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Contortion Stories


Are you a creative writer? Then send me your contortion story. It could be:
- Made up
- Real experiences
- Fantasy
- Unreal or abnormal
- Erotic
- Fetish
IMPORTANT! The story must have a flexibility and contortion theme. Your story can be written in German, English or French. It should contain more than 1000 words. Each new story will be rewarded with a free (month’s) membership to Zlata.de
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Zlata's Gift

Once Zlata woke up in the morning and had a thought in her mind that she has been blessed with the gift of amazing flexibility and she wanted to encourage everyone to learn the sport of contortion. Initially she started advertising on her forums and website that she will be making a world tour to teach people the art of contortion. She new that this will not be easy as she will have to remain away from her family for a year. She made up a plan to visit all the continents. Starting from Europe, to Asia, to Australia, to Africa, South America, North America and back home. On her way to different countries she would arrange her shows and other people who learned from her to raise money for her trip. Everything was all set and she started her trip. Knowing Romania is very famous for the sport of gymnastics she would find a good group to work with. On the first day she advertised in the newspaper about her class and she got a record breaking response. She choose 10 women ranging from ages 32 to 45, all naturally flexible but did not know about the sport of contortion. Zlata had to pace them very quickly in different moves as she did not have any time. At first Zlata showed what human body can do, she did backbends, front bends and twists. In one move she called four different girls to pull her into a very deep triple fold. At first she very easily got into a triple fold and then asked two girls to pull her legs on one side and other two pulled her hands bringing her into a deeper triple fold, now her butt was touching her back, her legs were beyond her arm pits and Zlata once more asked the girls to pull even deeper, now her whole hip was dislocated and her armpits were over her thighs. Everyone clapped at this while Zlata was breathing heavily with her tiny stomach moving up and down with her ribs showing. She stayed like this for 15 minutes and had some water while in this pose. When she came out of the pose all girls clapped but one girl was silently watching. When Zlata came to her she surprised her by saying, I can also bend and she quickly sat on a chair and asked the girls to pull her legs behind the chair back rest and she said in her language to other girls now push my butt towards my face. They pushed her and now her tiny frame was curled up into a ball with the girl biting hard on her panty. Everyone clapped and the day was over. Now all the girls wanted to learn contortion and highly motivated they completed their training. At this time Zlata was very encouraged and now she travelled to Mongolia. She new this would be a difficult trip as Mongolia is known for world class contortion artists. She straight away went to the contortion school and told them that she is traveling the world to popularize the sport of contortion and she wanted to learn new tricks in contortion. The head teacher in the school was an old strong man, he said that he cannot just take anyone in the school, she has to prove that she has the skills to be a student. Zlata said no problem sir, and went to the change room came out wearing a skin colored bikini with her hair tied like a ballerina. The teacher asked one of the students to show her some basic contortion moves and asked Zlata if she could do that. Zlata easily passed the test and the teacher was impressed and new Zlata was something special. He told Zlata her training will start in the morning. Next morning Zlata woke up early to warm up not knowing what to expect. When the teacher came in she was all warm up. The teacher told her today he was going to test her endurance. Zlata a little anxious, was ready for it. The teacher called in two assistance and told Zlata to lie down on her back and do legs behind head, Zlata did this easily, now one of the assistant pull her legs even further down until they were almost toughing her butt and the assistant turned her around while she was in this deep human knot and now she was lying on her stomach with her legs still behind her back. Now, one of the assistant came and asked her to raise her head into a cobra, and then the teacher asked the assistant to push her even further so that her head was toughing her butt. The teacher clapped and loudly said I guess this will be called a Zlata pose, it has both deep forward bend and back bend in one pose. All the students clapped while Zlata stayed in this pose for 5 minutes while she was completely tried and body was wet because of the sweat. The day ended and the teacher was impressed at her skills and gifted her with a traditional Mongolia dress. Zlata went to bed early that day as she had to travel to Australia next day. As usual Zlata advertised and contacted the local circus in town and asked them if she could show some moves to motivate people to take up contortion. The circus agreed and give her a 15 minute slot. Zlata knew that she had to perform something different as every one would have seen normal backbend and twists. Zlata spoke with the juggler and decided to put up a one of a kind show. The title of the show was "The human ball Juggling". The curtains opened and beautiful Zlata dressed in a tight red body suit with her belly and back exposed. She looked gorgeous. Everyone was wondering what was Zlata's role in Juggling. A handsome man run to the center of the ring and started juggling knives, balls and hats. Then he stopped and with the drum roll Zlata got into a triple fold, the man took some rings and started juggling, in the middle of his act while he was juggling with the rings he came near he table where Zlata was in triple fold, he quickly picked her up while she was in triple fold and started juggling her along with the rings everyone clapped, Zlata was in tight triple fold with her tiny body pulled and pushed into even a deeper triple fold. The show ended and Zlata became an instant hit. The next morning Zlata was ready for the trip to Brazil. Brazil women are know for their lean muscular bodies. When Zlata landed in Brazil she immediately went to the beach to find flexible women in tiny bikinis playing on the beach. Zlata started stretching on the beach and the whole crowd on the beach was attracted to her. She announced if there are any flexible girls who wanted to learn Contortion, many girls came but one of them was beautiful tanned and muscular. She said I can show you some moves. The girl asked for a bench and started to do push ups, she had a six pack ab and wholesome butt. She lay down on the beach and turned her body into a plough pose. Then she asked for a volunteer to pull her legs down on the floor and asked her to push her butt to her face. Then she asked to her to put a wooden plank on her butt and asked three heavy set women to climb on it and stand. Zlata was so amazed to see such an muscular women so flexible, the girls was bend into a ball with her butt on her face, her tiny stomach was curled into small wrinkles of fat while the three girls were standing on her. Everyone was amazed and asked Zlata to teach them contortion. The next day Zlata took some classed and the local women decided to form a contortion club where they met daily. That night Zlata had to fly for Alaska the final city of her trip. The next day Zlata was a little wiery that how will she be able to encourage the locals, who live in such cold weather to take up contortion. Zlata was determined and she wanted to put up a show so that everyone will be amazed. She advertised on the radio and told people there will be a different kind of show on the local open to air ice skating ring. Everyone gathered and a bell rang, when Zlata came out of the dugout in a warm bathrobe. There was a block of ice in the middle of th ring, Zlata slowly removed the bathrobe and she was dressed as an ice skater. She did some cart wheels and started doing backbends, needle scale and front bend. People were amazed how beautiful and flexible she was, even in such cold arena. Next Zlata started bending backwards, while doing this she twistd her waist and when she completed her backbend her face was facing the front. People could see her tiny waist was completed twisted while in backbend. Zlata stayed in that position for few minutes. This marked the end of the show. Everyone was so thrilled that they started taking Zlata's autograph. Finally, Zlata come home, all her family member were excited to see her and told her that she has already started getting emails and letters from different parts of the world asking her to be the chief of world contortion club. Zlata was happy and satisfied she went to sleep very fulfilled.