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Contortion Stories


Are you a creative writer? Then send me your contortion story. It could be:
- Made up
- Real experiences
- Fantasy
- Unreal or abnormal
- Erotic
- Fetish
IMPORTANT! The story must have a flexibility and contortion theme. Your story can be written in German, English or French. It should contain more than 1000 words. Each new story will be rewarded with a free (month’s) membership to Zlata.de
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Magic Contortion

Jessica had just received the "Magic and Contortion kit" in the mail. Inside the box was a black full-body suit. With it the suit, a matching black mask and instructions. The mask had a special part for the eyes, so it looked as if there were no eyes, but she could see, yet there was not mouth hole, so she waited to put it on. She put on the suit, and then went to the bathroom. Following the instructions, she filled the tub with the hottest water. She took one last breath of air, put on the mask, and submerged herself. She did not realize it, but instead of running out of air, she stayed under for ten minutes. Her body was hot, but when she got out, she did not notice any changes, until she took off the mask. Her point of view went upward with the mask, so she put it back on. She looked in the mirror, only to see a blank black face. She tried to pull the mask off again, but then, no head was under it! Somehow, she had been merged with the suit. She put the mask back on, and then felt the flap she used to get in the suit. She reached in, but touched the inside of the suit, no skin. She realized, she was now boneless, being just rubber skin. She decided to change her contortion act, and signed up for the "Extreme contortion act". The next day, she arrived at the theater, and was lead to a stage. Two other women were dressed in blue full-body suits, without masks. They explained that they would just tell Jessica the basic positions, and they would just take it from there. The lights went out, and Jessica and the other two women went onstage. The light returned, and music started. First, Jessica went into a lotus position. The women on either side of her then took a hold of the foot on that side and pulled it upward. They continued to push and pull until the foot was now pointing outward with the knees facing inward. A small crowd was beginning to gather outside of the original one, and large applause was heard. The next position Jessica did was an elbow stand. She brought her legs over her head, and then she did a headseat. The women then picked up Jessica, pushing he legs further back. Jessica now looked like a disc, with a very tight backbend. After straightening out, the audience applauded louder still. Next, a side split. The women then took a hold of each leg and began to raise it toward Jessica's head, until she achieved a 360 degree split. The women told her that they had never seen anyone this flexible, and they said they were going to more extreme, to the point of impossible. They continued to push the legs, one in front, one in back, until they reached 540 degrees. They then returned her back to normal. The applause was getting louder. The women placed Jessica on the floor in a backbend. They grabbed each lag, and brought it forward, until Jessica could put her arms between her legs and her body. After she was returned to normal, the audience applauded loudly. Next, Jessica got into a human knot. She was placed face down and one of the women placed a foot on her back. Then the women took a hold of her legs and began to raise them. This was very extreme, until they reached vertical. Then, they continued until the ground behind her, to impossible. The legs of Jessica had traveled a full 360 degrees. They returned her back to normal, and they all bowed. They were to take short break, and continue the show. One of the women asked Jessica how she could accomplish this feat. She, as a contortionist too, could not have done it, even with years of training starting at birth. The other women also commented that it was like she was boneless, just made of rubber. Jessica only said that it must be magic. They then returned to the stage with a much larger crowd than before. She once again got into the human knot. Then, one of the women took one leg and pushed it downward, with the other women doing the same. Jessica's knees ended up near her butt, with her feet pointing downward. Next, the women grabbed a hold of the feet, and pushed upward, twisting the legs further, until the feet touched her head. It was a very amazing feat. When she was straightened out, the applause was the loudest ever. Now, a simple backbend was done by Jessica. Then, the women pressed the chest and legs together, creating a VERY tight backbend. She was truly folded in half. This was then repeated with the top of the spine, all the way to the bottom, showing that her whole spine was flexible. She now moved into a triple fold. With one woman in front, and the other behind, they grabbed the feet and hands and began to pull. The distance between the foot and hands started at 2 feet, but was then increased 3, then 4 feet. The body had been pulled flat against the floor. The butt had been pulled completely against the bottom of the spine, and this was truly impossible. The bones couldn't even fit. When they had gone this far, the women stopped pulling, because they had never encountered this before. The show took another break, while the women returned Jessica back to normal. The women could not believe their eyes, looking at Jessica in that position. It was unbelievable. They had to get away, so they went to get supplies for the next act. Back on stage, there was a tube of water in a large container, and a cube. Jessica was placed in the water, to get the volume of her body, and the displaced water was placed into the cube, showing that it had a near exact fit. This meant that there was very little extra space for air after Jessica's body was placed into the cube. The cube and Jessica were dried off, and the tube of water was removed. Then, the women began to place Jessica into the cube. First, her arms were placed into the edges. Then, the legs were then folded at the knees, and bent back onto the back. Then, her shoulders were pushed back onto the knees and pulled, dislocating both legs. The head was then placed between the knees. Jessica was then inserted into the cube, but part of her was above the top edge. The top was pressed on, and Jessica was compressed slightly. Her rubber body bent to press all the air out, until the cover was on. The audience was silent, for this had never been seen or done before. Most contortionists had some space left when they were placed into a box, but the volume of this cube was measured to be very close to the volume of Jessica's body. When the top was removed, Jessica's body returned to its original shape, and she came out. One by one, the speechless crowd began to clap. It was the end of the show, and Jessica had impressed many, as the boneless rubber girl.