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Contortion Stories


Are you a creative writer? Then send me your contortion story. It could be:
- Made up
- Real experiences
- Fantasy
- Unreal or abnormal
- Erotic
- Fetish
IMPORTANT! The story must have a flexibility and contortion theme. Your story can be written in German, English or French. It should contain more than 1000 words. Each new story will be rewarded with a free (month’s) membership to Zlata.de
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Contortion sex

Sex is a fantastic thing and not much can top it, but there is one thing that can enhance it: contortion! There was a young couple who were madly and passionately in love! They had met only a couple of years ago but already had formed such a close bond to one another and had already moved in, become engaged and started building their lives together. He was a handsome tall muscular man with tattoos and a solid build. She was a curvy woman with large breasts and a round bum and long black hair. She loved how manly he was and how he and only he could make her feel like a real woman and a little girl at the same time and he loved the way she excited him and how easily her body could get him aroused. They were both very sexual people but after she became training as a contortionist there sex life became explosive! It added a new dimension to play in the bed room and as he loved to dominate her already tying her up in flexed positions only added to both there pleasure! It was late in the afternoon when he came home from work tired from a long day, she was in the lounge room stretching out on the floor. Doing a bridge she stood up out of it and kissed him to say hello then immediately fell backwards into a tight back bend again. She asked him if he would help her stretch he agreed to after he had a shower. She continued to stretch while he washed himself she had been training for a few hours and was getting hot so she took her top of leaving her in only a tight high cut pink leotard. When he got out of the shower and walked in he was pleased to see such a sight her body was bent into a chest stand with her bum almost on top of her head and he had a clear view of the leotard rising up her round bum cheeks and her legs seemed to look extra-long ending with perfectly pointed and arched feet. He was wearing nothing but a towel around his waist she looked up from her extreme pose and looked at his perfectly sculpted body down over his rock had abs and at his hip bones that crated a V shape pointing down below the towel to her favourite part. Let me quickly get dressed then I will help you stretch, no don’t she said I only need you for a little bit. She rolled forward out of her chest stand and stood facing him. She had missed him terribly as she always did and kissed his lips he put his large hands around her waist and made her feel so small and petite. She leant back into a backbend while he was still holding her waist she hung there for seconds then became tighter and tighter until he had to move his hands out of the way. Her ribs opened up and her tummy looked flatter than ever in this pose. He ran his hands all over her body he could not help himself down her neck across her clavicle and down over her full breasts. She smiled and lost balance when he began to squeeze them she grabbed for his legs to stabilise but missed pulling the towel off him leaving his hard cock fully exposed. They paused for a moment and she realised they wouldn’t get much stretching done in this state. She took a step closer to his body now with her hands down in a bridge and teased the tip with her mouth. It was a pleasant shock to him and he bent his knees in response so that she could fit his full shaft into my mouth. It was hard to breath in this position but she liked to please him so she continued. As it became more intense he pulled her long black hair down towards the ground making a better angle for him to enter. He looked down and all he could see was her chin and lips surrounding him taking in every inch she could following down were her large set of breasts in perfect view and although they were covered up he could make out the shape of her nipples almost popping out the top of the costume. She abruptly stopped I thought you were going to help me she said giggling. She sat down onto the floor and put her legs wide into a straddle split and proceeded to put three blocks under each foot putting her into an over split and asked him to put his weight on her anf push her forward. Still completely naked he sat down behind her putting his hands above her knees to keep her legs down then leaned forward onto her pushing her body past her legs and flat onto the floor. She was not a front bender so this stretch felt very intense and nervy in her back and legs but when she tried to sit up he pushed her down deeper into it until her hips relaxed and she found her breath. The harder he pushed her into the ground the harder his erection was pushing into her lower back until he couldn’t take it anymore and started to feel her body once more. He let her sit up and while he was straddling her from behind he started to kiss her neck and run his hands up and down her thighs and hips while she was still in a split. Let’s go to the bedroom he said as he grabbed her hand and pulled her up leading her off down the hallway to their room of play and passion. She knew better