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Contortion Stories


Are you a creative writer? Then send me your contortion story. It could be:
- Made up
- Real experiences
- Fantasy
- Unreal or abnormal
- Erotic
- Fetish
IMPORTANT! The story must have a flexibility and contortion theme. Your story can be written in German, English or French. It should contain more than 1000 words. Each new story will be rewarded with a free (month’s) membership to Zlata.de
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I woke up that morning feeling like it was going to be a good day. Today I was meeting my old school friend, Irina, who was coincidentally in the town again. We met in the evening at my place and had a meal. It was a great evening and I noticed that something seemed to be developing between us. We met more and more over the coming days and now we have been together for 2 years. Eventually she told me about her two extreme hobbies. On the one hand, she liked to bend her body into all sorts of extreme positions and be left in them. On the other hand, she liked to hold her breath as long as possible under water. She found these both very stimulating and so did I because I had been interested for years in women who did these things. So we discovered we had common interests and she said we should explore this straight away and said that she had brought something with her. “I’ll be back in a moment,” she said, and went into the bedroom. When she returned, she was wearing a skintight black catsuit. She said, “Would you like to help me with my stretching?” I said yes, of course. First she warmed up with a few splits exercises, and then some front and backbends. When she had finished this, she said that we could start now. She knelt down and then bent further and further over backwards, unbelievably, until her head was between her feet. Then she spread her knees a little and pushed her hands through. “I can’t get any further on my own’ now its your turn to help out.” I was to take her hands, brace my feet against her thighs and then pull on her hands. At first I was a little tentative so she said, “you need to pull harder”, so I pulled hard. Eventually her head appeared completely between her thighs. She said she wanted to stay in this position for a while as it felt so good. I asked how long she could stay like that, but she didn’t know as she had never tried. “Let’s see shall we?” I thought this would be great…. After I had been holding her in this position for about 5 minutes, I asked her if everything was alright as my arms were beginning to ache. She said that she could endure a little longer, and said I should try to tie her in this position so I wouldn’t need to hold her the whole time. Fortunately, I had two pairs of handcuffs in the house which I placed around her hands and feet. Then I took attached a rope to each one and tied one to the sofa and the other to a cabinet. Only when I had finished did she notice that these were elasticated ropes and these had stretched her even further into her triple fold. After she had been in this position for another 10 minutes, she wanted me to let her out. I said, “I think you can last out another 5 minutes in this position.” “Okay, I’ll try to endure it.” After another minutes, I noticed that she was fighting against the tension in the ropes so that she wouldn’t be pulled any tighter into her backbend. After another two minutes, and it seemed like she could not bear the pressure any longer and would have to give up her contortions. I waited for her to ask to be untied but she said nothing at first. Only after another 10 minutes did she want to be released from her predicament so I released her. When she was unknotted, she said the she had become sexually aroused, and that the pain had really turned her on. I asked her if she wanted to experience more of this as I had an idea. She agreed and so we went into my gym. I told her to do a frontbend and to stretch he arms through between her legs. I fastened her feet to the floor and then manacled her hands. She had no idea yet what I was going to do, but she let me do whatever I liked. I again attached a rope to the handcuffs amd then threaded through a loop in the ceiling. [MISSING] Then I brought some weights to attach to the rope which would help to increase her frontbend. She had already been in this position for about 5 minutes but still didn’t seem to feel any pain. I started off hanging 10Kg on the rope and let it go so that it would jerk her frontbend even tighter. As I did this I heard a quiet intake of breath. Now she was stuck and there was no way she could get out of this position without help as the weight was just too heavy. I asked her if she could bear it and she said yes. After another 5 minutes I wondered whether I could increase the weight and the rope and she said okay. She didn’t say how much extra weight so I attached an extra 10Kg to the rope. With the additional weight her head was pulled a further 20cm up and her torso was now almost horizontal. She seemed to be in a bit of pain because she began to sweat, but she asked me not to untie her. I took out my mp3 player and listened to some music while I watched her in her predicament. After 10 more minutes she wanted to be released, but I pretended that I couldn’t hear because of the music. After nearly half an hour, when her breathing had become very