisa’s feet, her legs slightly rebound to the previous holding position. “Hey, Mom, your legs are wider than they started,” Daphne observed. “So they are. They feel like where I was to start off, almost natural,” Lisa said. “Good job. Your turn, Daphne,” Jun said. The teenaged gymnast replaced her mother on the bench. After lying down, she spread her legs very wide, almost as wide as Jun’s at the start of the demo. “That’s your natural flexibility showing,” Jun said. “Now, as we push your feet, I want you to push against us until you feel the limit. I want to get your strength good so you can hold those standing splits on the beam and floor routines. Got it?” Daphne nods. Jun looks toward Lisa. “Ready?” “Yes,” the mother replied. The two adults pushed down on Daphne’s feet, and as instructed, the teen provided some resistance. The women’s force inched the girl’s legs wider without her indicating to stop. Surprisingly, Daphne’s feet touched the floor. “Now, we’ll continue to hold you down, but push against us. This is isometrics,” Jun said. Daphne activated her adductor muscles to work against her mother’s and her teacher’s arms. After about a minute, she signaled she had enough. Jun and Lisa let her feet go, and Daphne’s legs naturally came off the floor to the height of the bench, but then she swung them back out to make her feet bounce off the floor and then stay in a 210-degree angle. “OK, everyone, put the benches away and return to your mats for savasana for 5 minutes,” Jun implored. As all 11 students laid down on their yoga mats, they adjusted themselves for the final relaxation pose, while Jun sat in a full padmasana, lotus pose. She led the class in some visualizations, telling them their bodies are like jelly sinking into the floor. When the 5 minutes were up, she had them ease off of the mats and to a seated position. As everyone has the flexibility to do so, they all assumed the lotus seat for meditation. Jun led the class in a few mantras and then let them sit in silence for a couple minutes. “And now on an exhale, lower your chin to your chests to seal what you have done today into your consciousness, and on an inhale, raise your heads and open your eyes,” she instructed. Jun then put her hands to prayer position in front of her chest. “Namaste,” she encanted as she bowed to the class. The students repeated the gesture and started to leave the studio. As the contortion students were leaving, Peter entered. “Hey, honey. I stopped by the video place to pick up the DVD after I got off work,” he said. “How was class today?” “Very good. I think Daphne there has potential, that is once she decides to do performance rather than competition,” Jun replied. “The guy at the video shop got a few glances, he said, at the video. He said it’s one of the strangest things he’s ever converted. Makes me wonder what’s on this thing.” “Let’s get some dinner and we’ll take a look.” “Are you going out like this, in your catsuit?” “Why not? Let me get my bag with my other clothes and we’ll go.” The couple then went to the nearby Japanese restaurant for some sushi and sake. Afterwards, they found their way home. As soon as they entered the front door, Jun was all over Peter’s lips. “Was that the sake or something else?” Peter inquired. “Just appreciating you…” Jun replied, “and I had another flashback.” “When you got hurt?” “And Qin died.” “That was in the past. Now, do you want to watch this video or wait a while?” “My curiosity is getting the better of me. You get into your suit, too.” Peter went into the bedroom and opened his drawer. He then pulled out a midnight blue unitard, tank top with stirrups. He stripped all the way down to his birthday suit (as when they’re at home, the couple goes commando under their yoga wear, or wear nothing) and dons the spandex garment. He then returned to the living room, where Jun has already loaded the Blu-Ray player with the DVD. Their living room has no standard furniture, just some cushions for lounging that can be moved when they want to practice. In one corner is a hutch that is made into a yogic shrine. On it are candles, some flowers, mala beads, and a few pictures. There is Jun’s contortion trainer in an old black-and-white shot from her performing days with the Mongolian circus, another one of Linda from a lecture, and one of their instructor during their teacher training in Pennsylvania. Atop the hutch above all three is the founder of the yoga style they practice. The television is mounted onto a wall to the opposite side of the altar. The swivel mount has a shelf underneath for the Blu-Ray player. Jun had already loaded the new disk into the player and is lounging on the cushions waiting for Peter to take his seat. He sits near Jun’s head and then assumes a lotus position. Jun then slides her head atop Peter’s folded legs, and later she kicks her legs backwards, one at a time, behind her husband’s body before grabbing each foot with her hands, creating a backbending ring around him. It’s how the couple usually relax to watch a movie or TV at night. After they are settled, Jun presses the play button on the remote. The screen comes to life with first the old-style FBI warning about copying the video for resale. That brought a chuckle to Peter, but a confused look on Jun’s face. “I don’t think we’ll be in trouble with the feds,” he said. After a few seconds, the television’s speakers sound Indian music, heavy with a sitar, and the screen shows a psychedelic kaleidoscope-like image followed by the title “The Sri Lanka Position: A Tantric Journey to Ecstasy.” As soon as the title faded, an older Indian man walks onto the set, white hair ringed with a half turban and his lower torso wrapped in a loincloth in a traditional yogic attire. “Welcome to ‘The Sri Lanka Position.’ I am Swami Treskonada, developer of this system. I have studied the many different yogas for more than 60 years, from hatha to raja to tantra, and I’ve also studied the Kama Sutra for more than 50 years and have developed ways to integrate sexual union with both the most advanced of asanas as well as the highest of consciousness through meditative techniques to create bliss between you and your partner. “In this videotape, my assistant and I will guide you through the basic and advanced positions that will eventually stimulate all seven chakras that will take you to the heights of ecstasy. I must warn you, though,” he says as subtitles appear on the screen with the standard legal disclaimer, “the producers of the video and I disclaim any liability for any injury or other hardships listed below. I suggest that you have working knowledge of yoga, as several of these positions require much strength and flexibility to assume and hold.” With that, Jun and Peter, in their tableau, look at each other and smile knowingly. Jun was a professional contortionist, and by training with her every day, Peter has contortion-level flexibility, and they both are certified yoga teachers. “With that, let me introduce my assistant,” the swami said while gesturing to screen right. The camera pans slightly to the right as a very slender young woman with B-cup breasts, long raven hair and Indian features. She is wearing a blue bikini to obscure her nipples and nether regions, at least temporarily. “This is Lashimi. She has been studying with me for the last 10 years. She sought me out to find enlightenment, as she had taken yoga through her primary and secondary schooling, winning local, state and national asana championships, but she wanted more of the spiritual aspects of yoga. I showed her how she can capture the spiritual by cultivating the sexual energies that I saw in her aura.” He chuckles. “Don’t worry. She wholeheartedly agreed to these studies and practices. We are part of a small group of eight, with three other men and three other women, who share in the quest for enlightenment through these methods, and we have reached that enlightenment together. We are not married to each other, but the men and the women do have different pairings without attachment. We range in age between Lashimi’s 32 to my 75. With our studies and practices, all eight of us have remained youthful in our stamina. “Now, we will start with a few warm ups to prepare our bodies for the practice. You can do these in workout clothes or in the nude as we are going to be.” With that, the swami undoes the woman’s bikini and then drops his loincloth. “Shall we join them?” Jun asks. “Not yet. Let’s watch this one time through to see what they do,” Peter replies. As the video continues, the swami and his student perform a few reps of Surya Namaskar, or sun salutations, followed by triangles, warrior poses, leg behind head poses and finishing with corpse pose and a short meditation in padmasana. Then the couple turn to face each other to do a tantric ritual to prepare each other for copulation. First, the swami places his right hand between the woman’s breasts, which she covers with her left, and she returns the gesture. They breathe for a few moments to synchronize with each other, breath, heartbeat and brainwaves. The swami then uncovers the student’s hand and moves his left hand to her vagina and cups it. She then put her left hand onto his penis. As they sat there staring into each other’s eyes, Jun and Peter saw that they were starting to get very aroused. After a moment, the swami spoke again. “Now we will show the basics.” He gave his protege a nod, and she unfolded her legs from her lotus and sat on his folded lap and feet, shifting herself to receive his manhood. “This is the tantric position called yab-yum,” the swami said in a voiceover. “The man sits still as the woman sits on his lingam, letting it slide into her yoni. This is a very meditative position. The couple can remain like this for a very long time. Some techniques they can do include having the woman grind to bring them both to orgasm, or simply stare into each other’s eyes. Here, Lashimi and I are pressing our third-eye centers together. Also, unseen by the cameras, I am manipulating my lingam in and out of her with my root muscles while she squeezes her yoni in time with me. We have attained a full-body orgasm this way for hours on end.” The sitar music plays for another five minutes as the couple stay in the posture. They