than to talk back to him, once they entered the bedroom he was her master and she would always do whatever she was told to please him. Stand in the corner he demanded as he turned to close the door behind him. He approached her from behind she felt a rush of adrenaline as his had throbbing cock brushed against her bum but she did not move. He began to undress her pulling the thin spaghetti straps off her shoulders and down to her waist exposing her naked chest; his hands were exploring her body caressing her soft delicate pale skin running his finger tops over her erect nipples. She wanted to turn and embrace him as the toucher of being teased was too much but she stayed still and quiet waiting for her next instruction. ‘Are you nice and warm’ he asked she replied with a quiet yes ‘good’ he said as his hands dropped from her breasts down her ribs and tummy and down into the front of the leotard that remained on. She lifted a hand up and placed it on top of his they were small and slender in comparison and he followed his fingers down and down until the penetrated her soft warm opening. She let out a gasp and he head feel back onto his chest. He continued to please her until she was nice and wet and ready to receive all of him. He pulled her sweaty leotard all the way down to her ankles and as he did it rolled up into a doughnut shape and lay on the floor. He grabbed her by the hips and spun her to face him there naked bodies only an inch from each other urning to touch he picked her up and carried her over to their beautiful gothic four poster bed and gently placed her onto the pile of pillows on her back. He kissed her delicate feet then her upper thigh moving closer and closer to what was his favourite play toy. His arms ran up the side of her naked body and he felt every one of her curves pinning her arms above her head he buried his face into her licking and biting making her moan with pleasure. He loved to dominate her but also enjoyed making her feel good and was always appreciative that she would do anything for him. Watching her body move around made him rock hard once again and he decide it was time to put it inside her. He reached down to put it in and her legs widened to allow for it and although she was very ready and wet for him he was so large that it was a very tight fit and he had to really force it to make it all fit. It felt so good for them both as he sunk into to her and they became one he grabbed onto the back of her bent thighs and pushed them all the way back so her knees were on the bed behind her. Her legs bent at the knee to allow them to go back further and further. He needed to take a break it was getting too intense too quickly. He jumped up leaving her naked legs spread on the bed and went to their draw of toys and pulled out two long pieces of red bondage rope. She sat up watching curious at what he was going to do to her legs still flat on the bed behind her she realised he was going to tie her up and wiggled around trying to get her legs as far behind her as she could. He handed her a vibrator so she could keep playing while her tied her in to knots. He first tied the rope around her slender ankles and then tied each leg to the front posters on the bed pulling her legs back straight and behind her body. The feeling of being passively stretched and forced to go further into the stretch than she could alone turned them both on greatly. He stood above her and watched her play with herself as he did himself so it was right at her eye line. The mixture of watching him play with himself the feeling of her legs being spread wide open and the vibrations between her legs became too much and within minutes her body quivered and she orgasmed. She looked proud of her achievement and flopped her head back onto the pillow ‘I’m not done with you yet’ he said as he grabbed the toy from her hand and threw it on the floor. He untied her legs from the posts and allowed her to bend them for comfort them proceeded to push both her legs back and behind her shoulders with ease then her head creating knotted woman ready for sex. He grabbed one of the ropes and wrapped it around her ankles three times pulling them tightly together behind her head so she had to stay like this. This pose did not come naturally for her even though she was nice and warm because she was used to bending backward but as soon as he slid himself into her the sensation distracted her muscles from the pain and she relaxed into it getting deeper and deeper into the stretch as he got deeper and deeper in to her. He began to thrust harder and harder she sat up slightly to watch it going in but he grabbed her by the neck and pushed her back pinning her down with one arm as he slapped her bum with the other leaving a large red hand mark. After a while he released her and let her sit up and watch as he penetrated her faster and faster he was holding onto her hips and slamming it in as hard and violently as possible almost breaking her in half! She watched the build-up in his face as he did one final thrust he let out a loud cry of pleasure and she felt him empty his warm fluids into her. Still on a high from such an amazing fun time he untied her letting her legs and hips relax back into position and he put his arms around her and they lay there catching their breath. ‘good girl’ he whispered into her ear as he gently kissed her neck ‘I love you’ he added as she lay there and smiled.