quick and she seemed to be getting desperate, I finally released her. I thought she would be angry with me, because I hadn’t released her straight away, but she said only that it was a great feeling and that we must do it again sometime. But for now she had had enough and we went back into the living room to watch a film. To my delight, she kept her catsuit on the whole time. After the film we went to sleep. After a week she asked me whether if we could try out her hobbies again. I said that I had been thinking during the week how we could combine both of her hobbies. She asked how, but I only replied that she would find out soon enough and told her to change he clothes. She returned a short while later wearing a black sports bra and black lycra cycle shorts that she always wore for jogging. I blindfolded her because I wanted it to be a surprise what I had come up with for her. I led her into the bathroom and told her that she would have to get into a triple fold on a board that was on the side of the bath – but I didn’t tell her why. I had already filled the bath with cool water. She got into the triple fold without a question. She noticed that there was something else on the board. When she asked me what it was I said, “You will find out very shortly.” And I snapped some buckles into place that fastened her to the board. She was now trapped in a tight triple fold and couldn’t see that I had mounted the buckles on rails with a crank that I could turn to move the buckles further apart. Before I operated this, I removed her blindfold so that she could appreciate her situation. Then I turned the crank and her backbend was forced tighter. I told her to stay stop if it became too much. After 3 turns she told me to stop. The backbend was already reasonably tight, but I turned it another two times and she looked at me with a horrified expression. Her triple fold was now even tighter than last time. Now I asked her how long she could hold her breath and she said she could manage about 2 minutes. I said that she should try this out in the dry; she had not yet realised that there was a tub full of water behind her! She tried to hold her breath, but after only a minute and a half she had to breathe again. She told me that in this position it would be much harder to hold her breath. I told her that she would do better if she relaxed. She retorted angrily, “How can I do that when you are twisting me like this?” I left her like this for about 5 minutes to get her breath back and then told her to hold her breath again. As soon as she had inhaled, I placed the board on the water-filled tub. I could still see the terror in her eyes as she went under. I had started a stopwatch so I could time how long she had been underwater. After a few seconds the surface of the water had calmed down and I could see her clearly. I felt the temperature of the water and noted that it was pretty cool as I had filled it some time ago, but she would have to endure that. After a minute her stomach began to spasm and I knew this was a sign that she was getting short of air. But I also knew from my own experience that with a little practice she should still be able to hold her breath for another minute from this point. By 1.40 her situation was becoming much worse and she began to try to free herself, but she had no chance. By 1.50 the spasm in her stomach became even stronger and I could tell that she was virtually at her limit. After 2 minutes I hauled her out of the bathtub and she was gasping so much for air that she could not speak. As her breathing returned to normal and was about to say something, I cried, “Hold your breath!” which she did almost instinctively and I placed her back in the tub. As she had only just had time to snatch a quick breath before going underwater, the spasms in her stomach started after only 20 seconds and I knew from personal experience that she would now be in some pain. After 50 seconds, as she became increasingly frantic, I pulled her out again. Now it was considerably longer before she was able to speak again. When she was finally able to find her voice, I thought she would have a go at me, but just like last time, she thanked me. So I made one more turn of the crank, which was really hard, and caused her to groan. Again I shouted for her to hold her breath and put her back under the water. I thought she would probably be able to manage another minute so I popped into the next room to fetch a thermometer. I returned after 30 seconds and could see a small bobbing movement of her belly button. I put the thermometer in the water and found that it was 20 degrees C. I was really impressed, thinking it must be really hard for her, but she seemed to like it. After a minute I wanted to pull her out again, but I also wanted to push her to her limits. So I left her in the cold water for another 30 seconds and then she was really finished. It was nearly a minute before she was able to speak again, but I didn’t release her from her triple fold yet. As her breathing returned to normal, she was really excited. She said that she had really had enough now and that I should release her from her predicament, so I did. She did a few frontbend stretches to compensate for the long, tight backbend. She stood in front of me doing everything in her wet clothes on the cold bathroom tiles. I just thought, “Wow, what a woman…” TO BE CONTINUED