also start to chant a mantra during the scene. The video then fades to black for a second, then the swami and the woman reappear, sitting in a kneeling position facing each other. “This is an intermediate position. As you can see, we start kneeling and then Lashimi puts her legs on my shoulders and leans back on her hands. I then place my legs around hers and onto her shoulders, leaning back on my hands. I enter her, and we can swing back and forth. After a while, we set ourselves down. While still joined, Lashimi rotates her legs, turning out her hips, and wrapping her legs around mine while creating dwi pada sirsasana. I am then able to turn out my hips, while still hooked by hers, and knot myself. This brings a lot of closeness in our union, but be careful. This could lead to knee injuries if not so flexible in the hips.” Again, Jun and Peter look at each other knowingly. They did this position at her former home in China the first night after he arrived. The couple on screen continued their copulation before the screen went black. Then they reappear with the woman sitting atop the swami with their legs extended. “Now we will show you the Sri Lanka Position.” From the starting position, the couple twists their torsos and bring each other’s left legs over their bodies in front of each other and across their rights in a classic half spinal twist, with their bodies facing to their left. Next, they fold in their right legs and drape them over the other’s left shoulder. Then they wrap left arms around their backs, grabbing each other’s hands and bring them more upright, and then they raise their right arms to hold their partner’s right sides. Then they turn their faces toward each other to look in each others’ eyes. Their twisted bodies still allowed them to connect at the genital level, and their sweaty faces start to contort in ecstasy before the video fades to black. As the video reappears, the swami is standing on the set alone with his loincloth back on. “I hope you enjoyed our demonstration. Please master the basics before advancing, and be sure your muscles are very warm before attempting any advanced position. For now, namaste.” As the credits rolled, Jun unwraps herself from around Peter’s waist and rolls over onto her stomach next to him, supporting herself on her elbows as she hooks her feet under her shoulders. “Since we know we can do the middle position, we might just do that advanced move,” she said. “We’ll see. That looked very complicated with the twists and all of the leg positions. We should try that as we are first before trying it fully.” They then got up to limber themselves with some salutations, followed by some twists, splits, backbends and combination poses. Then they moved to the middle of the room, where Jun sits astride Peter, their legs extended. They imitate what they saw on the video, twisting the same directions, folding their rights over each other’s shoulders, grabbing each other’s hands behind their backs and holding on with the other on their sides. They found that their groins were still able to grind on each other, and their spandex suits preventing their connection from being complete. Satisfied that they are able to get into the Sri Lanka position, they doff their catsuits, exposing their bodies in full. Before they return to the most advanced of positions, the couple assumes padmasana for a bit of meditation between them. They do the ritual of hands on hearts and then the heart-genital connection. After about 5 minutes like this, they unfold their legs, and Jun sits astride Peter again, this time sliding his now hard erection inside of her. They repeat the entry into the Sri Lanka Position. Once they reach the full expression of the pose, they start to breath in tune with each other while looking into each other’s eyes. Peter is able to work his wrapped hips back and forth in time with Jun’s, similarly encased. They are able to lean in for a deep kiss, dancing their tongues against each other. They begin to feel the heat build in their bodies, starting from their roots and then going up their bodies, stimulating the areas around their navels, their solar plexuses, hearts, throats, third-eye centers and then at the crowns of their heads. As they feel the sensations reach their heads, it felt like to both of them the room was starting to spin. Suddenly, while they are still naked and twisted against each other, they see that they’re no longer in their living room, but in some celestial space. “Welcome to your enlightenment,” said a familiar voice. “Please don’t get out of your position yet. Let the height of your passions continue to its conclusion.” Out of the corners of their eyes, they see the swami from the video, looking the same as he was but maybe now pushing 100. Next to him was the woman, Lashimi, in her 50s, coupled with another man, looking maybe 20 years younger than she, in the same position as they are. There were another six couples in the area, all in the Sri Lanka position, some twisting to their rights, some to their lefts, but all in the throws of orgasm or near orgasm. Peter and Jun join in their ecstatic chorus, and