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The Universe of the most flexible Girls in the World. Produced by Zlata

Julia Guenthel (formerly Akmaletdinova) is a Russian contortionist, actress, six-time Guinnessworld record holder and currently a photographer. Was born on 20.10.1984 in Kzyl-Orda, grew up in Tatarstan. Their physical abilities already get attention in kindergarten. At the age of four she begins as a gymnast, from eight she attended a circus school. At the age of ten she first appears on stage as an acrobat, in the genre of contortion. Moved to Germany at the age of 16 and started her career as a model and contortionist on stage, currently living in Leipzig.

The slim and flexible body of the 176 cm tall artist seems unique worldwide. Only Zlata can take both extreme front and backbend positions and celebrate the incredible 270-degree split. The DISCOVERY CHANNEL in the USA named her the "most flexible woman in the world".
In 2007, International Career achievements began when she set up her first Guinness World Record. In Germany she became known from the TV show "Das Supertalent" in 2008. International channels such as RTL, MDR, VOX, 9LIVE (GERMANY) FRANCE2 (FRANCE) TELE5 (ITALY) TV ASAHI, FUJI TV (JAPAN) DISCOVERY CHANNEL, ABC (USA) FASHION TV (UK) trust the professionalism and skill of the artist, especially in Romania and Asia, she is a welcome guest at TV live broadcasts.
On the movies she is sometimes mentioned as the snake-woman Zlata, Julia Gunthel or Zlata Günthel. Filmography: Holy Motors 2012 (The Cyber Woman) Micmacs- We own Paris! 2010 Doubleur Kontorsionist Hisss 2010 Doubleur
Various artists of this world have been inspired by Zlata.
In 2015, she decided to switch behind the camera to present other talented artists. She trusts on her many years of experience and works as a modelscout for Zlata.de. The Zlata skillfully puts the most flexible women in the world into the scene.
If you're a talented contortionist and would like to appear on this website as a model, meet the Zlata, gain experience and receive valuable advice on training and career issues, please contacting by e-mail. Maybe the Zlata is searching for you!

Если ты талантливая гимнастка, выделяшься заурядной гибкостью и хотела бы появиться на этом сайте в качестве модели, познакомиться со Златой, так же получить опыт и ценные советы по вопросам тренировок и карьерного роста. Всё очень просто, напиши нам. Может быть, Злата ищет именно тебя!
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