then they all reach their peaks, followed by the collapse of 16 bodies onto their sides, all as quivering, twisted masses of flesh. Jun and Peter are still holding onto each other, able to get a deep kiss as they feel the afterglow of their orgasm. Peter looks around, thinking that they’re suddenly going to return to their living room, but finds the celestial space is their current reality. Another woman, silver mained, naked, but with the body of a 25-year-old model, comes over to check on them. “How are you two feeling right now?” the older woman asked with a bit of an Indian accent. “Wonderful,” Jun replied. “A bit confused, but otherwise ecstatic,” Peter said. “Where are we?” “Ah, we have new initiates,” the swami intoned. “You have found Enlightenment. It is more than a mental state. By performing the Sri Lanka position and successfully finding your ecstatic state through your past practices and this method, your kundalini energies transported you both to this plane of existence, which you can enter and leave at will.” “So we’re still alive?” Peter quizzed. “Very much so. Your mind, body and spirit have been fused through your practices and cultivated by the Sri Lanka position to elevate you to this plane. We haven’t had anybody new in over 20 years.” “I discovered your video earlier today,” Jun said. “My name is Li Jun-Bei, and I found it at a garage sale and then had it copied to a disk.” “I’m Peter Campbell. Jun’s my wife. We met at a yoga teacher training course a few years ago, and Jun was once a contortionist with the Chinese state circus.” “I teach some yoga classes as well as a yoga-contortion class at the studio we belong to, assisting the owner. Peter is also certified, but he doesn’t teach much with his newspaper reporting job.” “But from training with her,” Peter continued, “I’ve grown to become close to her in ability. I think that allowed us to succeed.” “Wonderful!” the swami exclaimed. “Now that you’re here, you can further your progress. There are more advanced positions, and the Sri Lanka position is a rite of initiation to our order. You both may be married, but you’ll sometimes need to be with other partners. Don’t worry, everyone here is clean of diseases. But for now, you two will be with each other.” “You should be happy to make it here,” said the woman who tended to them. “Swami Treskonada and I were the first to find this plane 70 years ago. I’m Swamini Desinuda. You probably know Lashimi from the video. Her partner is Viku. He may not look it, but he’s 45, our last initiate before the two of you.” The swamini introduced Peter and Jun to the rest of the group. After that, the swami and swamini taught the couple some new positions, one that involved them to implement a full 180-degree twist with a side bend and splits. Though their time in Enlightenment seemed like months, in reality, the time that passed was just 36 hours. The swami then sent the group back to their normal planes with their regular partners, and showed Peter and Jun the return position, which was similar to the intermediate pose of the hooked double dwi pada sirsasana, only with their feet not hooked behind their heads, resembling a version of titibasana. Within minutes of resuming the position and reaching their sexual peaks, Enlightenment seemed to fade away, and Jun and Peter found themselves back in their living room. The couple slowly disengaged, first by wrapping their legs around each others’ waists, and then slowly Peter exited his manhood from inside Jun. They continued to embrace for a few moments before Peter got up and took a look at his cell phone. It was flashing with several missed calls and indications of voicemail and text messages. It seemed that some of his co-workers were trying to find him to go out on the weekend. Then he heard a knock at the door. He quickly slipped on his unitard and indicated for Jun to get her catsuit back on, and then went to the door. Two uniformed police officers were there. “Mr. Campbell?” one patrolman asked. “Yes, that’s me.” “We had a call from your newspaper asking us to check on you. It seems you have been missing all weekend,” the other cop said. “Sorry. We were just… away. Let everyone know we’re fine.” “Do you mind if we come in and ask some questions?” the first officer asked. “Actually, we do mind,” Jun said. “Sorry, but we’re fine. Thank you for your concern.” And with that, Peter closed the door. Outside, the two police officers looked at each other. “Shouldn’t we try again?” the second officer asked. “No, Taylor. We have no probable cause and no warrant. They’re safe and home,” the first said. After the incident, Peter explained that from here on out, he will be unavailable on weekends, and Jun told Linda that she and Peter have found Enlightenment, but won’t say how. Each weekend, Peter and Jun would assume one of the many positions they’ve learned while in Enlightenment and transport themselves to the celestial plane of existence to meet with their fellow initiates. They thought they were bent for each other before, and they managed to get a real “kink” in their lives. They found out things were just beginning.